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A Pregnant Man Goes on Larry King, into Spago ...

11/18/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... and the paparazzi go wild. Imagine that?!

What in the world would make a transgendered pregnant "man" with female reproductive organs think that "he" and "his" family wouldn't get surrounded by photogs after taping an episode of "Larry King Live," followed by a casual, intimate dinner at a little out-of-the-way cafe like Spago Beverly Hills?!

You'd think they'd never seen a pregnant "man" before!


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to Claire: Sure there are some here that are repulsed by this story due to the fact that they can't get their head around how the children will grow up (or just their own prejudices), i'm not in that category, some of us are just cringing at the fact that they seem to be making a profit out of the attention for yet a second time (what makes this second pregnacy different to the first, we heard their story already haven't we ?) and milking it for all they can get, surely it has impacted their family more negatively than positively already, other than them making money off of their story, but it's not really news worthy or headline making really since it's just a natural birth of a woman who now identifies herself as a man, makes me wonder why they are talking about it yet again, didn't they get enough with the first, if they have a story they should have just wrote a book on alternative families but this is not really worthy of any headlines is it,?

2135 days ago


I think this is highly disgusting. This person needs to be thrown away and if "she" wants to be a damn man, then take her organs out and make it a man. It is a woman and nothing more than that. I am sick of hearing them wanting to be married as a man and a woman; they are a SAME SEX COUPLE. This person disgusts me. I am a gay man and they are just ruining my future of a civil union with my partner. I agree also, they are just doing it for the money, and if they want publicity well then stalk them!

2135 days ago


You Wish You Were a Man, B@tch. Your Fake Plastic stap on D@ng does'nt qualify you as a Man...Go Away.

2135 days ago


Only his Maker will judge him( legally he is a man )/her (has still reproductive organs intact)...Weird for everyone who is not in this person's situation...everyone can waste their time cursing, condemning...BUT no one can dictate what this person wants to do with the life this person wants to live. JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...this person will solve any problem that will come their way....

2135 days ago


This Sh*t right here is a crying shame!! This girl said she always felt like she was born in the wrong body. That she always felt like a boy/man. What boy/man have you ever hear say they want to give birth to a baby!! The B*tch is confused. I think myself as being very liberal, but this Sh*t here is a complete disgrace. I hope their children are able to handle this crap when they are able to understand what kind of twisted family they have. If they realized that the women in the picture couldn't conceive a child, then they should have gone out and adopted or got a surrogate, just like every other couple who can't conceive. I am just so disgusted by this!!

2134 days ago

sherrie sek    

dat aint a prego man. dats still a woman cuz she got pregnant.

2122 days ago
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