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Pregnant Man Pregnant Again

11/13/2008 1:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie, the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who gave birth to a baby girl earlier this year, is once again with child.

The 34-year-old female father is in his first trimester, according to ABC News. In an interview airing Friday, Beatie tells Barbara Walters he did not go back on testosterone after giving birth to biological daughter Susan in June, in hopes of getting pregnant again. It worked.

Beatie is due June 12 -- just in time for Father's Day.


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i'd be proud too    

the media needs to stop feeding her ego and start acknowledging her like the woman she is

a woman with gender identity issues and doesnt want to look like a woman BUT SHE DOES want to do the one thing a 100 PERCENT BORN male will never ever b able to do

CREATE A human being

the pregnant "MAN" is just another bitch who needs to get over herself

2116 days ago


If this couple weren't doing this to get attention, then why isn't the "woman" in the relationship having the baby???????????? Obviously they want this perverted attention

2116 days ago


This FREAKaZOID should not be allowed to reproduce, PERIOD.

2116 days ago


I firmly believe that as soon as you decided to stop being a woman you give up your right to bear children. If God wanted men to bear children he would have given the equipment to do so. This makes me sick. My cousin is a transgender and "he" agrees. Now that he was a "man" it means he gave up his woman rights. Along with a period, shaving, and such. You can't have your cake and eat it to, Bearing Children is a right given to women by God. I f you want kids and your wife can't bear them than adopt. There are thousands of children in the world that need homes and love.

2116 days ago



2116 days ago


It's a shame when morals--and common sense--has stooped so low, that people are being questioned for being SANE these days. Let's be honest here, there is something very, very, odd about this story. I'll buy feeling 'trapped' in the wrong body. I'll buy subsequently being legally identified as 'male.' I'll buy finding true love and marrying a woman. I can't buy taking off all of this 'male' packaging, when convenient, and giving birth because you feel like it.

There is something wrong with this picture. If the argument is that you feel male, have legal arrangements to be male and want to be called a "father," why not embrace your new identity--because you sure as hell want us to. This is beyond confusing to the normal person, I can only imagine what affect it will have on the children--and surrounding community. She doesn't even know what she wants to be, but everyone else is supposed to call her "mister," or be deemed inconsiderate.

I don't think some people need sex changes; they could just use therapy. Because a little testosterone and a hair cut does not a male make.

2116 days ago


I don't know exactly why this bothers me so much....but its just sad and sick. This is a story about a confused lesbian. So your a lesbain...okay. Transgendered....okay. But trying to be somewhere in the middle is proof that this woman has some serious psychological issues that will be dealt w/ by their children. This isn't about two gay parents raising a child. This is about an extremely disturbed and confused couple. They are lesbians. There is no penis involved when they have sex. They have lesbian sex!!!!!! No amount of facial hair will ever change that. A man didn't have a baby. A confused hairy woman had a baby. And it really isn't about being judgemental as a much is it is about where do we draw the line. Next thing people will be marrying brothers, sisters, cousins, hell even their pets....because no one has the right to judge us right?????? Or maybe I'll just decide to live my life as a dog b/c I relate to them better? What is America coming too??????

2116 days ago

Tired of TMZ raggin' on Britney    

If you have a uterus and a vagina. you are not a freaking MAN!!!!!!!!!

2116 days ago


I wish the media would stop referring to this person as a man when then person is an obvisouly fully functional WOMAN! So she is a lesbian that wants to be a man the fact is she isn't. You can not call someone a transexual when the appear to be a man but are technically still a man. That would be a cross dress!!

2116 days ago


Hey Deal - I am a Christian and yes, I would adopt kids with Fetal Alcohol or whatever. I haven't b/c I have one kid and can't afford anymore. However, this person is NOT A MAN. I don't care if they want a baby or not, just quit calling yourself a man. You have no male organs and you cannot even produce male hormones on your own. Maybe I should have a tail put on my backside and floppy ears on my head and call myself a dog. Still don't make me a dog.

2116 days ago


Ugh... just because the bearded lesbian lady gets knocked up.. twice (Who's hitting that?! Artifical insemination- yeah right...) does NOT make her a "pregnant man". The only "manly" thing about you is facial hair- YEESH!

2116 days ago


I hope Beatie's kids are removed from her care. What a moron, it is absolutely neglectful to put your children through so much emotional trauma of not knowing what gender their birth parent IS. The kids will be put through so much humiliation for the rest of their lives, I feel terrible for them, and the fact that Beatie is so desperate to publicize her "gender confusion" to the media is SICK. This only proves her to care about herself and the money ONLY. If you cared so much for your kids you wouldn't do this to them!!. SICKO.

I send my sympathies to those children for having CRUEL parents.

2115 days ago


The two LESBIANS obviously are trying to milk the gravy train of endorsements and TV..Radio..and book deals again.

S'all about Da Money!

2115 days ago


I wish the media would stop calling this person a pregnant man. Men cannot get pregnant. She is a woman who has had her body surgically altered to look like a man. No matter, she was born a woman & will die a woman. You cannot change the gender you were born with. You can only mutilate your body. This woman need pyschological help and her children are going to need help to deal with the insane situation they were born into. This woman and her partner need to stop the madness.

2115 days ago


Seriously, there is no miracle. It's a woman having a baby. Happens everyday! Who cares!

2114 days ago
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