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Barack Obama: I'll Make You Famous

11/14/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaApparently even if you touch Barack Obama you can become a star in your own right.

Zariff, Barack Obama's barber for the last 14 years, has had his barber shop become a tourist attraction since Obama has become President-elect.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports people come from everywhere come to take pictures of the chair Barack Obama gets his hair cut in -- and his haircut has inspired people to ask for the "Obama Cut" throughout the day.

Next up: Barack's shoe shiner.


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I am so sick of hearing about this man everytime he takes a crap.

2132 days ago


He does a fantastic job on his hair, my son is 16 and he won't even let another barber touch his hair. He has been going to the same barber since he was 3 years old and jumped out of the chair with half of his hair cut off. I had to bribe him to get back in the chair.

2132 days ago


Haters..nothing but threaten jerks when all this man wants to do is have peace in the world..and remember he is white like the a h that are writing nasty things about him.............end the racial bs already..GROW UP!! OBAMA RULES...

2132 days ago


I didn't "Drink the Kool Aid." obama is an agent of SATAN!

obama's New National Anthem for America is.... The theme from the Jeffersons. Ha, Ha!

2132 days ago

Dr. H    

Give me a break with this guy already. Will his dental records be on You Tube soon? At least that would be a record that's been revealed publicly....

2132 days ago


Wow, #2, or "HOLLYWOOD is DEAD !"...

So much hatred, and yet I wonder why.

He's not a Muslim, and if he were, would it matter?

The only thing that "f@acks" America are extremists. Of any religion, group, or organization.

Do you remember Marguerite Perrin? If not, look her up. There's an example of a Christian extremist.

Also, calm down.

2132 days ago


I am so with you #1 & #2.....................
Totalllllllllllllllllly fricken sick and tired of the dude.
And yes America you did F--- up this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will see...................

2132 days ago


Hello!!!! Who said anything about RACE, just because we don't like the dude it does not make us racists.
AND...Who said anything about not liking him because he's a Muslim or NOT....NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2132 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The breed of dog he chooses will have the puppy mills grinding away for years

2132 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ Obama supporters. Let's just ignore the divisive comments made by those who have a problem with Obama. I mean honestly, read some of the comments on the net. Most of the comments are just wild rantings. Hopefully, the non-supporters will get over the loss soon and then we can ALL focus on what is really important - healing America for ALL AMERICANS.

@ Obama detractors. Obama wants to be your President too. You may not agree with him or like him, but I hope that you will give him a chance. America is in trouble and it is going to take a lot to bring her back to glory, but we can do it. It takes ALL of us. You can disagree without being disagreeble.

Peace and blessings.

2132 days ago

Your name:    

They haven't assassinated this guy yet. Somebody is seriously slacking.

2132 days ago


I actually voted for Obama, but even I am a bit annoyed with every single thing he does making headlines: Obama Drops his Girls Off at School...Obama Attends a Parent Conference...Obama Promises His Girls a Dog...Obama Rides a Bike...Obama Takes his Wife out to Dinner...and now Obama Has a Barber....I am sooooo waiting for the pic of him leaving a porta-potty under the heading Obama Takes a Dump or Obama's Post-Election Piss.

He's treated more like a rock star than a politician.

We've gotta start taking him more seriously.

2132 days ago


Hey "Dee" why don't you tell all the blacks that he is half white, how they soon forget or rather they don't want to face the fact that he is.

2132 days ago


Oh GAGAL, every other man with a black father, has Obama's color/hair, and has children who look like his is considered BLACK no matter what race his mother is. It's the law, remember? Now that he's President, should he suddenly and inexplicably be less black?

2132 days ago

Loud and talentless    

I couldn't agree with you more! This FRAUD is going to be the worst thing that ever happened to MY country!
His minions that swallow the FRAUDbama Kool-Aid will rue the day that they voted for this EMPTY SUIT, He's a piece of crap wrapped in a silk suit. And we will soon have a First Amazon that is uglier than a bowling shoe, too. Good work, dumb$hit*!

2132 days ago
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