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Palin's a Real Plush Around Male Staffers

11/6/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Sarah Palin took that whole "Nailin' Paylin" thing to heart. Turns out the veep-seeker had no trouble greeting a couple of aides in just a towel.

reports senior McCain staffers Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter showed up to her hotel room in at the GOP convention and were surprised to see her swan into the room post-shower, wearing just a towel. "I'll be just a minute," she told the guys, telling them to hang out with the First Dude -- her husband Todd.

And despite her protestations to the contrary, Newsweek also says Palin bought pricey duds not just for herself, but for her kids as well -- on junior staffers' credit cards, which has been "reimbursed."


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Any Republican who ran this year didn't have a chance. Bush ruined the Republican party for years to come.

2176 days ago


just because sarah wouldnt conform to what the washington elites wanted to mold her into is typical of the stuffy washington crowd. she is a real down to earth american

2176 days ago


Sarah Palin came out in a towel and these guys complained? Sounds like they would have rather seen Perez Hilton come out in a towel.

2176 days ago


this is not a story...her husband was there. the problem is that as a givenment official running for VP, that was very unporfessional of her. she is a hick with no class. did you hear the prank call? she spoke to the "french PM" as though they were friends and as though she had been elected already? even Bush had more class... yeah i know, i threw up also alittle saying that out loud...

morals? i guess if she believes in what you believe then, you both have the same morals. but there is no defined list of what is and what is not moral. Mc Cain lost because of her. She is pretty and so is Tina Fey and Meghan mullaly (who also looks like her) but intelligent? to a certain extent. not enough to be VP.

2176 days ago


For god sakes, she lost the damn election Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2176 days ago


this is why Obama's staff had more money for adds. Instead of buying clothes with McCains money they should have put the money towards adds

2176 days ago


Yes, Sarah Palin=WHITE TRASH! EVERYTHING about her says TRASH from greeting staffers in a towel to her drop out husband, pregnant trailor trash teen daughter, five colleges in six years, thinking Africa is a country, not obtaining a passport until minutes ago, Joe Six Packness, moose hunting etc.

TRASH!!! This chick was NOT suitable for the White House. America gave the verdict on that LOSER!

"Uh, I really thought it WAS the President of France saying that his wife is hot in bed, getting excited about the taking of life, busting into random songs. It's not my fault I can't tell the difference between a real French accent and a fake. I mean, it's not like I've ever been out of the country before."


2176 days ago


Wow. Democrats are very mean spirited people. What goes around comes around. God Bless!

2176 days ago


Pallin is a total idiot with no common sense. I am so glad she is gone and hope she never resurfaces. NO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DID NOT BUY MICHELLE OBAMA'S CLOTHES, what an idiot that said that. And, by the way, we all saw how classy the republicans were during McCains suscession speach, when they booed every time he mention Obama. You sure didn't see that when Obama mentioned McCain in his speech, in fact some clapped. No, we did not give Bush any respect, as he never did anything to deserve it. Daddy bought him the white house, just like he bought his way out of the military. And if you had paid any attention during the campaign, Obama and his wife and aides, all said he had three suits. HIs wife did buy him some new ties for the campaign. People compared Michelle to Jackie Kennedy, not Jack, and that is due to her sense of style, and class, something some will never know. Unlike Cindi McCain, she did not have to spend $300, 000 on one outfit to look good a classy.

2176 days ago

Denny Mack    

I love these stories. It certainly does upset the conservatives. I see the whining posts all over. I like to look at Palin. She looks okay, not great. But she does seem to embody the right wing religious factions. I tend to look at her with sinful thoughts, not political ones, but heck, I'm a dang ol' sinner. Anyway, I would love to see Palin represent the republicans from now on. I think it's an appropriate fit. Please, conservatives, no more whining. Please stop.

2176 days ago


That must have been a sight for sore eyes!

2176 days ago


For any of you who didn't go the Newsweek link....I read the whole thing and was rather shocked at the last item, namely Obama using the F word (which the mag censored but you could still tell what it was). Hope he doesn't talk that way around his two little girls.

2176 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

STATE RUN DNC MEDIA , keeps on attacking Palin .
The Election was Won by the Democrats on Economic Issues , even though the DEMOCRATS are GUILTY FOR the FINANCIAL CRISIS because of their strict forced policies on the Mortgage Industry. The Democrats have Re-elected Mr. Dowd to the Congress Banking Committee , that is like electing a bank robber to be the federal prosecuter against white collar crime (It Makes No sense , Democrat Mr Dowd should be serving Jail Time , along with other Democrats that caused this crisis). Also , the Market Turmoil was caused by the Democrat 700B Bail Out Bill that was introduced weeks before an election , which I will Conclude through Militant Corrupt Acorn Members and more importantly the Induced Market Turmoil (caused by Democrats) the Democrats might of blantly stole the election .

2176 days ago


"You" may greet people wearing a towel but this was the person running for VP.... very very tacky. This family is white trash and need to stay in Alaska.

2176 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

STATE RUN DNC MEDIA & Phony DNC Prosecuters decide Not to Prosecute a Democrat Spitzer , maybe the New Law is to Prosecute Republicans & Indendants Only — Like in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran

I am starting to Understand the Motto of the New Democrats which might be ‘ ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL , BUT DNC LIBERALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS’
Even though the Financial Crisis was the Fault of the Democrats , the DNC elects the Crooked Mr. Dowd to the Banking Congress Group (that is pretty bad)
IT REALLY IS A BRAVE NEW DEMOCRAT WAY that they wil try and Force on the USA Society and Demonize anyone who stands in the way (example: democrats are ,now, talking about eliminating poitical talk radio , which it is Not by chance, it happens to be republican talk radio)

2176 days ago
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