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Sarah Palin:

The Hits Just Keep Comin'

11/8/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is still sore from pulling the knife out of her back from fellow Republicans.

The Governor, now back in Alaska, is responding to recent allegations that she didn't know Africa was a continent, and can't name the countries in NAFTA -- calling the people who said them "cruel, mean-spirited, immature, jerks." Palin claims the rumors aren't true, calling them ridiculous.

Tell that to John McCain.

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Yes, she said they are Jerks, but she did not deny the accusations! She is a beauty queen and hunter and mother, but not more. i like what Jon Stewart said best "She has been tagged and set back into the wild." hahahah bye bye now SORE LOSERS!!!!!!!!

2175 days ago


God HATES you? God doesn't HATE anyone. He hates sin.

Anyhow. For those of you calling her a moron, her name is spelled Sarah, not Sara.

Bottom line is that these "advisors" helped McCain select Sarah as his running mate and now they want to make her the scape goat for the loss. The chance of a Republican winning this race were slim to none considering the current situation with Bush.

Regardless of party lines, this is a great country and I think we should pay attention to the fact that the popular vote in this country is still very close to being 50/50. That is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, Democrats have all of the power right now and any time in our history when one party has had most of the power, things have not turned out well. Balance of power is good.

Those of you who are Christians on either side of the fence should be praying for our government to make wise decisions to protect this country and our freedom. Regardless of your beliefs in religion or politics, do what you can in this world to make it a better place.

2175 days ago

bite me    

for those slamming Sarah Palin, oh well but you are hypocrits. What about your man Obama, there ar 50 states not 57, even a 5th grader knows that. Did anyone watch who he is considering for his cabinet? He wants "change", but why is he considering people from the "Clinton years". What we have here is Obama the inexperienced, who hopefully is tryng to surround him with experience. For the sake of the nation I hope he succeeds, but he truly is proving to be a puppet, and by choosing a cabinet that has helped a previous president doesn't represent change in my book, but rather going back to the same ole, same ole.

2175 days ago

bite me    

hmmm let compare gaffes between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, both have made many, but Joe forgot all his gaffe's, which makes him a happy guy rofllllllllll.

At least the next 4 years will be good for entertainment.

2175 days ago


Its really sad, when portions of America, actually voted for this woman, because of the color of her skin,,, sad sad sad,

2175 days ago


Tell that to Obama who said there were 57 states and confused Sioux City with Sioux Falls. I didn't see the press hounding on those misstatements! Obviously in the heat of campaigning, unintentional missteps can be made. Come on folks..lay off!!!

2175 days ago

Hayley B    

Sarah Palin is not popular among the majority of young people today. Her views are outdated and she wants to send women's rights back to the 1900's. I do not know any free-thinking person who supported her.

She is sorely lacking in foreign policy. For those of you who want to excuse her lack of knowledge (all the "give her a break" comments in various threads I've read), I don't agree with that at all. The VP needs to have a good educational foundation and knowledge of policies in case they need to step in. I for one, am all for a woman running for Vice President, just not one whom my 10 year old brother could beat at Trivial Pursuit.

That said, I think it shows the complete idiocy of the Republican Party to play the blame game by making her a scapegoat after the fact. That is simply cruel and unfair. They lost - end of story.

2175 days ago

blues fan    

We don't need inside Republicans to tell us --we already know that she was woefully ignorant on important issues and, even worse, appears to be very comfortable in her ignorance. Anyone who saw her either in the Couric interviews or in the debate, where she adhered to a couple of well-rehearsed talking points and out-and-out refused to answer questions to which we, the public, had a right to hear her answers, knows she just is not qualified for the position for which she was running. McCain made a hasty decision when he chose her and it backfired bigtime - thank goodness.

2175 days ago


I'm susprised Hugh Hefner hasn't called her up to be in Playboy.

2175 days ago


Post #3: Really? I heard the dimwit who thought there were 57 states in the USA won?

2175 days ago

Viginia Graziadei    

Oh how GRRREEENN is that monster!!!! The beauteous Governor Pailin will rise above the trash and smrminess of people's evil side. She knows who she is and what she is about. Sorry her detractors can not say the same for themselves. And while I am at it, shame on you homely females on Tthe View! Whoopi, you were the rudest of them all. What kinds of people watch your non-show is beyond me and the drooling way in which you cozied up to Madam O by comparison is the joke of all jokes. Ms. Pailin is everything that Madam O is NOT! Wait and see folks...the ride is all yours! And while you are waiting, why don't you begin to name Sarah's attributes instead - if you can keep the green out of your language. There are many, many for she has been richly blessed in this life. Who knows, you may even feel better afterward instead of spilling your bile over the internet and airwaves. How sorry you all are. No wonder we have elected the Pied Piper. Honesty is a rare virtue in the game of life today. More's the pity.

2175 days ago


I voted for Obama, wanted to vote for McCain but did not. She was the reason. The idea that someone who thought that a woman raped should be made by law to have the baby was going to be a heartbeat away from being president was more than I could handle.

She was not ready to be on the national or international stage, and certainly not ready for vice president. I am glad she will not be.

2175 days ago


People are just jelous of you Sarah Palin.

2175 days ago

Viginia Graziadei    

Poor Buddha Lady. To even watch the likes of the failing Katie Couric and NOT to have the ability to recognize a set-up right in front of you, tells us all we need to know. Exactly all. Why not get your facts straight before you set about tearing someone apart the next time...or is that too tall an order for you Buddha? Sad.

2175 days ago

Me, myself and I    

21. Worthless broad.
Posted at 12:18PM on Nov 8th 2008 by Bobby Jindal
Yes, the real reason as to why Sarah Palin is being trashed. Some Repubs want Jindal as the candidate.

2175 days ago
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