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Jennifer Aniston:

I Am So Dating John Mayer

11/13/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Oprah today, and she actually talked. And smiled!

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 9.17.56 AM

The two not only discussed Jen dating John Mayer, but they also talked about her feelings toward Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile. Oprah definitely has the power to get people to talk about anything.


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That hideous bitter old hag is a joke! Jen needs to get lost.

2130 days ago


People don't you get it yet? manniston has to have Angie's name on cover to sell mag. Plus she hears all the talk about Angie 'oscar' movie. Wow, this is going to make me hate Angie. NOT! every time hag has a movie coming out, she knows her talentless self can not sell movie so out comes Angie to the rescue. When is this no talent hag going to let go? Courtney said Brad was honest with her about his enchantment with Angie. Then she lies, says she didn't know. How pathetic is that. She must think we don't read all her comments. That's right hag face, let the world know you read every thing Angie has to say. Get over your obsession with her. One thing her money can not buy her is CLASS. Does Angie have to go thru life never talking about her love for Brad and her children? People fall out of love all the time. She knows in her heart if she would have opened her womb to Brad he would never have left her because of the child. Hair extensions, tans and running on the beach, nose jobs, botox. face filler. Still ugly.Boring, boring, boring. No wonder she can't keep a man. For goodness sake if she ever got pregnant she might lose that body she worked so hard for. All the exercise in the world won't keep mother nature from the droop, it might prolong it, but it is coming. She seriously needs to go back to her head doctor. And get over Angie. At least Angie is not afraid of losing her looks staying up nursing twins and caring for her other four children. Maybe with hags money she can hire a nursing mother so her boobs don't sag. Poor pitiful jen. boo hoo. #160 lol she does look like she released a big burst of gas. ugly woman.

2129 days ago


I'm am so sick of Jennifer's whining STILL over Brad. Geez....give it up already. Even IF he came back, he'd have all those kids...come on. Asking John to marry her? She's so pathetic.....she needs to file down that chin while she's at it too. If it wasn't for the hair, you would never even look at her. Every day we have to hear about her, getting dumped again, missing Brad, getting dumped again, well, everyone knows her pattern. Please just go away with your marginal acting skills and hair, get married to somewhere out of the country and LIVE THERE with no press! Please....she honestly makes me gag. Not too many people make me want to comment, but I'm so sick over her drooling over Brad - he left, has kids, bye bye!!!!!!! Should've had kids - hahahahahahahahaha

2128 days ago


I'm surprised she forgave Meyer after the way he threw her under the bus after he (I repeat HE) dumped her. He made such a big deal of it you'd think she'd be pissed. Even if it was a ruse to throw the media off their trail he did it in the worst way possible. I recall many women sided with Jen then. Now we are sick to death of these cloak and dagger relationships. Either be completely open or completely closed. We're sick to death of these little peeks into their lives and then oops! No more! I don't wish anything bad to happen to either of them but I would wish they would STFU about their relationships. I'm sorry but even couples who are serious about their relationships and wind marrying the man or woman of their "dreams" end up divorcing after an average of Five years. Of course some do manage do drag on to the ten year mark, usually for the sake of the kids. Pathetic! I hate to say it but the bigger the age difference the lower the chances are. Not impossible but it is a proven fact! Of course like most couples they will probably throw caution to the wind instead of being realistic and facing the reality head on they will probably choose to childishly ignore it in the hopes that ignoring reality will make the problems mysteriously vanish. Never Happens. Like I said, Not a hater, Just a realist. But I guess people like me are even worse than haters to people "In Love".

2128 days ago


Jen must be saying to herself....WOULD HAVE...COULD HAVE....SHOULD HAVE...if only she gave in to Brad's desire to start a family (with children not a family of just husband & wife) and not put priority on her $20Million paycheck from the last season of Friends...or for that movie deal she was offered then...MAYBE life would have been different for her now...Sometimes fate will take charge and put things where they should be....Angie & Brad were paired to do the movie where things happened....IF Jen's marriage to Brad was that secured...any type of flirtations or attractions on Brad's part would never have happened/affected their marriage...maybe there was already something "wrong" in their marriage which the public was never privy to...It's been more than 4 years since their divorce ...she has had 3 relationships (with one currently on a repeat)...If things are fine with her now and has really moved on...why speak of her ex & his partner now? Want sympathy from the public? She wants to be the good one always...WELL....TOO BAD....Nothing she says now will make Brad go back to her...He has moved on with the family he has always wanted....Now ...she starts appearing in tabloids/talk show....visible to paparazzis...PUBLICITY....PUBLICITY...PUBLICITY....she has a movie coming next month....JUST MOVE ON ALREADY!!! If they ask anything about her ex and her ex' partner...just say "IT'S ALL SO LONG AGO...LET'S TALK ABOUT MY MOVIE.." THAT'S IT!!!

2127 days ago


Jen...WHO CARES!?!!!??? Please go away!!!!

2126 days ago

Lisa O    

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2105 days ago


Oh my God!!! Could Jennifer Aniston be more pathetic?? She really needs to take a good look at how she is misbehaving and check herself.
Brad traded doubt about it. The more Ms. Aniston whines and takes pot shots at Angelina Jole..the more desperate she appears. She is blaming the wrong person for the break-up of her marriage. Continuing to absolve Brad and demonize Angelina only serves to illustrate just how silly and 'uncool' she is. If her marraige to Brad Pitt had been on solid ground...she would still be married. was not. What I don't get is how the media has chosen to go with the the 'poor Jennifer mean Angelina' bullcrap. I guess some things never change. Apparently..being beautiful makes you a target..while being plain...makes you a martyr.

2093 days ago


please tell me more on the mom of 57 with a bod now of 27

1000 days ago
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