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Vick's Dogs: You Want Fleas with That Wine?

11/14/2008 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 22 dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting farm of death have moved on from their days of paw-to-paw combat to grace the labels of their own brand of wine: The Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection.
Michael Vick's Dogs: Click to view!
A brief story about each pup's life will be on the back of their individual labels and 10% of the vino's proceeds will go to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -- where they all hang their collars -- in southern Utah.

Meanwhile, somewhere in prison, Michael Vick is stuck with his cellmate's famous brand of toilet wine.


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Ghost of Nicole and Ron    

10% WOW! Can you spare it? They deserve more than that.
Hope the P.O.S. Rots in prison. Maybe him and OJ can become GOOD FRIENDS!!!!

2169 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Good news!

Hey Mike,,,,,,,,,,,,,as one poster said,,,,,,,,maybe you can share a cell with O.J............there is however one fellow I'd like you to share a cell with and that's Barney Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2169 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

I adore dogs. But...these dogs immortalized on wine while they hang their collars at a sanctuary? What about those pit bulls that are caught every day -- and euthanized? Where is their sanctuary?

2169 days ago


I agree, 10% isn't enough for these poor abused animals. When I look at those precious faces I can't help but wonder, who could hurt these beautiful creatures. I hope hell has a special place for animal abusers!

2169 days ago


I agree that 10% is not enough. Unfortunately, the sanctuary is probably in a position to just be happy to get what they can. God love the people who dedicate their lives to saving abused animals. I am a big animal lover and could never in a million years consider, dream or fatham doing to animals what some people do to them for their own sick, perverted form of entertainment. For the dogs that cannot be rehabilitated they should turn them lose in a closed cell with their abuser.

2169 days ago


there is no excuse for animal abuse.

2169 days ago

nira k    

To the wine maker using the dog's pix- You can cough up a little larger percent of sale for donation and still make profit. You'll get your tax write-off. Animal lovers appreciate your help but, come on. With that meagre donation it looks like you are more interested in USING the dogs to help your sales rather than using your sales to help the dogs. God bless Best Friends and all of their work.

2169 days ago


Burn in hell, Vick!! I hope YOU'RE forced to fight to the death in prison for other people's amusement - and I hope you lose!

2169 days ago


Completely inappropriate and low class. Dogs on a wine bottle. Ridiculous.

2169 days ago


its a shame how they condemn this man for dog fighting, but when them bastards tears apart a 2 year old no one says a word about them. they should be extinct immediately

2169 days ago


Hey Dallas - unclench.

2169 days ago

hate haters    

Hey everyone, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary would love to house all dogs caught. Anyone who is complaining should go and see their site. Yes ten percent isnt a lot but it is something. Think production cost ect. At least it is something. And for all the pit bull fans, the Vicktory dogs represent all fighting dogs and their plight. So I think they should be treated as ambassadors. And not all Vicktory dogs are at the shelter, some have been placed! Yea!!

2169 days ago

ya right    

hey mimi-------as a pit bull owner myself, let me tell you all pit bulls are not the same!!!! why don't you start your own website and put up the story of a pit bull "tearing up a 2 year old" and i am sure you will get a lot of responses as well. there are plenty of lawmakers out there supporting your HATE against pit bulls (which i think is a shame)----so don't act like nobody is on your IGNORANT side. if you hate pit bulls so much stop writing TMZ comments on start writing Mr. Vick some love letters--- you guys definately have ONE thing in common.

2169 days ago

ya right    

oh and Mimi----- i ran into a story in Connecticut about a guy drilling holes into an 8 wk old pit bull puppy's head and then let him bleed to death!!!! did you read about that?? probably not because it wasn't front page news either....there are plenty of animal abuse cases (especially pit bulls) that don't make the news at all..... so can you at least give these dogs some credit that they deserve!!! shame on you mimi----i hope you grow a heart one day because life is so much brighter when can LOVE instead of HATE!

2169 days ago


10. its a shame how they condemn this man for dog fighting, but when them bastards tears apart a 2 year old no one says a word about them. they should be extinct immediately

Posted at 9:51AM on Nov 14th 2008 by mimi


Oh, just shut up, you ignorant a**.

2169 days ago
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