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Jennifer Aniston:

I Am So Dating John Mayer

11/13/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Oprah today, and she actually talked. And smiled!

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 9.17.56 AM

The two not only discussed Jen dating John Mayer, but they also talked about her feelings toward Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile. Oprah definitely has the power to get people to talk about anything.


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Nobody gives a s#it about Aniston or Oprah, so quit with the speeches.

2136 days ago


Opies thighs look like two tree trunks. Bet Obanna likes them slim.

2136 days ago


#15 you forgot to take your meds today!!!! What a a--hole.

2136 days ago

showers of Blessings    

What did Jen do to be cobnsider a good person ???????????

Did she save someone and make the world a better place to live other the using her spare times tanning her butt, boob and waxed coochie ???

Did she ever donate a very small portion of her 110 millions to charity other than the sig. T shirt which she give away in one aution ? Ooops, I forget, charity was not her things.

What have she done other than whinned and blaming everyone for letting her down, from not caring enough and sensitive enough to her needs, from her father, mother, ex-husband, ex fiancee, ex boyfriends,step brothers ,

Ooops ,I forgot again, she was too ashmed to even mention her 2 step bros.She will always be remember as the most whinny , manipulative, backstabbing,selfabsorbed, petty ex-sitcom , ex whinny wife of Brad Pitt.

2136 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I do not paint a positive picture of Jen, this is true. She is who and what she is.

She lacks the essential ability to accept her responsibility for the good and bad that has happened in her life.

She has been extraordinarily lucky, an average looking so so nongifted limited range actress at best, who primarily because of whom she dated and then married has had opprotunities denied to better actresses dropped in her lap. I don’t fault her for that, that is the way the game of life is often played and she has played it well, but to shift all the blame for her divorce on another woman and subsequently opening that woman’s life (and that woman and her ex’s children’s lives) up to scorn and worse, instead of acknowledging her 50% responsibility for what went wrong with her marriage, is repulsive to me, and makes her repugnant in my eyes.

2136 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Jennifer is going to look like a fool when John dumps her for a 22 year old swimsuit model and/or a pro athlete.

2136 days ago

mickey lou    

John will leave her too, they all do!

2136 days ago

Let Kate Date!    

#69 - You're absolutely right but y'know who's the MOST depressing? Not Jen or Oprah but pathetic drug-addled Owen Wilson -reduced to showing pictures of himself and his childhood dogs to shill his movie VIA SATELLITE as he STILL can't give interviews or face the public because he refuses to deal with his "issues". This man is an Academy-Award nominated writer; a man with TALENT who has been reduced to a shell and a sad joke. When I saw those pictures of him as a child, I nearly teared up. What a waste. Between whiny Jen and sad Owen, I think I'll skip this movie.

2136 days ago


Angi is in hideing until she loses all her body fat she must be streached marked all over her fat belly from the twins. Brad wants some of his own kids not all adopted.

2136 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

I'm too financially burnt to care.

2136 days ago


55. Oprah has more money than 99% percent of the people blogging on here. I don't think she are Aniston could give a flying f@ck what you guys think.

Posted at 8:44PM on Nov 13th 2008 by Ashely

i was just reading this for fun and saw this post and laughed cause its so wrong!!! you see...oprah has more money than ALL the people blogging on here combined!!!

and for what its worth... john should knock her up a.s.a.p. and then do it again.

2136 days ago

get over it already it its 100 years old    

if it is 100 years ago, then why are you still talking about her and exacly knows what angelina has said. you obviously read everything about them and YOU. move on already its been 100 years old! loser!

2136 days ago


i cant stop laughing 9:26

2136 days ago


I like Jennifer, and Brad left the hotter woman for a skank. Jennifer looked gorgeous and happy on the show. She said on the show that she is over the Brad-Angelina thing. She didn't bring Angelina's comments up, the interviewer in the magazine did, and Jenn answered her. I think she did better anyway. I would take John Mayer over Brad Pitt anyday. Both Brad and Angelina are looking pretty bad lately. Maybe they should have a few hundred more kids. I can't stand cheaters and I think they deserve each other. They seem happy and so does Jenn. I'm glad for Jen. I hope Brad does a movie with some other actress and do the same thing he did to Angelina he did to Jenn. I don't really care for Oprah. She is a racist bitch.

2136 days ago

the loser    

B*****.... my John Mayer

2136 days ago
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