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Suri Cruise: Rainmaker

11/6/2008 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her mother following behind, adorable little Suri Cruise used her power of cuteness to shield herself from the rains in NYC on Wednesday.

At least Katie Holmes is keeping Suri safe from some things.


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I Agree...........    

I know it's not the child's fault how she dresses and looks but the scoll (sp?) of her face all the time.........she looks like such an unhappy brat, I bet she rules the roost in that house. SPOILED BRAT!!!!! I imagine she does exactly as she wants and when she wants. It looks like they finally took that bottle away from her, at least in public.

2114 days ago


You meant the "scowl" on her face.

2114 days ago


in that pic she looks like Josh Jackson!

2114 days ago

To see or not to see    

Katie has a coat on....Suri does not.
Can they afford her a coat?
She never wears pants, only dresses and skirts.
She is wearing slacks and socks and a long sleeve top.
Is she barefooted? All the other kids are bundled up!

What is wrong with Katie?

Suri is an absolutely adorable child and I'm happy to see that she finally got her bangs cut.
So cute... but let those ugly bangs GROW.

No interaction with other kids her age.
I feel sorry for this little girl.
It looks like they finally took that bottle away.
Am I the only one that notices that this little freak looks retarded?
That child should be playing with other kids, not hanging around Mom all the time.
She's going to be in therapy by the time she's 10, mark my words.

I think Katie needs some parenting lessons.

It's November in NYC and it's raining and that kid still doesn't have a coat on.
This child never has a jacket on.
Not only does she never seem to wear a coat, but she never wears pants.
Poor Suri never has a jacket on and her parents are all bundled up.
Suri always has a dress on with bare arms and legs.

The kid needs a jacket!

I have ALWAYS known to dress my child like I dress. If I need a jacket she does too.
EVERYONE else in the photos are wearing winter coats. BUT NOT SURI.
The bodyguard is holding her coat. Why she is not wearing it is beyond me!
She's not wearing a jacket.

Why is this little girl always wearing old lady dresses?

Frankly it doesn't look like Tom really cares all that much.
Kate has NO FRIENDS and Suri has NO FRIENDS!
She doesn't need a coat or pants, she needs REAL parents.
Is 3 year old Suri really being taken care of?
She's an ugly child.

She's so cute.

2114 days ago

Biased information    

I just want anyone who is reading this that not all people in the U.S. are as malicious, petty, unbalanced and superficial as most of the people who work for TMZ or who post comments on their site. I read some of the nasty blogs and comments about celebrities and it never fails to amaze me the hateful and disgusting comments people make. I just want everyone to know that most of the U.S. is not this angry and unbalanced. It's just a small fraction of people here who are most likely high on drugs when they write this stuff. I don't know how else to explain it because happy and sane people do not think, feel, talk or write the way many of these insane extremists do on this and many other tabloid sites.

These tabloid sites are a breeding ground for extremism because it give these kind of people an outlet to project their own self-hatred, paranoia and lack of self respect toward innocent celebs. Tabloid sites are a meeting place for like minded mentally unbalanced people who have nothing better to do than tear into innocent children. It's very sad that anyone out there is like this. Just realize most of us are not so please don't judge us by the angry vocal minority. Most Americans are nothing like them and we are all amazed that anyone is.

2114 days ago


Has anyone ever noticed how Katie always wears a coat or jacket when they are out in public but Suri never has on any type of coat to shield her from any type of weather? What kind of mom is she?

2114 days ago


In most pics of her, the little girl is ALONE, and she seems SAD. Where is child-protective-services, or don't they bother with white celebs?

2114 days ago


I feel a little hope here! She had her hair cut and her dress is not down to her calves. I also think the tights make her dress complete. The umbrella is adorable. Suri doesn't look terribly excited here, but she does look like a little girl for a change.

2113 days ago


Suri is a spoiled brat, she will grow up to be a stupid sassy snobby rich girl. Her clothes are not even near fashion or warm.
Her parents and her think they are so much better than everyone and they are so filthy stinkin rich they cant even bother to buy the stupido a sweatshirt or coat!!! Not to mention I hate her and she will never have any friends because of her soon to be happy-go-sassy remarks.

2101 days ago
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