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Garner Scores Permanent Protection

11/20/2008 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner just got a permanent restraining order against the man who has allegedly terrorized her.

Garner's lawyer, Blair Berk, just appeared in downtown L.A. court and got an order against Steven Burky, prohibiting him from having contact with Garner for three years.

Law enforcement tells us Berky is currently under a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Under the permanent order, Burky must stay 100 yards away from Garner, Ben Affleck, daughter Violet, the nanny, housekeeper, and others.

He can't go near her home, the kid's school or her workplace.


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is it "Berky" or "Burky"?

2165 days ago


I'm glad for their sake, but seriously, after reading those letters, we knew that this was going to happen.

2165 days ago


the stalker needs to stay in the mental health place

if he gets out and kills her, it's gonna be bad.

remember rebecca sheaffer ? sp and John lennon

2165 days ago


That must be a relief for her. But what constitues her work place? Actually, since it is so will work for her, i hope!

2165 days ago


It's "Burky," and wow, that is one disturbed individual.

I imagine he's in the mental hospital (again) because of something like he wrote to her that said "I know you tried to email me today, I know that you did, I sensed it...but it was blocked by those around me."

2165 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Spell check in isle 3.. Berk, Berky, Burky.. I guess mispelling is
genius.. that way nobody knows who's charged, or who the lawyer is.

Dum.. Dumb.

2165 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Three years is NOT permanent. Three hundred years would be more appropriate. Hope the cops end up having to shoot him or put him away forever.

2165 days ago


How is 3 years permanent? He should be locked up, period!

2165 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Do they really expect this stalker to walk around with measuring equipment to see if he is keeping 100 yards away from her? How can they expect a sick-minded individual to honor a restraining order when in that sick mind the belief is that he and Jennifer are destined to be together -- whether in life or in death?

2165 days ago


M y God! These people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars! Why the hell don't they hire a bodyguard! These celebrities are around in malls, stores, Target, Airports, etc, etc all alone! They are ASKING for trouble in my opinion!
Buy yourselves a bodyguard! Jeeze! You can't take all that dough with you!

2165 days ago


Pink Parasol, you're an ignorant, moronic, vapid, bitch. She has the right to go where ever the f*** she wants. She is a tax paying citizen. More so then you or the stalking ass***.
It doesn't matter how many body guards you hire if he is delusional and obsessed he can get to her. Do some research before your ignorance gets the best of you!
("They are ASKING for trouble in my opinion!")
You're asking to be smashed in the f***ing head with your stupidity in my opinion.
Someone should send him on vacation to scuba dive in the desert.

2165 days ago


I'd fear for my safety too and I'm certainly glad Jennifer Garner and her family were granted a restraining order from this creep; but is it going to be enough?? I certainly hope she is more careful about getting out and about with her daughter and here she is expecting another child. I'm from Charleston, WV (Jen's hometown) and she still goes there often and refers to it often, which I find so endearing. I like the way Jen goes out without makeup and when she does get glammed up, she looks fantastic too. My prayers are with Jennifer and her family and I wish her much luck and safety!

2164 days ago


I don't believe 1000 miles would be enough. It's not the childrens fault that we have a facination with their actor/singer parents. I believe if the parents want to share something about their children with the public, then that's their choice. Just like Nicole Richies' daughter has been terrorized by the photographers and she just got her restraining order. Although Violet is soooo beautiful, I would not intrude on her privacy as a child.

1424 days ago

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