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Joe The Turncoat

11/10/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-GOP poster boy Joe the Plumber pretty much flushed his political allegiance down the toilet this weekend in NYC -- at least when it came to his choice of nightlife.

Spies tell us his big party stop in NYC was at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club -- Jay being one of Barack Obama's loudest and staunchest supporters. We're told the 40/40 welcomed McCain's boy with open arms -- and drinks on the house.

Joe's other stops were equally telling: He dropped by the Navy's USS Intrepid (McCain) and Coyote Ugly (Palin?).


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@#14 don't be mad we got a black president now deal with it you as*hole!

2142 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

Sexy season-
Did I say I was mad we had a black president? He's half white as well. I'm upset that we will not have control of our money!You hammer home a good point, Freedom of speech if you're a Obummer supporter. So hard working people are called names now?

2142 days ago


@ 17...Helllooo...have you just awaken today??? All presidents have had us paying taxes...most presidents have raised taxes...all presidents decide what they're going to do with our money!!! The rich got a handout from the poor in the bailout...were they lazy? poor? Ummm, no and no. Please you sound like you need to take a class in politics 101. You don't know what you're talking about at all!! And let's not talk about houses, McCain has so many he counted even count them!

2142 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

RJ-Again check out Peggy the Moocher. Her and others like her will not be helping in the bailout, but they probably will get their handout.

Yes we pay taxes, duh Why don't you stick to the real point here. Did you just finish the course, perhaps a fail?

2142 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

So only certain people can go to clubs? Another higher than mighty Club worker. haha

You Obama people say let's come together, then it's bash Joe the Plumber for going to a club where celebs are.

Blame TMZ for snapping the photos. Not Joe the Plumber.

2142 days ago


# 22,

Notice that I said "there wasn't anything wrong with it, but guys like him [what he claimed to be] don't WANT to go to clubs," and you are totally missing the point. It has absolutely nothing to do with Obama or being a higher-than-mighty club worker. I grew up in Oklahoma around plenty of hard-working middle aged Americans and know damn-well that the REAL McCain concept of "Joe the Plumber" [that they missed with this guy] would rather be at 1,000 places other than at 40/40 or Coyote Ugly. They don't like the lines, the big crowds, the high drink prices, or even the loud music. This guy is burning his 15 minutes of fame at both ends and in the wrong way. If I were him, I'd stick to the Joe the Plumber schtick and try and get a Sears or Craftsman endorsement deal or something. Maybe even investment into a statewide "Joe the Plumber" business.

2142 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

14. Did any of you actually watched the video on Joe. He was asking a legitimate question. He didn't say he had a business, he was saying it hypothetically, for all of us who were concerned about Nobama's plan. ...

If you watched the McCain-Obama debate, you'll know that it was McCain who referred to Joe as a plumber who would be affected negatively by Obama's tax plan. McCain is the one who misrepresented Joe.

I'm willing to give McCain the benefit of the doubt and accept the fact that he truly believed that Joe _was_ a plumber whose income fell in the range that would be negatively impacted by Obama's tax plan. This is an error that occurred because McCain's campaign operatives didn't properly vet Joe's story before trumpeting it to the tens of millions of American voters who were watching the debate.

In other words, this whole "Joe the Plumber" episode represents yet another tactical error made by the McCain campaign.

As for Joe, himself, if he wants to live out a fantasy and go clubbing in NYC once in his life, then God bless him.

I agree with the poster above about some of the ways that Joe can capitalize off of this. He'd be great for endorsing some sort of tools or home improvement products, and a "Joe the Plumber" plumbing franchise would be brilliant!

And why not? The Republicans tried to capitalize off of him, so why shouldn't he try to make a few bucks for himself in the process? If I was a bigwig in the Republican Party, I'd want to go out of my way to thank Joe for the role that got thrust upon him, and I'd do whatever I could to compensate him or support his business efforts. It would be the least that the Republican Party could do for him.

2141 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Hey, Joe could also do some sort of beer endorsements and call himself "Joe Six-Pack" as well as "Joe the Plumber".

This has been a "Joe"-based campaign.

2141 days ago


#11 and #14, well said.

2141 days ago


@ 19...there will always be a "Peggy the moocher." You can't do anything about that and we can't sit around a dwell on people that don't want to do anything for themselves...also that's not Obama's fault...he's not even the president yet...You brought up taxes so how am I not sticking to the point??? Please stop typing and take that class..PLEASE

2141 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

RJ-ACORN and friends soliciting people of Peggy's class and lower puts him at fault. Her statement was directed to Obama. He will take office soon, and watch out. He made promises like no other. But then again, I'm sure he won't keep any of them. So let's hope he makes the moochers accountable.

If you are such an expert, why are you arguing on this sight? Dumbazzzzz

2141 days ago


Joe the Dumber needs to disappear his political views were didn't make sense all over the media for a buck, Joe go back to Ohio and be the real plummber you claim to be. Your trying to cash in anyway you can your a scam. At the 40/40 club you look and act stupid I bet everybody was laughing at you people aren't stupid as you, Big Head SCAM ARTIST.

2141 days ago


Joe is a SCAM ARTISTcashing in for a buck. Go take care of your back taxes you a scam idiot. Freeloader, scam artist, liar. That Joe the Plummber.

2141 days ago


I like TMZ but come on. What's with all the hate towards Palin. OB won! Leave the woman alone.

I watch you guys on TV and I have to say there isn't a model among you. :)

2141 days ago


In the local papers and the local news, "Joe the plumber" stated he wanted to buy the plumbing business he works for in a couple of years. The local news checked up on this guy and found out he is not a licenced plumber....he stated he doesn't have to be. They also found out he owes the state of Ohio back taxes. Maybe Joe ought to wait tables while in New York and get some good tips to pay the taxes he owes in Ohio.

2141 days ago
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