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Kanye Smack -- JT's a Wack Slacker

11/14/2008 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thank God for Kanye West.

KW says in a new interview he is the champ of all musicians, and says Justin Timberlake could've done the same, but "when Justin went on vacation I made albums." He also tells AP, "I realize ... I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade."

For once, maybe he's not BS-ing. He's made two albums since JT did FutureSexwhatevs in 2006 ... and is about to release his third.


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honestly, this guy's ego is so huge! personally, i think he's an arrogant, semi-talented jerk who'll only be remembered for his stupid displays of outspoken selfishness.

2134 days ago


What an arrogant little prick. He'll be remembered more as a racist jerk then for his music.

2134 days ago


The voice of this generation??? Are you kidding me???? I think a more appropriate title you can call yourself is "The Ultimate Douche Bag of This Generation". Who in musical history makes their own claims as to who they are to their generation??? Please, name me one person who has come out and made their own claim? Fans make the call call bud and only time will tell if you even come close to this title. Tell me, what good have you done for this world Kanye? Take a look at someone like Jack Johnson who is actually humble and more concerned about this world rather than where he might think he stand in music history. Kayne, you need to be bitch slapped and maybe, just maybe that might bring you back to this planet! I want to be first in line to do so!

2134 days ago


He will go down in history as being the whiniest little wanna be hard biotch ever.

Nothing more.

Kanye sucks. It had to be said.

2134 days ago


It's about QUALITY not quantity.

Having said that---Kanye's music is far better than stupidass Justin Timberlake's.
However, Kanye is certainly NOT the voice of this generation.

2134 days ago

hot snot    

what a smug p r i c k.

THE voice of this generation? Please! He needs to get over himself and QUICK...

2134 days ago

northern gypsy    

K.W. is relevant for this only if he could keep his effin ego & temper in check !!! lost respect for J.T. after he let J.J. take all the heat for "nipple-gate"...

2134 days ago

Sooner Girl    

This jerk makes me absolutely sick to my stomach with his pathetic, attention seeking whiny bitch ass. He is so far from the voice of our generation, yeah i guess if our generation is a racist, arrogant, complaining, self centered douchebag. He REALLY needs to get a grip on reality and what exactly the public perception of him is, i honestly think this man is delusional and needs some medication.

2134 days ago

I LOVE JT!    

I am sorry but Justin Timberlake is far better than Kanye West. Kanye is arrogant and has no room to say he is the voice of the generation or decade. Justin toured for his album for over a year! His album came out at the end of 2006 and he toured until the beginning of 2008! Plus he has been making movies, writing songs for other artists like Madonna and Rihanna! He is working on his new album and has been. He is making quality music and makes sure it is good. How many songs were hits that came from his last album which is FutureSexLoveSounds? 4! Plus he had an HBO special. That is what he has been doing. He has been nonstop since 1996 when he was in Nsync! I think he deserves some vacation time just like the rest of us! I'm sorry but what does Kanye do but rap? He doesn't sing, dance, or act. So in my books, Justin is the best!

2134 days ago


i hate this guy... some of his songs were okay, but his arrongance alone makes you not wanna even hear his name... you'd think after losing his mum he'd humble himself a bit... seriously, think about your life, star....

2134 days ago


He may have more albums, but he'll never have as much class as JT. When KW starts doing the charity work and having the humility that JT does, then maybe, he can talk smack. Until then, STFU!! Noone's listening.

2134 days ago


Shouldn't be QUALITY vs QUANTITY??? Kanye aka. MR. Ego should take a lesson from JT - disapear for a while - SO WE CAN MISS YOU! Please I honestly can't even remember what the name - or a track from Kanye's current released album(didnt do so well huh?? Kanye is certainly NO voice of a generation~ sadly son you cant give yourself that title .... it is GIVEN to you. Awwww .Kanye must have real jealous issues with those who are MORE sucessful than himself..hmmm. It is like when someone stands infront of you waving there hands, trying to distract you from noticing the person behind them. Well Kanye I see through you...ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way to JT! HA Good luck son....cough, cough....whats that? your "voice" is sounding scratchy...?

2134 days ago


I wish he knew how much he sucked
I dont know where his fans come from..cuz anyone i know..hate him
he cries about EVERYTHING....really hard buddy

2134 days ago


Ok, I'm personally a fan of both Kanye West and Justin Timberlake so i have to say that you cannot compare the two. Kanye West is hip hop while JT is R&B/'s like comparing Slash to Tim McGraw. Now, with that said, all I have to say is that I'm not surprised. Kanye West has always done things like this and everytime he does it, it's to draw attention to his latest album. Personally, I can't stand his new album and I will not buy it (I can't stand the autotune craze that's going around). In my opinion, this is his worst album.

Now as far as his comment for the voice of this generation. Let's take a look at the list of rappers that are popular today, Kanye West, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Souljah the list, Kanye West is the best. Lil Wanye is a mediocre rapper at best (seriously if you really like hip-hop, you know this) and the other two aren't relavent. KW is probably comparing himself to this list. But I sure do hope that he doesn't become the voice of the generation, because there are more talented rappers out there, i.e. asher roth and lupe fiasco

2134 days ago


Kanye and his music sucks big ones!!!!!!

2134 days ago
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