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Aniston Dines in Desperation City

11/7/2008 7:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ivy restaurant is the paparazzi hornet's nest where fame-whores like Prince Von A-Hole go in search of attention -- so check out the chaos that erupted when Jennifer Aniston showed up.
Jen Aniston: Click to watch
But here's the question -- why would a famously private person like Jennifer brave the insanity for an over-priced, average tasting salad? You know the answer...


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Odd, but who understands anything she does. She is in public because of the article about Brad and Oprah

2183 days ago


Because she is a LOSER!

2183 days ago


I'm sorry ... but this girl is PATHETIC !!!! Who says only the poor can be PATHETIC !!!
Has she no self respect ????

2183 days ago


Maybe to disprove the story that she's pregnant?

2183 days ago


Just because she keeps personal details private means she can't go to a famous restaurant? She gets followed regardless, I don't see what makes The Ivy so unique. Maybe she was meeting someone there. Big deal.

2183 days ago


Average tasting??????The food at The Ivy is amazing!!!! I'm not famous...I just go there to eat from time to time because the food is so good! It may be a bit over priced but it tastes home made and the service is always excellent! If I'm going to spend my hard earned $$$ at a restaurant, I'd rather go some place where I know I'll be happy when I leave. I don't think that it's a big deal to see that J A chose the Ivy to have a bite to eat. The food is EXCELLENT!!!!!!

2183 days ago

Ice Water    

WOW! Slow news day. We've all moved on. Barack is's all about depth and real-ness now. Who cares. Go have John Mayer's baby.

2183 days ago


To Miss24601 regarding your comment - I would normally agree with you on this type of thing, however I know something you don't. At 10:00 o'clock this morning I received a call that Jennifer would be at the Ivy at 2:00. This was an anonymous call from a private number. We are a photo agency, not paparazzi, yet someone was desperate to get out the word that Jennifer would be there. Its my opinion that someone promoting Jennifer planned this and it was not that she just decided to go to the Ivy for lunch.

2183 days ago


Why would anyone get out of the car with all that waiting unless you want the attention?

2183 days ago


Look at this PATHETIC CLOWN again. I'm so sick of her stupid PR team splashing this cow every where they can get this whore. I wish she would get lost. No one wants to see this as John Mayer said "stupid women" this thing has low self esteem that's why Mayer is with this old cow.

2183 days ago


I don't understand her popularity....(kinda like Okra Winfrey) I mean that loser sitcom she was on is GONE, folks - GONE!!! She hasn't done anything since then and probably never will.

2183 days ago

non story tmz    

The Ivy is for Z-listers. Where Z-listers go for attention. Is she craving attention that much? Look at the smile on her face. So unreal that it's pathetic. If she wants attention she should stick to the bikini released pictures and leave the IVY for the lower than low celebrities.

2183 days ago


1/2 of Douchifer. What a stupid desperate hag. Some one should clue this old fool that no one gives a cr@p about her and her douche bag she has to front. John Mayer music suck and this hag's movies suck. This is the only way these publicity whores can get any attention. John Mayer picture value drop so he ran back to stupid so paps would take his picture.

2183 days ago

american beauty    

I wouldn't call her a fame whore, necessarily. Just an ol' fashioned whore. She's a joke. Why does anyone care about this pathetic, insecure, self-absorbed loser?

2183 days ago


She is not popular. Every thing around this crazy ho is manufactured. They propped up people around her. Mayer dumped her and they made his life miserable until he agree to fake being with her again. Her career is dying fast and they are trying to pump it back up. Jen is desperate and so is Mayer the douche.

2183 days ago
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