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Julia Hudson


11/7/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks to the day after her mother, brother, and son were brutally murdered, it's hard not to point out what Jennifer Hudson's sister Julia is saying with words and pictures on her MySpace page.

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Most bewildering is this: Under one picture Julia writes, "NOW THAT JASON'S GONE I'M THE PRETTIEST ONE," an apparent reference to brother Jason, whose body was found shot to death along with their mother's.

Other photos show her partying with friends.

Julia has taken down pictures of William Balfour, her estranged husband and still the only suspect in the case.


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Kat - talk about being self-righteous.
What are you doing on here then, are you the internet police?
All I can say about these kinds of pictures bringing about harsh comments is this"
"You reap what you sow"

2126 days ago


To givemeabreak, everyone is different. When my best friend's mother-in-law passed away the entire family was drinking beer and laughing and hanging out before the funeral (don't remember cameras, but they could've been there). My friend's husband and brother (sons of the deceased) had coolers in their car and kept going out to have a cigarette and a beer during the visitation. Not that I necessarily agree, I have no idea how I would react to a loss this substantial. Just because you grieved one way doesn't mean the whole world grieves that way. Prayer is what this family needs, not ridcule for every move they make.

2126 days ago


Wow you people are so cold & heartless. Please don't judge a person, until you have walked in their shoes. This woman has lost her family. And now you call her a bad mother. She can not cry every minute of the day.

2126 days ago


I agree, it's kind of obvious she is fat, and ugly. That isn't the issue, the issue is her lack of concern for her dead family

She may have cried in private, we don't know, we do know she is smiling in every picture

She may not have killed her son, but she did write that he is here now and she can't do anything about that

She may not be involved, but from my standpoint, she seems to be pretty darn happy about being the prettiest now

2126 days ago


Obama Nation...expect more of this craziness.

2126 days ago


I don't know her specific family situation, but I DO know how it feels to lose a child and I certainly would not have had the emotional energy to smile and joke around like she is. I don't know what is going on with her, but it is NOT healthy.

2126 days ago


Oh Julia I hope you read this. Your mom must be so proud of you, you are a star now. Everyone is writing about you, your myspace page has so many new friends, you dont have to drive the dumb old bus anymore, looks like you got a new man. Wow! plus no one else to hold you back like any pesky kids. Its all yours! You have finally done it. You are an inspiration to the young kids of today.

2126 days ago


Julia is a first class psycho. What is taking the Chicago PD so long to arrest her ass!!
She is not grieving she is just buying her time and waiting on the insurance checks. Ask yourself why has William still not been charged with these murders??? Because they have nothing to charge him with. KEEP ON BRINGING ATTENTION TO YOURSELF FATTY YOU WILL BE GOING DOWN SOON ENOUGH!!!

2126 days ago


DLAS -- it has been confirmed that Julia was at work when the murders occured

2126 days ago


I don't post here anymore because it is too much of a bitch to do, but I just have this to say about Julie Hudsaon. You thug-ass , gansta does it feel now that you got almost your entire family 'kilt' for your thug-ass, gangsta bitch behavior? How tough are you now, bitch? Take a lesson from this kiddies, this is what thugh-ass, gangsta behavior will get you!

2126 days ago


Just A Thought - I understand what you are saying, just that this is a MURDER of 3 family members, including her little 7 year old son (it is also being reported in places that he was mutilated - is this true?). I have unfortunately been witness to other families grieving through the sudden death of a child and it was very different than what these pictures depict and what Julia has posted on her MySpace page since day one. You are right, I can't know how they people grieve, it just LOOKS bad in these pictures andher own words on her MySpace page, etc. On the other hand, Jennifer has laid low and seems very respectful of her mother, brother and nephew. Most of us are reacting to the fact that this is the dead boy's MOTHER I have 3 kids of my own and I know if one of them was murdered, I would never be partying. I know this for a fact. I also said that I am not accusing Julia of being involved, I would never do that. I don't agree with people calling her names about her appearance, that's just stupid stuff.

2126 days ago

King Beef    

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think she was in on it. I haven't seen or heard any remorse whatsoever.

2126 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

Earl I ditto that.I also seen the cotton fields remarks and choose to ignore them. But your dumb ass just made it an issue you should have kept your month shut.

2126 days ago


Whether she meant it to be humorous or not, it's in bad taste. I truly felt for this woman, losing her mother, brother, and esp. her son, but the more this story plays out, the more I'm starting to think she knows more than what she's saying. She doesn't doesn't look like a woman who is grieving. If I lost my child, I don't think I would be able to smile for months. If this pic was taken before the memorial service, then that's pretty sad becuz she's smiling like she don't have a care in the world. When my dad died, we took family pics before the services, too, and no one is smiling. We all look solemn, sad and, well...the way one would expect you to look before you go say good bye to your loved one for the last time.

I hope that the cops are getting somewhere in their investigation and that the truth, whatever it may be, comes out and justice is served for Darnell, Jason and little Julian.

2126 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

TMZ is right to be posting this story. There is more going on with this woman, as I said earlier and I do wonder if she knows alot more then she is telling. Just because she gave birth to her son does not mean she loved him.

2126 days ago
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