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Obama to Celebs -- Barack Off!

11/4/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone and their mutha wants to be part of the Barack Obama rally tonight –- including Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Diddy, and Ben Affleck.

But Obama wants this night to be all about him -- as it should -- so he's asking his celeb backers to stay away, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. "There really only needs to be one star in Grant Park," says a source, "and that's Barack." They want the celebs to focus on the inauguration in January -- if that's tonight's outcome, of course.

Naturally, Oprah Winfrey will be there tonight. Not even Obama tells O to go away.


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I pray to God he doesn't win!


2117 days ago


Bummer of party if he loses.

What's that saying about counting your chickens?

2117 days ago


how typically arrogant of Obama.

2117 days ago



i can tell you who's possibly gonna be there: the clintons (bill, hillary, and chelsea), jesse jackson, caroline kennedy, maria shriver, ethel kennedy (rfk's widow)

2117 days ago


This is the guy we want to elect?! This kind of arrogance is what keeps the Democratic party out of touch with so many Americans. God help us if he wins.

2117 days ago

ready for change    

I pray to God none of you dumb f*** extremist, terrorist, evangelical ,crazy repubs kills him when he does. Sadly I'm sure one of you crazy right wing-nuts will try.

2117 days ago


I highly doubt he actually said the night should be about him... more likely that the night should be FOR those average people who supported and voted for him and not just for celebs. Stop trying to spin something from nothing... so pathetic.

2117 days ago

Don't worry Im Leaving    

Jesse Jackson better not have his sorry azz there! If anything he has hurt more than helped the Democratic cause...

2117 days ago


Ummm... you do realize that it's the liberals you are referring to when you say "extremist, terrorist" don't you? And as far as the "evangelical" part, well I'm sorry if your prophet is Barack Obama but I'm pretty sure Christianity is the way to go between the two. Hey, if you don't know God, don't want to know God, fine by me. You and your deity B.O. can burn with the rest of the immoral nation, and there is plenty of immorality to go around these days.

2117 days ago


J Z???? That figures. If Obama gets in the White House as President I am going to live in Europe.

2117 days ago

ready for change    

Thanks Lola, but you are wrong I was not speaking about liberals , actually you sound exactly like the type I'm talking about... I'm talking about the extremist and terrorist repubs. You know the one's who use God as an excuse to kill people and blow up clinics.. marry children because the bible says so, bomb first ask questions later... so funny how you people like to try and blame everything negative on the liberal when it's the repubs doing and saying all the truly hateful things in this election.
Here's an idea instead of jumping on the 'liberals' are bad bandwagon why not go look up some of the things they believe, you know like LESS power to the government, freedom of speech?? Oh that's right people like you only like those things when they actually suite YOU.

2117 days ago


Obama's wife made Oprah stay away. YOU told us that TMZ. May he WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2117 days ago

McCainPalin 08    

His arrogance makes me sick. I hope the American People do the right thing and vote MCCAIN/PALIN....

2117 days ago


If you followed Barack from the beginning you could see that he is arrogant and very self serving

2117 days ago


I understand why Obama did this. Only a few celebrities (like Oprah, Halle, Hill Harper, Kerry Washington) supported Barack from DAY 1. Many others have used Obama for a photo op. As an Obama supporter, I can admit that it has become fashionable to endorse/support Obama.

I still think he's the better canidate.

2117 days ago
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