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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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Brad you are an Idiot! Your "homewrecking, baby maker" is the one that started all this drama. Maybe she should shut it!

2139 days ago


Am I the only one who doesn't feel sorry for Jennifer? Brad wanted kids, she didn't because of her movie career. I don't
condone what he did with Angelina, but Jennifer needs to get over it. She brought most of this on herself and doesn't
anyone know why John bailed out? Wasn't she pushing him to get married and have children, that's why he said he
didn't want to waste anyone's time, he wasn't going to do this, so he was wasting her time. Jennifer made her choices
and lost Brad. She has said herself she's a very needy person, maybe she needs to at 40.

2139 days ago


Jennifer is just letting it out. Healing. And this should do it. She was married and loved her husband. Perhaps she may regret saying these things now but I bet she feels a whole lot better for getting her feelings out. 99.99% of people were on her side anyway because it was obvious she got hurt.

2139 days ago


Does Angie remember the interview where she denied being with Brad when he was married? She said I would never be with a married man then went on to say how her father cheated on her mother. Now she has a different tune. These two (Brad and Angie) should shut up unless they want to speak the truth. Why keep talking about something that obviously hurt someone. They pranced around after in the media. Then lied! Have some class and respect Brad and Angie!

2139 days ago


Well said Deana. I like Jolie and Anistion but enough already. You have her ex and his kids now shut up about it. Old wounds are easily open especially when in the public and when harsh comments are made by the "new" girl.

2139 days ago


I`m not much of an Aniston fan but how is she supposed to move on if that skank Jolie keeps bringing up in public how she and Pitt hooked up? Jolie doesn`t show much class or intelligence talking like this in interviews. Jolie and Pitt deserve each other. They are both pathetic.

2139 days ago


Oh geez, no matter if you're over someone or not- hearing a woman talk about she fell inlove with your then-husband would be upsetting to anyone. And you're lying if you say you wouldn't be. Jennifer didn't say anything wrong OR mean about Angelina, just that it's not cool to talk about falling in love with her husband. Who can say that's the right thing to do? I like Angelina, but she definitly needs to stop making comments like this. It's just not necessary.

2139 days ago


If this is true then I'm delighted that it touched a nerve with them. They don't want to be reminded of their adultery. They should be reminded. Often. Look, AJ opened her mouth first and obviously she has the same sensitivity chip missing that Brad does. It shouldn't surprise either of them that there was some shock and a reaction from Jen. Both of them sound like they are very narcissistic and can't relate to anyone else having a problem with the consequences of their actions. It's out in the open now that there was deception while Jen and Brad were still married and living together. The honorable thing to do would have been for Brad to have left before getting involved with someone else if he was unhappy in the marriage. The way I see it is that Jen wasted that extra year with him while in the dark to his illicit affair and she'll never get that wasted year back. He did her wrong and Angie is just as bad if not worse. They deserve each other but they cannot hide from their wrongdoings. I consider them both to be trash. Throw them out with the garbage.

2139 days ago


It WAS uncool. The man was married!

2139 days ago


After reading more of these comments I just thought of something. If Brad does leave Angie for another woman she will have much more class than Jen. She is an independent woman who can stand on her own two feet (she adopted Maddox as a single woman w/ no man in her life). Jen is a whiny baby who can only get attention by talking about Brad &/or Angie. Ever notice that any time she speaks it is about Brangelina? WOW!!

2139 days ago


It's time for Aniston to put a smile in that horse face of hers and get a life. It sounds like she gets dumped by almost everyone she gets involvd with. Brad Pitt and Jolie found something in each other, their natural love for life and children! Good choice you made, Brad, Angelina is a free spirit and she has no competition from wining Aniston,that horse face is getting to be nerdy and I hope you told her to get a new shrink.

2139 days ago


Maddox will be FINE when he's 18 years old, Jen. Impressionable too! Imagine all that you can teach him! Nine years goes by REAL fast. He will probably hate his parents so much by then and he will be PRIMED for pissing them off. You should make nice with Brad and AJ just so that you can butter up Maddox.

2139 days ago

Di from Chey    

Poor pitiful, lonely, heartbroken and getting oh so old, Jennifer. She had her day in the sun with Pitt and she blew it. She knows it too, people. So now she is trying to get the whole wide world to pity her even though she doesn’t throw herself pity parties.

jennifer still loves brad, jennifer still loves brad, jennifer still loves brad and that's why she is still sooooo very mad!

jennifer, jennifer---you deary are the uncool one.

2139 days ago


Brad Pitt is a horrible actor. Angelina isn't too good, either. Why do we care about these 2 selfish people? I don't believe you can find true happiness by hurting others. These 2 will get theirs someday, believe that!

2139 days ago


Angelina Jolie is a complete hypocrite. She condemns her father for cheating on her mother and won't even speak to him or allow him to visit his grandchildren. Yet...she has done the same with a married man. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston when Jolie started having an affair with him and had the nerve to brag about it. Everything she does is for publicity, she does not provide a stable home for her children by constantly moving, pulling them out of school, not allowing them to make permanent friends and talking about their private lives. She will never find happiness within because she has destroyed many lives and has to live with that.

2139 days ago
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