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Jen to Ang -- You Back-Door B***h

11/12/2008 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keep Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie out of the same room, if at all possible.

Aniston calls out the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her in a Vogue sitdown, saying it was "really uncool" Angie kept yapping about "how she couldn't wait to get to work every day" to see Bradley. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," says Jen.

Meanwhile, Jen says John Mayer has "matured" since they started hooking up.


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MOVE ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2108 days ago


There's plenty of blame to go around and none of the three are innocent. Angelina is probably the least to blame UNLESS she did physically sealed the deal with Brad during the filming. If she just fell for him, BFD. That happens all the time. The problem for all three is Angelina had the things that Jennifer wasn’t providing. Say what you will but she is sexy and sexy and sexy. She also wanted a family.
As for Brad, he gets a little blame but also mostly a pass UNLESS he nailed Angelina too soon. Brad had mentally checked out of his relationship long before Angelina came on the scene. He looked miserable in every picture I ever saw of him until he got away from Jennifer. I’m guessing that Angelina was just there as Brad was complaining about his robot of a first wife. Jennifer didn’t take care of business and a man is only going to go without for so long with finding a replacement. Unfortunately in this day and age, having children is the most important reason to get married. Brad wanted a family and Jennifer wanted a career. The mistake was not getting that figured out before getting married. They should have never married in the first place.
Jen has only herself to blame. She made a willing decision to put her career (such that it is) before her marriage. UNLESS this was agreed before the marriage, she screwed up. She also obviously doesn’t understand that being a good lover and sexy isn’t just parading around in way too small bikini bottoms. She looks like an ice princess. She really needs a sexual therapist. My guess is she could have a line 10 miles long of volunteers as she sure as hell has the equipment to get the job done and done very well. Brad to his credit wanted children but she wanted a career and didn't want to screw up her body.

2108 days ago


Are you guys out of your f*****in mind. Jen has done nothing by show class by not commenting on this before. Anige started it by making comments about how she fell in love with Brad when he was still married. Brad two timing Pitt and Angie husband stealing Jolie. You mean to tell me that a beautiful as she is supposed to be that she couldn't fall in love with someone that was not already taken. I am sick of both of them and sick of people calling them Hollywood's Hotest Couple. Angie is obviously trying to make up for some short comings in her life by adopting all those kids. I wish Jen nothing but happiness. Remember he who laughs last laughs best . . . and when that relationship ends we will all be laughing!.

2108 days ago

c'mon now    

Brad is a weak man who can't make decisions for himself!!

Angelina is a whore who has babies to keep a man around!

Together they are pathetic!

Jennifer is a class act!! She only mentioned those two losers because the interviewer asked her about it!!

2108 days ago


get over it !!!you hate angie but not brad your so messed up get over it already

2108 days ago

Not Angelina    

George - AhhhhhhHaaaaaaa, you kill me! BROOD SOW!?!?!?! Classic! Laughed myself right out of my seat!

2108 days ago


Jen is so polite..she uses the term "uncool"..I can think of some better words for that skank angelina.

2108 days ago


I guess Angie has not hurt Jennifer Aniston enough. Anison has never made 1 comment about the two of them. I cannot wait until Brad dumps Angie and the other woman says to the media - I could hardly wait to go to work and see Bradley.
Hey nutcase - once a cheater always a cheater.

2108 days ago


I like all three of these people, but I'm sorry, Jennifer didn't have children for Brad (even though I distinctly remember her doing an interview with the cast of friends during the last season where she said that as soon as Friends is over, she is going to start a family). Jennifer wanted to shed her "Rachel" character and do movies, which is not a bad thing, unless it is at the same time that your husband wants a family. And say what you will, but Angelina is beautiful inside and out and I believe that the fact that her father cheated on her mother only further proves that she would not be a mistress. My grandfather cheated on my grandmother, and I would never stay with a man that cheated or cheat on a man myself. Jennifer just seems like an ice queen who was ill matched with Brad. I think they were best friends that should've stayed best friends instead of getting married. And I am appalled that Jennifer is using Brad and Angelina as a topic now (conveniently when she has 2 movies coming out soon) when she could've discussed it years ago. Jennifer is a manipulator and she is only mentioning Angelina now because she's probably jealous that Angelina just gave birth to Brad's twins and because Jennifer wants to stir up some press for herself to promote her movies. I actually lost a little respect for Jennifer for dragging out this issue 3 years later. she should've had the nerve to address it back then instead of now when Brad is clearly over it. She just makes herself look petty and childish. And I love how Jennifer turns around and says that she hates people giving her pity.....NEWSFLASH...STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX AND THE WOMAN HE'S WITH NOW...THEN PEOPLE WILL STOP PITYING YOU.

2108 days ago


Whatever. How is it Angie's fault that Jen was incapable of keeping her man? Brad is HOT and wanted to be married with children. Jen is plain-looking and was more interested in her "career" than being a wife and mother. So Ang got him and they're happy; quit hating. I mean, look how many dudes Jen's been through since Brad. Obviously she just doesn't have what it takes to hold on to a man.

2108 days ago


Angie is phony anyway! Maybe she wants to keep having Brad's babies so that when he finally smartens up and leaves her that she can live "high on the hog" with the child support that he'd pay. I don't think she or Brad is as happy as they want people to believe. I'm sure Jennifer isn't perfect, but it's totally obvious that she has way more class than Angie ever will. Angie is sick and if she wasn't bothered by Jen, then she wouldn't feel the need to keep trying to stick the knife in her back by the comments she keeps making. Angie is weird, nasty, ignorant, pathetic, and disgusting. And so is Brad for throwing away what he had for this. He already had the steak at home, but chose to have gizzards instead!

2108 days ago

me again!!!!    

ok just to set the record straight... NOBODY can STEAL your husband, boyfriend or significant other. IF they are YOURS they arent looking at other people that way.... there HAD to be PROBLEMS before these two started to see each other... Jennifer needs to get a grip and realize she wasnt in the RELATIONSHIP she thought she was or BRAD wouldnt have been looking elsewhere for ATTENTION or whatever he was seeking. GET OVER IT you were not ment to be together... and YES ive been there in Jenns Shoes a few times and YOU have to realize YOU are better off being HAPPY without the PROBLEMS!!!!

2108 days ago


Isn't it time for Aniston to SHUT THE HELL UP about it and move on with her life? She says JM has matured - JA needs to catch up. The marriage didn't work out, he fell in love with someone else who had the same aspirations/goals in life and the lifestyle he wanted to lead - get over it. I'm sick of hearing JA whine! B-Movie actress, go away, I'm tired of your face and do not feel any sympathy for you, you're wallowing in the past.

2108 days ago

My two cents    

It has been a long time since the Jolie/Pitt hook up and a little ridiculous for her to keep talking about how she and Brad met, how they fell in love, yada, yada, yada. I would hate to think that Jolie would be taking swipes at Jen Aniston, but it appears to be that way. Jolie can control her interviews...she doesn't need to be drudging this crap up -- because she has to know that it is hurtful. Surely a sign that Jolie is probably still insecure. Not sure why tho. She has Brad, a career, beautiful children and money up her yang. No reason to play unfair.

2108 days ago


Your RIght! Angie is a total homewrecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime she worked on a movie set she ended up sleeping with the costar! I am still bitter towards her. I wont even watch any of her movies just because of the whole situation! Hang in there Jen. It is totally his lost. You have much better things now. Angie is one of those women who want leave alone in the same room with your man. she is crazy!! who does she think she is mother hubbard? TEAM ANISTON!!!!

2108 days ago
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