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Julia Hudson


11/7/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks to the day after her mother, brother, and son were brutally murdered, it's hard not to point out what Jennifer Hudson's sister Julia is saying with words and pictures on her MySpace page.

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Most bewildering is this: Under one picture Julia writes, "NOW THAT JASON'S GONE I'M THE PRETTIEST ONE," an apparent reference to brother Jason, whose body was found shot to death along with their mother's.

Other photos show her partying with friends.

Julia has taken down pictures of William Balfour, her estranged husband and still the only suspect in the case.


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OMG, this is shocking

The last thing I could even imagine was thinking I was the prettiest after my family was killed.

Unless she kills Julia she is still the ugliest

2175 days ago

nfl fan    

I think it is a shame that her family has just died and whether it is therapeutic to her or not being on the computer updating a MySpace page is far from normal. I lost both parents tragically and the computer was the last thing on my mind. Then to make the comment that since her brother is gone she is the prettiest is sick. She is mourning in a sick way especially since she not only lost her mother & brother but most of all the most precious thing in life her son. She needs mental help if this is normal for her. Maybe they weren't as important to her.

2175 days ago


Opps meant Jennifer

2175 days ago


Her behavior seems very disrespectful. I know people grieve in different ways but I am shocked by these pictures. Its all about HER. Very sad. At least her little boy is in a better place.

2175 days ago


Dang, she's one ugly, overwieght person. Does she really think that she's all that, you've got to be kidding me. Well, I like to see what ugly is then! Is that Fantasia or what ever her name is. For someone who just lost almost her whole family she sure has a big smile on her face. Does anyone know where she was when the murders happened? Just a thought!

2175 days ago


Posted at 11:02AM on Nov 7th 2008 by givemeabreak

Sorry for your loss

2175 days ago


Well at least she is wearing a black dress, and the ribbons on the dress. Other than that, this woman looks more like she is at a wedding then a memorial service for 3 DEAD family members. Mother, brother and only son, ALL dead. I know people grieve differently, GRIEVE being the key word. I have never heard of someone acting the way she seems to have been from day one. Inside joke?? Maybe there was an inside joke, but saying something like that is disgusting not funny. And by the way, she needs to kill of the rest of her family if she wants to be the pretty one. Poor Jennifer, I think she needs to run back away from this mess and never look back. I'm sorry but there is something SERIOUISLY wrong with Julia!

2175 days ago


This is very disturbing and makes me wonder why a person like her is not questioned by the authorities.

2175 days ago


I think this has been taken out of context completely. TMZ likes to post things to get a rise out of people -- worked here didn't it. Most people who comment on this site, and especially this family's situation, are just looking to judge and point fingers. I know there are people out there who kill their family members and there are mothers out there who kill their children, but I honestly do not believe this is the case. If the police thought she had anything to do with this crime she would have already been arrested, or at least suspicion would have been leaked to the media. The police don't play around with that kind of stuff, definately not for this long. Leave the woman alone to post what she wants on HER MySpace and to grieve in her own way. You might not be acting so rational if basically your entire family was gone in 24 hours. Judge not lest ye be judged!

2175 days ago


The only thing disgusting are all you holier than thou..."better" people who have no idea what is going on in this person's life. and I'm sure ALL OF YOU ARE QUITE THE LOOKERS since bashing people you don't know is what you seem to be doing with your life. Talk about pathetic. Try a little kindnes....ever hear of it?

2175 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

ummm no. 69 white folks from day one has made racist remarks about julia and her family okay so read up here some examples...1. will there be chicken at the furneral? 2. calling her big fat black walrus. 3. calling her ghetto low life. 4. talking about the home she reisides in. i can go on all day so shut the hell up.

2175 days ago


That is sick. Maybe she had something to do with this!!!!

2175 days ago


They all seem pretty happy about what just happened. Horrible! and to think she had nothing to do with it? These actions speak louder then words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2175 days ago


It is horrible the way people are attacking her weight! Who really cares? What does that have to do with the fact her family has been murdered???

2175 days ago


#62- I have been reading your stupid comment about the cotton fields for the last two days. Did you notice that nobody much responded to it because it's racist and ignorant? Why don't you report to my ass for your orientation?

2175 days ago
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