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Plumber Joe Gets Off Ticket -- Holy Toledo!

11/4/2008 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So Joe the Plumber got off on a speeding ticket last week -- but the Toledo PD's rationale for letting him is just plain weird.

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher was going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone -- late for a McCain rally perhaps? -- in a Dodge Durango, but when he was stopped, he was given a verbal warning rather than a ticket because a citation could have had "negative repercussions to the department and city as a whole."

It isn't the first time Toledo PD has acted strangely about Joe the P -- the chief said last week a member of the department was disciplined for snooping on Joe's address.


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2179 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Anybody with in sense can tell this joker was a McCain/Palin plant. The whole thing was a sick attempt by McCain to give him a talking point. I got so sick and tired of hearing it.

“JOE THE PLUMBER” What a frigging joke.

2179 days ago


They didnt give him a ticket because their in trouble in some way due to the fact their PD member was searching for info on the guy for no legitimate reason. I bet there is something going on legally that has gotton the dept. into a legal problem so now they have to make sure their not singling him out for retaliation. Cant even be sure Joe the Plumber was speeding since we all know the cop can claim anything he wants because their the only witness usually makes it easy to get their quotas up... LoL

2179 days ago

chitown lady    

How nice! Thats our government in action.......This so called Plumber was NOTHING BUT A MCcain plant.........WAKE UP AMERICA! VOTE OBAMA.......KEEP REPUBLICANS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.......

2179 days ago


Glad to see folks finally caught on that "Joe" was a plant by the McCain camp to give the cratchety old man something to talk about. Hhowever, sad to see that McCain chose an unlicensed plumber, who owes back taxes to be his knight in shining armor. Just another example of a poorly run campaign by John McCain. BTW - any bets on when Palin will get divorced or what the plans are for her 17 year old unwed daughter?

2179 days ago


Wow people are sure overly sensitive to the question Joe the Plumber asked. Kind of supicious that a mere question would rile a political troupe up unless of course the question was never meant to be answered. Note to self never ask a question of Barak because thats BADDDD..

2179 days ago


That's against the law! Joe the Plumber is a white-trash lowlife who should be treated like everyone else! Arrest those cops!

2179 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Joe the Sixpack would have gotten a ticket.

2179 days ago


Gee, what a horrible thing for Joe the Plumber to ask a serious question to the all mighty Obama! Joe dared to question Obama's socialist "spread the wealth" agenda! Oh my! Send out the Obama thugs. Pretty bad when the far left get touchy and try to dig up dirt on an average guy who posed a question Heir Obama, whom was walking down the street, in front of Joe's home! Get over it left-wing haters.

2179 days ago


Joe "Da" Plumber didn't get a ticket becasue it is a reflection of the mind set of John McCain and his way of doing business; breaks for all of his "friends and associates" let everybody else eat cake! Did anyone see Joe Da Plumber trying to discuss matters on the topic of Isreal? He/They must really think our society is so stupid to believe any and everything that comes out of a republicans mouth. According to the experts; Joe Da Plumber needs Barack Obama to become President of the United States-because Obama's plan would benefit Da Plumber and Mcains plan wouldn't.

2179 days ago


8. Joe the Sixpack would have gotten a ticket.

Posted at 10:13AM on Nov 4th 2008 by I laugh at others misfortunes

Isn't that the truth! Ha ha ha ha!!

2179 days ago



2179 days ago


My goodness, who hasn't gotten off with a warning before? I've gotten warnings twice, no big deal. It happens everywhere. Lighten up.

2179 days ago


Since his claim to fame is negligible in the first place, this idiot will disappear after the elections . . . thank heavens, because he comes across as a total moron.

2179 days ago

aim the janitor    

FYI Joe the freaking plumber (who is not licensed to plumb, and his name is actually Sam, and I've heard refers to black people as "N's") is not from Toledo, but Holland Ohio which is outside Toledo. The clerk who got in trouble was not a police officer, but a records clerk. As for why the let him off, Joe seems to be nothing but a media hog for McCain and since Lucas County is a blue county (and that's made up of mainly Toledo) maybe the cop didn't feel like one more last blitz for old Sam, er I mean, Joe the skinhead, oops I meant plumber...

2179 days ago
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