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Snoop Smoked Out

Forced to Flee

11/17/2008 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah, Rob Lowe, and Snoop Dogg: Fire knows no cultural boundaries.

Snoop's family and entourage had to ditch his Diamond Bar home yesterday amidst the wildfires surging across SoCal. KNX radio apparently encountered some of Snoop's people going to retrieve possessions and memorabilia -- not paraphernalia -- from his house. Snoop wasn't home during the fire.

150 homes have been destroyed and 26,000 residents have been displaced.


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Luke Warmwater    

Snoop's lookin' a little extra crispy these days...

2109 days ago


Yeah, so? They can just flee to another house he owns. Gangsta rapper owning a home in Diamond Bar. Now that's hardcore

2109 days ago


Angry residents protested Wednesday night outside Wellston city hall. The marchers said police aren't doing enough to stop a rash of more than 30 burglaries over a 2 week period. More than half the marchers were recent victims of burglaries.

In many burglary cases, Wellston homeowners say police took hours to respond, never filed reports and never took fingerprints.

"They came and took everything in our house except our beds and dressers and the police were called and no one responded," said Ebonie Nichols.

Wellston leaders heard more than an hour of complaints from residents at Wednesday's city council meeting.

It was perhaps the words of one robbery victim that channeled the raw emotion of a community. "They violated me and I am afraid to go out my house which I never was and I don't even go anywhere because I am just that afraid."

Wellston's new police chief, Brian Gilmore, told residents he understood the concerns and complaints, and promised to make a change.

"I have only been here a week and I am very concerned and what I am saying is give me a chance," said Gilmore.

The Chief said he plans to hire several new officers soon. Right now there are 6 commissioned officers and 4 reserve officers.

Chief Gilmore and his assistant chief were involved in a fight where guns were drawn last week.

A report is being turned over to the St. Louis County Prosecutors Office on Thursday.

2109 days ago

northern gypsy    

one man's paraphernalia is another man's memorabilia...right snoop???

2109 days ago


Southern California is the 9th Circle of Hell. The fires are just a reminder of that.

2109 days ago


Snoop's lived there for a while...stay safe!

Cut us a break, people. It's a man's home, from Snoop to the "less important". We're all praying with all we've got that we'll be safe. I haven't slept in days being glued to the tv to see whether or not we're going to have to flee for our lives. Keep your sarcasm to yourselves.

2109 days ago


Uh Shirley,

What the F@ck does From Snoop to "less Important " mean. Who the hell are you that you think you are better than everyone else. You talk as if you are looking down on us lower animals. Get off your high horse and your Oh worry about me attitude. We don't worship your ass we look at you as if you are something odd to watch and be stared at.

2109 days ago


Snoop looks old for his age and boy is he ugly

2109 days ago


First of all I agree with Shirley. Someone's status shouldn't be a factor in whether he and his family make it out alright. To "Who's less Important", you sound so ignorant in your message that it lacks sense. It appears that you've taken 'Shirleys' comment out of text, or either you just didn't understand it. Maybe u should've read it twice first, because now you've gone down looking silly...

2109 days ago


EXTRA Chrispie! lmao... yeah he's looking just a tad over cooked these days, it's all catching up to him.
They would have had to drag him out bong in-hand. He wouldn't know if his house was on fire cause his house is always filled with smoke!

2109 days ago


awful man...glad to see snoop's house was ok. that would have been awful, especially with the farm shante wants to build in their backyard

2093 days ago

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