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Mariah Forgets How to Carey a Tune

11/9/2008 6:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When shows like "The X Factor" bring in big names artists like Mariah Carey to perform, the artists aren't supposed to show the contestants that it's okay to anger Simon Cowell with a dreadfully pitchy performance.
Mariah Carey: Click to view!


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Yikes! Hope they didnt have to pay her for that horrid performance. Perhaps she is just too DIVA now to bother trying to do a good job. Bleeech.

2111 days ago


You only played the first 30 second of the performance! The rest of the performance was 100% live and sounded great. She sounded better than she has in the last several years. Mariah's voice may not sound exactly like it used to but she's still 10X better than any other artist out there.

2110 days ago


I personally cant stand her and I hate her voice....
It (she) makes me cringe.

2110 days ago

you idiots who comment make me sad    

I didn't hear anything wrong with this performance. It was the first 20sec of the song. What were you expecting TMZ? Why do I even go to this dumb@ss website?? Stupid idiots can't get anything right!!!!!

2110 days ago


Ahh, come on TMZ. I love you guys, but she's MARIAH CAREY! If anything, she was probably hoarse from HOURS AND HOURS of touring and/or rehearsing. She's MARIAH CAREY and has the best voice in the entire world! She's allowed 20 seconds of "pitchy" if that's what you wanna call it.

2110 days ago

TheBeautiful1 LISSA    

Ya know probably NONE of u comment'ers can ever in ur life-time come close 2 MARIAH so 2 criticize her voice is just OUT THE BOX ! She is absolutely 1 of the MOST TALENTED as well as BEAUTIFUL people in the world beside JOSH GROBAN (of course) ! Give her a break guys - maybe she had a cold or something ! And I am not even a MARIAH fan but damnnnnnnnnnn - r any of u as GREAT (or Rich) as her ?? I doubt it so, GET OVER IT !!

2110 days ago

Kathy B    

Even "pitchy" she's still better then most singers on their best day.
Simon just forgot to take his fiber, or maybe his shirt was cutting off his circulation.
Either way that's Simon's "happy" look.

2110 days ago


TMZ of course cut the best part of the song...the REST OF IT!!! Oh, and the part where Simon gave her a standing ovation and was grinning like a schoolgirl...

2110 days ago

He makes me sick    

Give the girl a break. She so obviously had lost her voice but she honored her commitment and showed up to do the gig instead of cancelling (like some other singers have done lately). I'm not a fan of hers, but I'm a singer and I know that when your voice is tired or gone, the show still has to go on and you just sing through it.

2110 days ago


Perez Hilton has the entire thing and it sucks the big one!!! She has her voices breaking in several places, can't hit the notes and keeps doing that crap where each friggin WORD gets broken up into 4-5 beats...its B-O-R-I-N-G!! Not to mention bad, horrible singing, and NONE of her famous HIGH notes either. Bury her already, she's dead, plus bigger than always fake boobs look rediculous!!

2110 days ago


She's not very wise for putting herself in the power of Simon Cowell - in a situation where she can be judged as worthy or not worthy, in a second, on national TV. No established singer in their right mind would put themselves in this risky situation.

2110 days ago

George William Gockel    

Not in my opinion Mariah Carey has not forgot to carry a tune. One day Mariah Carey and I will meet each other. And I live in Los Angeles,CA. and I am from Los Angeles,CA.

2110 days ago


Originally Mariah had quite a powerful voice but lately it sounds weak and tinny. I saw an old video of hers and couldn't believe it.

2110 days ago


Hey all of you there making all these nasty comments. I watched the show and Mariah got a standing ovation from every one including the four judges. She may have not hit all the incredible notes she used to but this song was for all our wounded war heroes. At least she is doing something for charity. What have you done -you who only knows to critise anything TMZ puts up. Why do some poeple feel that its their right to comment on anything

2110 days ago

I, Slay The Dragon    

Whoa. Ol "Scarey Carey" is losing her voice? Excuse me, if I may:

"......It's just a sweet sweet Fantasy baby/ that Scarey Carey will finally PAY ME....."

2110 days ago
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