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Britney to Fans: Dress for Success

11/14/2008 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears fans may want to hit up the gym (and the beauty salon) if they want to go to a special MTV screening featuring the popwreck.
Britney Spears
The sign-up sheet for tickets requires users to have to answer ridiculous questions about their height, weight, body type and even eye color. Fans are then told to wear funky and trendy attire for the event.

In other words -- don't show up looking like Britney when she was a certified mess.


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It's not Britney, you idiots. It's

They ask those questions for almost EVERY show on their site. Great researchers you must have...

2166 days ago


LMFAO @ All the comments.
I know you guys would give anything to be her. ;]

2166 days ago


Are you kidding?
A) It's not Britney who makes a decision like "what will the request for say?". It's not like it's a fun little party she's putting together herself. It's an MTV event. MTV makes the call.

B) It's not "ridiculous questions about blah blah blah"...they simply ask what your height, weight, eye color and race is. Asking your height is not a ridiculous question.

C) It's not some "s00per sekrit event" that only the TRUE fans can go's a casting call for an event. An event that will obviously be filmed. I'm sorry for those that aren't exactly Grade A material visually, and I'm sure you all have great style and lovely personalities, but they're casting for cameras. They need attractive faces. Attractive bodies. Good looks. They're not gonna pick you because you were voted "best smile" or because you got an A in your honors English class. This is how casting calls work. The ethnicity question is because they need a good mix of all ethnicities, so they don't end up with a bunch of white girls and one black guy in the corner.

2166 days ago


UMM I'm GOING to this event and ANY 1iota event even HANSON asks you for this information retards.

2166 days ago

Big Bear    

Ashley is going to thr big event, huh?? A good example of a fan who would pay to watch Britney take a poop.

2166 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Don't waste your money on Britney. I would pay you to watch me take a poop. You can make a profit.

2165 days ago

Ginger Jean Lee    

When do I get to see you? Your Godmother' know who:)...Ginger Jean Lee

2164 days ago


You guys twist everything around!

I was there today and this had NOTHING TO DO WITH BRITNEY. 1iota just sucks. You have to fill out that height/weight/etc. stuff for every 1iota event. And people got to go today who weren't particularly skinny or whatever. It's just that they're calling it a "first come first serve" thing, but certain people from the back joined the people who got to go, which was unfair. But again, you guys are twisting this around.

2161 days ago


1iota is the worst. It doesn't matter if your first in line they treat you horrible if your not tall, blonde and trashy. They totally suck.

2161 days ago


Everyone in that pic is probably MORE talented than Brittney, as most people are. The woman is and will always be a joke.

2160 days ago


If you read what the web page says, it's a "casting", which means they are looking for people that look a certain way. Maybe they were asking about race because they want to make sure all races are represented at the event. People should not create racism where it doesn't already exist. We have a president-elect now who racially represents blacks and whites. He's from both sides. It is time to put this away and stop picking at an ugly scab that will never go away unless this type of absurdity stops. MOVE ON!

2158 days ago
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