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Attempted Sabotage Foiled in Florida!

11/4/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So, check this out. Deerfield Beach, Fla. is one hour south of Palm Beach. Nearly 400 people were planted firmly in line at 6:15 this morning, waiting for the polls to open at 7:00 AM. There is one voting machine to accommodate all of them.

The area almost entirely African American. Many of the people never have voted before. One woman was 101 years old. She was wheeled into the polling place and on her way out she said that before she died, she wanted to vote for a black man.

Election monitors noticed a man in line who appeared to be a voter. Turns out he was a saboteur, telling people the Democrats were supposed to vote at a different location.

Some of the voters said they were robocalled last night. The message -- Democrats weren't supposed to vote until Wednesday.

UPDATE -- Election officials just delivered seven more voting machines.


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McSame and Bush putting "Country first" only its got to be the "right" kind of Americans.

2145 days ago


Great to see racism is still very much alive in Florida. A 101 year old woman who never voted before now gets out to vote because he is black? Any other reason ?!?!?!

I hate this election !!!!

2145 days ago


Oh, and how about the sabotage by ACORN registering DEAD people and voting 3,4 or 5 times. Nice equal time, TMZ. Stick to stories on D-Listers flashing their crotches. You are good at that and that's why I come here.

2145 days ago


The lady who voted for the first time, only b/c Obama is black, is in fact acting racist. Doesn't matter how old you are, if you are voting only b/c of race, then you are racist.

2145 days ago


112 - I totally agree!
We know who TMZ is voting for!

2145 days ago


BOTH Democrats and Republicans are idiots and liars. This is being proven on this site, if nowhere else. Both sides have racists. White people who won't vote for Obama because he is black and black people (like this racist old hag) voting for him just because he is black. I am a white republican who voted for Obama because I believe that he wants to make changes and he has new ideas and even if they don't work at least he will be trying something different. I want Obama to win but he should win because of his policies, not because of the color of his skin.

As for dumb people not voting, there are people on this site saying that dumb people shouldn't vote and you are barely typing anything legible. Proper spelling, punctuation and grammar can be useful tools to get your point across. Everyone deserves the right to vote.

2145 days ago


Welcome to America where we will steal your lawn sign regardless of your political affiliation.

Posted at 1:10PM on Nov 4th 2008 by Dumb People Shouldn't Vote

hahaha so true lol

did ya notice the guy who electrified his signs, it was so funny when people went to pull those signs

2145 days ago

how dumb    

I wonder - is it considered racist for me to say "I'm voting for McCain so I can put a WHITE man in office?"
The news would be all over THAT... but I guess its only ok for black people to make those comments

2145 days ago


I've been getting 10-20 phone calls a day from politicians. I live in VA does anyone else get these?

Who do you call to complain about the gov harassment lol

2145 days ago


And how many people AREN'T going to vote for Obama only because he's black? Plenty. So get over this 101 yr old woman being excited over a groundbreaking election.

2145 days ago


118. To #48 - "all you went through"? Lets be fair. Our ancesors were enslaved many years ago. NOT ONE BLACK PERSON ALIVE TODAY was a slave. And it really bothers me when the YOUNGER generation cries for sympathy because what "they" have been through. None of you younger black people have suffered the way we did back in the 60's so please stop saying that. You are taking away what myself, my family and my friends really did suffer as a result of racial discrimination.

Posted at 1:27PM on Nov 4th 2008 by woa

AMEN!!! Someone with a brain. I am sick of the younger generation and their "foul" cry over what happened years ago. You have suffered nothing that you haven't done to yourselves. Those who had to live back in the day when slavery was alive should be the ones to get vindication. NOT everyone because they are black

2145 days ago


Stupid Democrats!

2145 days ago


How come I havent seen any of the stories that have been reported about the African americans that are trying to deter white voters from voting such as the black panthers in Penn who are actually out with weapons and have had to have law enforcement intervene. TMZ is so biased that its unreal, any of you young hippy liberals that believe this nonsense is the only side of the story are completely ignorant as to what is actually happening in this country. You are being brain washed by reality television and celebrities you should learn to develop your own unbiased opinion.

2145 days ago


This is the problem, black people only voting for Nobama because he's black and NOT because they think he'll do a good job. Now I'm sure that I'll be called racist. The blind discrimination in this country is ridiculous. Before I die, I want to vote for a white Catholic.!!!!

2145 days ago


One woman was 101 years old. She was wheeled into the polling place and on her way out she said that before she died, she wanted to vote for a black man

This woman, born a mere 42 years after slavery was abolished, has lived through the worst of the Jim Crow era, the Civil Rights movement, the rise and assasination of Martin Luther King, etc. She never thought she'd live to see this day. I'm not even half her age and I honestly didn't think it would happen so soon.

For anyone to call her a racist or criticize her for being proud to have the opportunity in her lifetime to vote for a black man as President, is just plain ignorant. It really shows how out of touch a lot of young white Americans are today. They confuse black pride with white power. Maybe it's a guilt complex, who knows. Like that popular email once read, you probably think Michael Jackson was always white and bigotry and separitism never existed in America. This woman is proud of her heritage. She could have been on the front lines herself, fighting for racial equality in the 60's. It's amazing how people conveniently forget that the Jim Crow era wasn't even 50 years ago. This woman spent half her life discriminated against. Do you think all those racist attitudes just withered away and died after the 60's? It will take generations to fully douse the hate. Of course, if you just want to yell "Reverse Racism" all the time out of your ass in a reckless uneducated manner, then none of this means squat anyway. You are likely overcompensating for a deficiency in your life and have much bigger issues.

2145 days ago
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