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Sarah Palin:

The Hits Just Keep Comin'

11/8/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is still sore from pulling the knife out of her back from fellow Republicans.

The Governor, now back in Alaska, is responding to recent allegations that she didn't know Africa was a continent, and can't name the countries in NAFTA -- calling the people who said them "cruel, mean-spirited, immature, jerks." Palin claims the rumors aren't true, calling them ridiculous.

Tell that to John McCain.

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One word for this boob "KARMA"

2111 days ago


I don't know what Sarah knows or doesn't know but the attacks from the McCain camp are ignorant and mean-spirited.

I voted for McCain but now I am sorry that I did. It seems to me that the senator should say a word or two to the press about how inappropraite her treatment is and has been. The quiet on his part is VERY DISAPPOINTING. Cat must have his tongue.

2111 days ago

blues fan    

Ribbons and Lace, you need to loosen up your hair baubles a little and let some oxygen into your brain -- you are missing the point entirely and you sound silly. Jealousy has absolutely nothing to do with it......whether or not Governor Palin is attractive or not is so beside the point, although it appears to be a big factor to you, which is truly sad if such issues influence your political decisions. We were concerned about her brain, not her body, and she just didn't have it between the ears -- plus her rabid right-wing evangelical views, particularly with regard to abortion in the cases of rape and incest, were truly appalling to most intelligent and rational voters and definitely played a part in why she and McCain lost.......I surely don't want any one, male or female, with those kinds of views making laws that affect my reproductive choices, or those of my kids and grandkids. Apparently a great many other voters agree with me.

2111 days ago


Double standards happen to exist in both parties. Duh.

Palin did not cost McCain the election. HE chose her. If anything, he should've done more research.

However, since the election is over. We really should be foucsing on our future president's decisions. Look at who he's chosen for his chief of staff?
Check out what Wikipedia has to say:
Emanuel is said to have "mailed a rotten fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways."[7] On the night after the 1996 election, "Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting 'Dead! ... Dead! ... Dead!' and plunging the knife into the table after every name."[6] His "take-no-prisoners attitude" earned him the nickname "Rahm-bo".[7]

How is this man going to unite the country and bring about positive change? That's a scary decision that Obama has already made.

2111 days ago


You people can defend her all you want, bottom line, she is not very smart,,, and thank God almighty, she is back where she belongs... Where she cant cause any damage to the American people

2111 days ago


I have learned one thing from reading these comments. Democrats are nasty in victory and John McCain is gracious in defeat.

2111 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    


Not really, but the fact that I had to listen to all the GOP bastards that talked SO badly of Hillary turn around and insist that the media/ entire country was being sexist for demanding of Palin the same information we demand of ANY politician running for a major office.. it made me hate her. Yes, hate. At first she was just this nauseatingly hokey little idiot that was a sad little ploy by the party for women's votes.. then once she started getting recognized for the idiot she was, BAM! everyone has to back off because the fragile little twerp can't handle criticism.

Nobody ever demanded we leave Clinton alone. Nobody had to, because Hilary Clinton is an intelligent, capable, experienced woman.. She is who young girls everywhere should aspire to, and be proud of.. NOT some bimbo who 'You Betcha'd her way into office in what could be the biggest hick state our country has to offer. Thank God that fearmongering right-wing breeder didn't take the women's breakthough this year. ANY other woman (yes, even a republican..) just not Sarah Palin. Also, the women that feel the rest of us were wrong to be so harsh to "one of our own".. Palin is not a woman's woman.. she is a man's woman. Her personal beliefs were enough to turn all of us against her, and the old boys' club backing her solidified it. 2016!!!! (after Obama's 2nd term, of course) Hilary should run, and the reps can throw their pitbull with lipstick into the ring again... it's not hard to see who would be the wiser choice.

Racism..sexism.. It's easy to point the finger at everyone else for their ignorance, but when you start ignoring FACTS to defend a politician (a bad one, at that) you should take a good look at exactly WHY they may need defending. It's true, some day Palin may be capable of making herself the female face of the Republican party.. but the way they introduced her to the country was pathetic and definitely did her no justice. I do feel for her now, though.. she shouldn't have to defend herself against the idiots that were basically her downfall in the first place. Sad.

2111 days ago

Proud American    

God don't like ugly. All that dirt they tried to throw on Obama, came back and bit them in the but!!
Oh well, I'm sure they make republicans very proud, with their Jerry Springer antics!!

2111 days ago


All this negative comments and backstabbing are done purely by the replublicans. She was hired to do the dirty job, which she did excellently and now they are trying to discredit her. I do not like her but she does not need to be treated this way. Dirty politics.

2111 days ago


Palin is a nincompoop, but she's very persuasive. Look at all the people who stick up for her, in spite of the stupid things she keeps saying. I can't figure it out. Is it pity?

2111 days ago


Sarah has my support for President 2012! Being a dumb hick did not get her into many different political positions. She has an 85% approval rating in Alaska!

The dumb one's are those that "think" they made a change. It is the dimwitted ones that voted in Obama. Four days since being elected and he is already changing what he promised to do.

Funny thing is. . . Republicans knew this would happen.

2111 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Yeah , Kay, we're all stupid and only you is smart ....where did B.O. SOUTHERN DRAWL GO ? Yesterday , during his first news conference , i was listening closely to his accent , to see if the FAKE DRAWL he used all during his campaign was real , GUESS WHAT , THE DRAWL HAS MIRACOULOUSLY VANISHED ! I JUST KNEW IT . He used it to sound folksey and down home, which i noted was really strange, PEOPLE RAISED IN KANSASS , HAWAII , and CHICAGO DON"T HAVE THE DRAWL.

SOmething is rotten in DENMARK & CHICAGO

2111 days ago


Karma is a beotch! I don't give a damn about Republicans. Let them eat each other. They have to blame someone. It it so happen to be the so-called pit bull beotch!

((((Yes we can))))

2111 days ago


Sara Palin is the modern day version of Dan Quail.

Great humor!!

2111 days ago


Zinger,,,, You sound like you have some serious mental issues,, I'd check on that if I were you

2111 days ago
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