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Gives Chick a Lickin'

11/11/2008 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson clearly has a taste for women.

During a recent night out with a few of his co-stars, Robbie P. decided to give co-star Anna Kendrick a tongue bath -- and for the record, she looks like she liked it.


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WELL , there goes your chances with Kristen....poster boy for a lil TOO much to drink :p

2140 days ago


OMG... he is the PERFECCT edward Cullen!! He is HOT HOT HOT and fun.. this is the exact image i had when i read all 4 books!! People who says he shouldn't be.. SHUT UP!!!

2140 days ago


Every vagina would love to make love to that tongue, not to mention the bungholes in West Hollywood. A most talented young star! Can he please the masses? Another drink at table 4 please!

2140 days ago

Michelle Reyes    

I agree with everyone saying that he is not Edward Cullen! I'm from the Philippines and he has attracted quiet a large fan base here. If in Amerca they get shocked with him having a little fun, pass him down our way! We like our partiers!

2139 days ago


Ok so like most people, I hadn't heard of Robert until like a month ago. But I've watched a lot of his interviews and especially one Variety Magazine just did with him and he seems to be very down to earth, talented and like every other 22 year old guy. I am a huge fan of the Twilight books and he's NOT Edward in real life, folks. This is his real life! I would love to party with him and so would a lot of other girls right now. Get a grip, TMZ!

2139 days ago


He was totally just playing. The way he is being portrayed is way off.
He's a great guy.

2139 days ago

A true fan    

It has come to my conclusion how this story of Robert Pattinson effects many Twilight fans. To me it looks like many people wanted or thought Robert would be just like Edward Cullen from the book series of "Twilight", but lets face it, Edward Cullen is a fictional character who almost every fan girl wants. Robert might play as Edward Cullen in the movie "Twilight" but he only "plays" as Edward. Robert has a different personality from the charcter of "Twilight", so judging Robert is pretty selfish of many people or fans. I'm proud of the fans that accepted Robert for who he is. Robert is 22 years old [not 17] and he should be able to live life to the fullest without be judged. So, if you could, stop being mean to Robert-and im not talking about TMZ.TMZ just reports the news of famous people-I'm talking about the people commenting Robert. He has his own personal life to deal with and he doesn't need another one as Edward Cullen. Thank you.

2138 days ago


Robert is sexy but is disgusting! i can't believe him!

2137 days ago

Mollie Trail    

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish I was that girl, like you don't even know! Just like I wish I could be his pepperoni hot pockets and his peach snapple.

2136 days ago


33. Every vagina would love to make love to that tongue...I love that! It is sooo true!

2133 days ago


i would let him lick me any day :) yummmmmmy

2132 days ago



2130 days ago


I think anyone who is upset by these pictures needs to remember ..He's an actor playing edward cullen!!! He is also 22, He's aloud to drink, and have a good time!!! Outside of work he doesn't go around pretending to be edward! Leave him alone.

2130 days ago


OMG are you serious.
He is 22 for god sakes. he is old enough to make his own decisions. Although, this will make alot of teen girls very very mad/jealous. But, i think he may be making a bad impresssion...i think. Its his decision, get over it! He was just having fun and I do to and i make bad mistakes, so have all you other people too

2129 days ago


Omg please everyone has a pic like this when you partin and drink or havein a good time theres always picks like this lol The movie was awesome and a hit so bollocks to all you haters and :)

2128 days ago
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