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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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When are you people going to understand that Jennifer brought all this on herself. If she had acted like a wife and lover to Brad and not just his BUD then they probably would still be together. Brad had fallen out of Love with Jennifer before he even met Angelina. Would you stay in a marriage if you knew in your heart it was over. Thousands of people get divorced every day and no one is making a big stink about it. Would you stay in a marriage if the woman you thought was going to be the mother of your children didn't want to give you any because it would mess up her perfect figure? And who also didn't want to mess up her career. She chose and lost! Now she needs to just shut up and go away. She had he chance and blew it. Now be honest with yourselves would you really stay in a marriage when the love was gone and there were no children involved?

2109 days ago


That creep is mad at the woman he put through hell and back? He was out sleeping with a whore because if Jen had cheated TMZ or someone else would have so found it out. FYI Brad maybe the reason your nasty baby mama will not marry you might be for the fact of what you did to your last wife! You suck as a husband! Just wait till all those kids grow up to find out about how Mommy and Daddy got together. Explain that one! Dear Angie is a homewrecker and it is only a matter of time before she starts whoring around on Brad or vise versa! Can't wait to read about that! What goes around comes around and I hope they both feel even more pain like Jen does/did!

2109 days ago


I'm SO sick of Jennifer Aniston it's unreal! Why do we even care what this girl has to say and WHY is she after all this time still caring and talking about Brad Pitt? He's moved on with his life, he has a family now, one that Jennifer wouldn't give him because of HER career. Well ya know what?

BRAVO to Brad & Angelina for having such a diverse and loving family. It's something they both wanted, they're happy, healthy and apparently wanting to share the love they have for each other with the world. What's wrong with that?

It's the media that won't let this all go. Geez when some pap sits down for an interview they all have to bring up the Brad-Jennifer-Angelina triangle and then probe into questions about how they met, when they met....blah blah blah.

GET OVER IT ALREADY YOU SKANKY SELF-RIGHTEOUS SELF-CENTERED EGOTISTICAL HAS BEEN JENNIFER ANISTON!!!! Geez louise, get a f*&^ing life already. Your 15 minutes are up toots. Get a real job and crawl into some hole and die. I'm tired of you.

2109 days ago


Jolie is a skank! she should have kept her mouth shut. Jennifer has every right to defend herself.....that DOES NOT mean she still loves him. the only reason people like angelina is because she looks like a slut. she cant act! she can play one role....skank with a gun! And until i actually see a baby come out of her......i'll be convinced Jolie is a man and just buys all her children. brad pitt....youre an even worse actor than your husband....

2109 days ago



2109 days ago


he does have a sensitivity chip missing.
keep smoking whatever you and Angie have been smokin' Brad.
it's Angie who has the big mouth here.
why don't you pull up your pants and tell her it's time to stop her yapping?
oh -- that's right, she's the one who wears the pants in your relationship.
boy you are dumb as dirt.

2109 days ago


I'm wondering why it is 3 yrs later and Jennifer feels the need to say s/thing now. I mean yeah she was asked a question and she anwsered it, but I'm sure this isn't the first time it's been asked so why say something now? It kinda makes her look a little unhappy with her life in way, like how people who are unhappy bring up anything miserable to talk about. I think that if she were truly happy than she would be like you know at the time I was hurt but now its ok and I've moved on. I also was reading an article from her Oprah segment and was saying nice things about Brad and all, well I hate to say this but Brad is more to blame than anyone. If he loved her enough than he would have been faithful, and that is noone elses fault but his. I'm an Angelina fan more than a Jennifer, (and thats been since WAY BEFORE all of this happened) I kinda have a tendancy to like the people who are all in your face with their faults instead of those people who e/one thinks is so great and then you meet them and get to know them and realize they are just as much f'-ed up as you or more. Either way if Jennifer felt the need to say something it should have been much sooner than now, 3 years to wait and comment on something as hurtful and life changing as this is just a little weired to me.

2109 days ago


No wonder he HIDES behind gay marriage rights to avoid marrying Angie he's made the vows before and knows he can't live up to real commitment.

2109 days ago


Angelina was the one who started this whole thing! She told over and over and over that she "would not date/have an affair with a married man because her Dad cheated on her Mother and she could never live with herself " and yet she did the exact same thing! She even basically BRAGGS about it ...then she talked about it in a magazine article --- she couldn't wait to get to work (filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith) just so she could see Brad. Then saying about showing her kids the movie so "they could see their parents falling in love." CRAP! Do you know what kids are when they are born out of wedlock? They have 3 of them!! Angelina should shut up and Brad should definitely shut up - they were the ones that cheated while he was married - Angie even got pregnant BEFORE they were legally divorced!! Jen doesn't need to justify how she feels, as 98% of the world feels the same way - Angie is a skank and Brad a looser jerk!!!

2109 days ago


If Brad and Angie were doing the nasty while he was still married to Jen, she has every right to "mouth off". I guess the truth hurts more than the victim of a extra marital affair.
Brad and Angie's images are already tarnished, the proof is that their movies are not making much $$$, the public doesn't like cheaters.

2109 days ago


Why is this still an ongoing issue. It's not like Brad was the first celebrity to "cheat" on his wife. It's been almost four years - LET IT GOOOOO!!! Jennifer clearly is not over this situation just from what she said in the interview. As far as "cheating" goes, if he was truly happy with Jen he never would have left her. I still remember standing in line at a grocery store and on the cover of a respectable magazine (not the enquirer or star) it should how Jen was out parting all the time and how she didn't want a family as she wanted to focus on her movie career - lol. This was before the whole Angie scene. So, why the hell would he want to stay with a women who wants to party - hello you do that in your teens and it should be out of your system when you settle down.

Jen needs to take a no comment attitude with anything about Brad and Angelina (of course this would happen only if she was over him).

2109 days ago


Oh come on anything Anistn says makes her come off as a jealous shrew and pretty much shows why Brad was looking somewhere else. Jennifer Aniston needs to realise, someone can't "take" what you have unless you never really had it to begin with so.....obviously Brad was looking for a way out long before he met Angie.

2109 days ago


Hey Grrr, are you saying that because parents that move around the country with their children and don't stay in the same place long are not good parents? I guess that means that all the parents of families in the Armed Forces are not good parents because they get transferred every year or two to different bases. Which in your words means that they don't have solid roots to call home or friends or solid foundations. Your an idiot. These kids will have a better education and know how to interact with all kinds of people. More so than any child that just stays in their protected cocoon and doesn't go anywhere. They will learn about the different cultures and customs of different countries which will help them find better jobs in the future.

2109 days ago


He upset becasue he cannot get married to his boyfriend and now has to stay with the skinny scare crow.

2109 days ago

Hollyweird sux    

Aniston addressed this issue finally because Jolie recently ran her mouth in another magazine about when she started her affair with PItt. The person who should have been keeping their mouth shut was Jolie but she is so insecure that she feels she needs to keep jumping up and down proclaiming Pitt as hers. Which just goes to prove that a relationship starts as an affair there will always be doubt about the other partners trustworthiness. Shame on Brad for what he did to Aniston and shame on Brad for not making his relationship with Jolie escape proof. Get married already so maybe she'll shut up!

2109 days ago
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