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Britney's Baby Released from the Hospital

11/10/2008 9:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One day after Britney brought Jayden James into Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on a food-related issue, mama Spears was able to whisk her 2-year-old back home.

Judging by the photo, taken just moments ago, looks like Brit and baby got a security escort to the car ... by someone who wasn't K-Fed.


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leave these kids alone already...

2172 days ago


First! Yea forJayden!

2172 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Are brain meds a food? Who released the info it was a food allergy? I bet it was Team Piggy Bank. All that is for sure is she had them and they went to the hospital-again!

2172 days ago

Still suckin your mommas T*ttie!    

K Fed is a TWIT! and still suckin...

2172 days ago


If everybody is always watching her, she did the smart thing. Good for you Brit. I agree leave the little kids alone.....
I saw apicture of Gwen Steffanis little boy ..playing on a riding toy WITH asucker ib his mouth..If that were one of Britneys kids people would have screamed neglect.

2172 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Thank goodness! Stock Markets around The World will go up 500 to 800 points on this vital information.

2172 days ago

Big Bear    

Looks kinda dark where Britney is picking up her child. Why is she wearing sunglasses?? Could it be where people cannot see her eyes and how crazy and wild they look??

2172 days ago


This is wonderful news. We should be celebrating that JJ is ok.

2172 days ago


People need to stop with the rude comments. how many people have kids and how many people have had to run to the hospital with them? Dose it make you a bad parent any how, who decides who is a bad parent or not? I have seven kids and i am back and forth to the doctors or the hospital. Things happen. It dosen't make her a bad mother. Every thing that she has done wrong in the publics eye, others have done and it has not been printed in the paper. people need to stop treating her like a monster. She has a mental disability that is being treated so dose alot of other woman who have children and we don't judge them. who gives you the right to judge anyone. She is a good mother all said and done. For the father, Know one chases him around and tries to catch him doing wrong. most of his pictures are of him spending britney's money on himself. He is not perfect either. do you think talking trash about her is helping matters? how would you feel if you were the one people were talking about. She is doing her best and her kids are alot better of than most kids.

2172 days ago


Im glad hes home and doing better.

2172 days ago


Is this all you can "rag" about? How silly you are to report such as this! She was just doing what mother's do, do do.

2172 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Is it true that this lovely child became ill after consuming what you Americans charmingly call a "cupcake" that had baked by Tara Reid?

2172 days ago


How could Jayden James not be safe carried around at night by a heavily medicated woman wearing sunglasses?

2172 days ago

tuna marie    

britney screws everything up, i feel bad for those kids having her as a mother and feder-idiot as a father.

2172 days ago

another over 40 mama    

My child ate matches once and I had to call help. I am a great mom. My child is now 25 years old and teaches school. Almost everyone I know has had to either take a child to the hospital or Dr because of something like this or has had to call poison control. This is life TMZ. I'm sure none of your children or family has NEVER done anything like that, yeah, right. Leave Britney alone. You guys were just hoping something bad would come out of this. I'm happy the little fellow is home and safe. How you noticed we see Britney with the boys all the time. Once I saw a pict of Kevin with the boys but his ex-mom-in-law and a couple of baby sitters were along for the trip. I am happy for Britney to finally get her life back together. Maybe she should move back to Louisiana with her family and out of the limelight. I am sure she sometimes wishes she had never became so famous. Keep up the good work Brit and you will be just as big as ever. Just don't forget your children and family.

2172 days ago
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