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Crash Course in Sign Language

11/8/2008 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes words aren't necessary to convey a message. We hear these stars loud and clear.
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That's what you're supposed to do when people follow you around and take your picture.

2178 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Way to go TMZ....the screen on my laptop cracked because you threw in a pic of that ugly Flava Flav groupie.

2178 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

It's only cool if you slowly insert the finger in your mouth and then slide it in and out....

2178 days ago


Oh look! Student of the how to throw the finger from the School of Obama! Learn how to do it in 1 easy move! Look further opn TMZ to see our new and youngest member, Suri Cruise. Ahhh How cute!

2178 days ago


How old are the reporters on here? People flipping off, how mature.

2178 days ago

mama meza    

plz. she's putting potted gloss on her lips. no one cares about papz.

2178 days ago


Heidi Klum went into seclusion today after pulling her finger out of her butt in a futile attempt to prove it wouldn't stink. Her rep says the test probably wasn't fair because she had eaten cabbage the night before. After her recovery, she is expected to repeat the experiment on Oprah (the person, not the show). More details as they become available.

2178 days ago


::That's what you're supposed to do when people follow you around and take your picture.::

Actually, it's not. Particularly when those people who follow you around are responsible for giving you the press you need to have the career and lifestyle you have. I'm not justifying all of the paparazzi's actions, however 99% of stars chose to rise above this immature petty reaction and are smart enough to know that not only does it NOT make a difference in any way as far as them following you or doing their jobs, but it makes you look like a classless @$$hole and like you're flicking off your fans and are completely ungrateful for the support you've been given. I miss great stars of the past, who were able to keep their lives and problems out of the public eye and conducted themselves like respectable responsible people in public. Cameron Diaz has to be the worse one. That woman's finger seems to be capable of doing only one thing (kind of like her brain cells). It looks SO 2nd grade.

2178 days ago

Las Vegas    

Who is this iaaaatch? Like we really care TMZ...She's just another chick that thinks her ---- doesnt stink

2177 days ago

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