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Victoria's Secret Models Gather, Reason Unknown

11/15/2008 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And completely unimportant.
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Why is it Ok to make fun of overweight women, but being emaciated is OK? A couple of those girls look seriously ill.

2134 days ago


The fat chicks are swimming in a pack out i the ocean

2134 days ago


Go for it not, none of these girls look ill to me (cert. strength coach, elite athlete trainer). Actually the girl in the main photograph, while still very stunning, looks like she could hit the weights harder. The reason people make fun of fat people, and not skinny, is because girls who are too skinny have diseases. Girls who are too fat are lazy, or uneducated. Personally, I think we have made being fat o.k. for women as a society, with celebrities saying "I'm proud to be plus size". Don't be pround of your excess weight. Lose it.

2134 days ago


I am surprised no one has said, "I will do them." They look like little boys by their skinny bodies.. Each needs a sandwich or two or three, etc.

2134 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Somebody is in serious need of some meat and potatoes!!

2134 days ago



homegirl all way on the left needs to eat a f*cking big mac already!!! the rest look really good.

and to commenter #5....shut the f*ck up!! fat girls are uneducated? really? so you are saying that there are absolutely no obese women in college? riiiiiiiiiight. thats what i thought.

2134 days ago


TJ -- you are beneath Contempt. Fat does not equal lazy. Back in the days when males had two brain cells to rub together, they chose females with wide hips and strong bodies to carry and raise their healthy children. It was the skinny females who were not suitable because they were regarded as lazy and unhealthy. These days, female Nurses with some girth are preferred over petite Nurses for much the same reason. You have to prove you have strenght to be a nurse or cop.

Working out in the Gym is not proof of a strong and fit body. The average USA woman is 5'4" and wears a size 14. That is not a fat person.

2134 days ago

Jill-not fat    

I agree with TJ. I am a fitness competitor, and woman who are fat are uneducated when it comes to fitness, or otherwise are just very lazy. I am 5'8, 125 lbs. I have a 12% body fat. That is healthy. Someone who wears a size 14 is probably in the 30%+ range. That is overweight. These women in these pictures are probably around 14-15% for the most part, some maybe higher. Working out in a gym is proof of strength, unless you are a total idiot. I can bench 200 lbs. You find me one women who hasn't set foot in a gym who can bench over 115 lbs, and I will show you a freak of nature. Women in this country seem to think that it is good to be proud of there weight. You shouldn't be. You should feel good about yourself, but you should also strive to be in greater shape. TJ was just saying what everyone in this country should be preaching. We should be fat, we should strive to be built like greek gods. And Chic in California, wide bodies, make for unhealthy babies. Yes you can be to skinny to carry a child. None of these women are. You girls are just pissed off because you haven't yet attained your potential physically, Join a gym, eat healthy, and be happy about yourself. Stop ragging on us people who take care of ourselves, and look good.

2134 days ago


Wow, they all have f*cked up faces...........yuck!!!!

2134 days ago


Seems Jill-not fat and Tj are the same person.

2134 days ago

Harvey's Cup Must Go    

who cares why models gathered, why do birds flock of a feather flock together? who cares, but the fact people turn this story into a fat story is sad. Be happy that there are beautiful people in the world so you can tell the difference from ugly ones.

Harvey's cup must go!!!! Get a coffee mug you successful person you.

2134 days ago


SOB! Not one Red Head .

2134 days ago


Camel toe galore.

2134 days ago


I'm guessing Jill-not fat masturbates in front of mirror while calling out her own name.

2134 days ago


They were there for the victoria secret fashion show which is filming today... all day at the grand opening of the fountainbleua hotel. They were everywhere ,and some of them were so thin it wasshocking. I wouldn't want to be that thing

2134 days ago
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