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Sam Ronson -- Furious About Flour

11/15/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson is coming to her woman's defense and telling PETA to back off.

"I'm pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night" railed Samantha Ronson on her blog today. She added that the woman who doused Lindsay not only "acted liked an animal herself" but that it was actually an "insult to animals to group her in with them."

Sam also calls PETA's previous apologies too little too late, and insists they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant.

Sam doesn't mince words when it comes to her lil' LiLo!


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Oh my god, all you "screw PETA" people are IDIOTS.

PETA makes headlines by doing outrageous things. This is not news.

Love PETA or hate them, no animals need to be electrocuted, skinned alive, and stitched together so some Hollywood tw*t can walk through a godd*mn door.

People screaming about the "First Amendment" should do something useful with your bloody First Amendment freedoms. My husband is on the front lines defending your effing "right" to wear fur.

2134 days ago


as if harrassment isnt outrageous enough.

And yes, it's great that your 'husband' is in the army, but sorry-- you cant quite use that excuse for everything.

In other words-- try harrassing another person then using that excuse in court :]

2134 days ago


While I can care less what PETA or any other absurd animal group thinks, says, or does, - but anything that opens LL's eyes to caracature which the general public views her is hilarious. She's not just a wannabe, she's last years wannabe.

2134 days ago


No sympathy for anyone so heartless as to wear fur. Every time I think Lindsey is cleaning up her act, I'm reminded what white trash she is. Or should I call her "uncolored"?

2134 days ago


I would like PETA to start attacking the lions and tigers that eat so many inocent gazzeles every year. Give me a break. Animals were made to be eaten. Using the fur is a good thing. It's not wasting any of the animal. When you kill a bear, instead of just eating the meat and taking it to the taxidermist, you can chop of the fur and make a very warm coat or hat. They also make nice carpets. I am starting PETVF. People for the ethical treatment of veggies and fruits. All these vegans at PETA who chop up and blend millions of apples and tomatoes every year must be stopped. If they continue, someday there will be no more fruit for anyone

2134 days ago



First of all, I AM an african American, mixed w/ black & Polish, and although i am NOT offended by the term colored at all
for you to sit there and actually make a mockery of the term by saying "uncolored" offends me.

You wait until somebody slams your race; we'll see who's laughing then

2134 days ago

blues fan    

People who choose to wear animal pelts are choosing to support some really ghastly torture and killing of innocent animals.....same for those who choose to eat animals that are raised and butchered under very barbarac conditions in factory farms and slaughterhouses. That's just a fact: you get to make up your own mind as to whether or not you want to be a participant in that. More and more people are avoiding fur/leather and eating vegetarian because they don't like the idea of having the needless suffering/death of innocent creatures on their karma, but it's a personal decision -- for me, as a Buddhist, it's a religious/spiritual matter as well. I don't always condone their methods but I do applaud PETA for bringing these facts to the forefront -- I remember when PETA first began and they have made some amazing strides in bringing awareness to the masses, not just regarding the wearing of fur but with regard to farming practices, puppy mills, etc.

2134 days ago

Animals are tasty. Especially baby animals.

2134 days ago


Hey don't talk about fire-crotches - I have the most MASSIVE fire-crotch. Too bad I won't let Lindsay or Sam know the taste of it ooh whoo

2134 days ago


How is this relevant news??? We , as a nation, are at the beginning of the some of the biggest changes many of us have ever seen. The auto industry is going down the tubes, people are losing their homes and jobs. Why should we even be interested in what happens to a rich, spoiled, misguided, immature child? I would expect to see this article on a tabloid rag at the grocery checkout counter, not national news.

2134 days ago

Fur is for losers    

Wearing fur is about status and narcissism, not necessity. It displays a lack of education, compassion and a great deal of self-absorption.

Death is a part of life, animals will eat other animals and people will eat animals too. However, I don't agree with other posts stating that animals were put on this earth to serve people only and any suffering they go through is irrelevant. That's a twisted, disrespectful and abusive viewpoint to take towards other life. It's also ignorant. Everyday science is discovering how little the difference there is between animals and humans. Animals feel, think and remember. We may take their lives for our benefit, but it wouldn't hurt to show them some decency during their lives and keep it to a minimum.

Also, to the people who posted that the animals killed for fur coats are not endangered, that's not always true. Many animals used for clothing are not but there is substantial illegal trade in endangered animal hides and parts for all kinds of uses, including fur coats. Whole ecosystems have and are being destroyed for rich idiots like Lindsay. Why do we let them sacrifice entire species for their selfish desires?

Lastly, fur looks better on the animal it belongs to than it does on you.

2134 days ago


If I don’t like what PETA is doing can I hurl a dead animal on there protesters? I mean If god did not want us to eat animals he would not of made them out of meat. He could of made them out of dirt or rocks or wood stuff like that. Fur keeps you warm cavemen and woman figured that out I guess people who listen to PETA propaganda like to be cold and hungry. In protest to PETA I am going to kill and wear a cat for a hat.

2134 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

How do they know the fur was real? About half of my winter jackets have "fur" on the hood and I can tell you without a doubt, it's just synthetic. I know this because I once melted the "fur" when I dropped my cigarette on my coat. If it had been real animal hair, it would not have melted.

2134 days ago



2134 days ago


i would live to spray them both with white stuff ..... just sayin'

2134 days ago
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