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I Had Nothing to Do

With the Killings

11/10/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

William Balfour is flat out denying any involvement with the Hudson family triple murders -- and in today's parole hearing, officials say Balfour seemed "disturbed" by his girlfriend's accusation she saw him with a gun similar to the murder weapon.

Balfour presser: Click to watch
According to Illinois Prisoner Review Board Chairman Jorge Montes, Balfour will remain in jail until at least December 3. The decision was based on the alleged gun connection as well as probable cause on a number of other alleged parole violations.


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Well unless he starts telling what he knows I really could care less what is coming out of his mouth!

2175 days ago


well, is he involved or not?!? how long can he remain a "person of interest"? this seems like it is taking toooooo long. i smell fish...

2175 days ago


something is not right. if the other girlfriend told the cops that he confesses about the crime, why they're not talking about it now it's just about the gun? was that confession just to fool people to keep him in jail? because if the girlfriend really said that, that's it and the investigation should be on that. now they're talking about the gun only, he might have a gun too, he was a gang member. this chicago police sucks man!!!!!!

2175 days ago


is he tasting something bitter???

2175 days ago


He's probably disturbed because he didn't expect her to tell what she saw. He trusted her. This is the same girlfriend who's home he was arrested in, that is carrying his baby and she said this right after the murders. She's probably trying to avoid charges of her own so she's singing like a canary. Unfortunately it's not's hearsay.

It's my feeling the police have not charged him because they don't have any conclusive evidence that can't be disputed. Because he knew the family his DNA and fingerprints could be in the house and the SUV by other means. The gun can't conclusively be traced back to him, and the video surveillance can't be conclusively identified as him. The police need more so they are holding onto him until they get it.

I continue to pray daily for the Hudson family and this terrible tragedy.

2175 days ago


Sounds like one of the 3 women he'd been keeping is salty. Why didnt she say all of this when the crimes happened. Now she will have to explain to this unborn baby who her dad is.

2175 days ago


Praying? For what? They're already dead.

They are holding William on things not related to the killings. Because there is no proof that he did.

First think he'll do when he gits out is kill his girlfriend for saying he was involved.

Victious circle...

2175 days ago



How about praying for Jennifer that she is able to deal with all of this?

Wow there are some cold blooded people in this world!

2175 days ago


i smell big drug issues hidden from press by hudson family etc maybe a mob hit & he is afraid to discuss because of connections & threats . it had to be something big

2175 days ago


I'm starting to wonder if he really did have anything to do with this. I still say to check out Julia!!!!!

2175 days ago


NKG The Hudson Family includes a lot more people than those who died. Jenn's mother had siblings, Jason had siblings other than Julia and Jennifer, and Julian had aunts, uncles, and siblings as well. I am praying for everyone involved, even William Balfour and his family.

2175 days ago


Wow, talk about EXPLOITING a story, gots to keep those advertising dollars rolling in!

2175 days ago


I don't think he "confessed" to his girlfriend. Very early in the case, I remember reading that she said she thought he might be (or more precisely - could possibly be) involved in the deaths at the house but wouldn't have killed the child. Nothing that has been printed so far on TMZ suggests she has said anything more than that. She might well have been just acknowledging that he could have possibly gotten mixed up in whatever happened in that house - but wanted to point out that he was not a child killer (and especially of that child, since the guy seemed to be genuinely fond of Julian).

As far as his earlier conviction for "attempted murder" - if you look at the details, that charge was a bit of a stretch. He was a stupid teenager stealing a car, the owner came out and jumped on the car to get him to stop, the kid (instead of doing the smart thing - getting out of the car and running fast far far away) kept driving, undoubtedly thinking the guy would jump off. The guy didn't jump off and stupid kid kept driving... It sounds like something many teenage boys would do without any murder in their hearts, although he was very lucky nobody got killed. It sounds more like a very bad judgment call by a kid under panic conditions. So I wouldn't use that history to assume he's a murderer now.

2175 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

Right, gangsta' ... youze be innocent. Brian Nichols was innocent, too. Fry this turd!

2175 days ago


i really hope if William knows something he will tell, there could be several murderers on the loose that need to punished.

2175 days ago
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