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Lovebugs: Jonas vs. Swift

11/15/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift have waged the epic battle of love lost.

Taylor has made sure that anyone with ears is hearing how she was dumped by a "27 second" phone call.

Then the attractive Jonas Brother went to Myspace to give his side of the story. Saying, "For those who have expressed concern over the "27 second" phone call. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did."

That specific Jonas blog has since been removed.

But since this break up is straight out of high school -- things are probably being blown out of proportion.

So we ask ...


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I love joe jonas!

2133 days ago


i'm too old, but i'd like to date taylor swift. i saw a picture of her going to the david leterman show in some crazy dress that looked great.

that girl will be a hot 30 and 40 year old.

2133 days ago


Joe Jonas is a tool. He's a typical teen male. Nothing else. She wouldn't put out so he dumped her. I don't believe that he and his brothers are virgins for a red hot minute, except for maybe Nick, for now. All it is is a PR stunt. The guy is a loser and if he took down the My Space blog, he took it down for a reason. He doesn't want bad PR to ruin his image. Taylor Swift is better off without this loser. And he knows it. Oh, and as for who hung up on who? The idiot (Joe Jonas) all but admitted his toolness because no girl in love hangs up on a boy unless he's being an ass - and he knows that too. LOSER.

2133 days ago


Swift is behaving like a spoiled brat.

Get over it girl .... let it go!!! People break up every day but most don't air their bitterness publicly every time they open their mouth. It only makes you look like you have 'no class'.

2133 days ago


While I think Joe Jonas is a tool, and Taylor Swift music is actually credible, I think she is being a brat and I have lost all respect for her Every hit song she has ever written has been about a "terrible" relationship, except for a few. At 18 almost 19, that means she has had around 30 of them. GET OVER IT! I'm sick of hearing her whine and complain all the time. Your a superstar, there are millions of non celebrities who would dated her and never dumb her, no matter what. If she wasn't all about creating drama, maybe she would try dating one of them. And for once, I think Joe Jonas was actually way too good of a guy to date her. It wouldn't surprise me if she was super controlling. It would actually make sense that she hung up the phone. I personally don't know why Taylor said anything in the first place. When your key demographic is girls 8-20, the last thing you should be doing is pissing them off by saying there teen crush is a cheating idiot. I think Joe actually comes out of this looking good, if the phone conversation was infact 27 seconds long, while that is enough time to break up with someone, it is most definitly not enough time to say goodbye and console them. Sounds to me like Taylor hung up the phone on him. If the Jonas brothers write a song about how much of a tool Taylor is, I may just buy the single.

2133 days ago


i love taylor, she deserves better than a stupid jonas brother..

ill show taylor how a woman is suppose to be treated, and she wouldnt even remeber his name

2133 days ago


Is there any teen celeb one of the Jonas Brothers *isn't* dating?????? It would seem the problem lies with them - they may have made a vow to wait till marriage for sex but that sure hasn't stopped them from becoming some of Hollywood's youngest players!! Hef must be so proud.

2133 days ago


I agree, this shiz is VERY high school drama.

2133 days ago


So would I Ryan. But the her being a hot celebrity thing would wear off pretty quickly. I think maybe because she stopped going to school when she was 16, that she is still in drama mode. I like any guy would give it a shot. I just thing she would probably end up being mega controlling, thats all. I think Joe posted his blog because he was angry, but when his temper came back down he realised that it wasn't going to do any good. Taylor is playing it up to much. I still think Joe is a tool, but I definitly think Taylor is looking like the immature one in this relationship. It wouldn't surpirse me if he stopped dating her cause she wanted him to put out.

2133 days ago


Taylor needs to go cry on David Archuleta's shoulder. He'd know how to treat her right; he's much better looking than any of the three brothers AND he's kicking their asses on the charts and many of the polls.

2133 days ago


taylor swift is a bitchin crybaby! She has to get over this because none of this would have happened if she didn't open her giant mouth! Unlike herself, Joe has a life and deserves better than a DUMB ASS!! JOE YOU ROCK! AND WHY WOULD YOU DATE SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN?!

2133 days ago


I love Joe jonas but this isn't about who right or wrong I just think that taylor should keep her mouth shut and quit trying to put down someone else. This won't be last heart break she has she nedds to learn to just move on.

2133 days ago


i am a black female, 28 years old and i am in luv with joe jonas. joe is so cute and i'm glad he dumped taylor. joe was not rude when he dumped her. phone call dump is great.

2133 days ago


Joe Jonas is gay. He has had a steady boyfriend for awhile from their hometown. He is older than Joe and sometimes travels with them on tour.
He was using her for publicity and she is a nice girl and fell in love with him. Everyone knows except for her.

2133 days ago

sick of it    

Come on guys! You cannot honestly tell me you wouldn't do the same thing if you were in her position! The guy broke up with her in a phone call....what girl likes that?!? (And even can go both ways here...I have heard of guys complaining about being dumped in a text/email/phone call) When us 'normal' people get dumped, especially when it's a cowardly way, we run and tell our friends, family, anyone who listens....we are pissed as hell and yell it all over town that he was an a*hole. Yes, she's whining over radio/tv/etc...but that's what happens when you're a celeb. And seems like high school drama...but they are young. What about the older celebs who whine and cry when they got dumped or divorced? (Brad/Jen/Angelina - Tom/Nicole/Katie - and so many more....)

2133 days ago
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