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Terminal Temper Tantrum

11/20/2008 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kingston may be an adorable specimen of good genes -- but not even Gwen Stefani and her seemingly perfect family can escape the Terrible Twos.

Looks like someone didn't like little Zuma Nesta gettin' all of mama's attention last night at LAX.


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#4 and #5... You are idiots. Obviously you don't have kids, which is probably a good thing.

2132 days ago


Temper tantrum? How dare you! It's obvious that the over abundance of FLASHES had the little man upset.
Jeeze... This is sad and pathetic... Celebrity or not, it doesn't take a whole lot of brains to know when to draw the line. She was with her KIDS for God sake! Learn when to draw the line. If you can't do that, you should at least turn on your sensitivity chip when you see the child has become upset! Couldn't do that and even have the NERVE to call it a tantrum!
I'm over TMZ! I will never read or watch again.

2132 days ago


4 and 5 are completly ignorant!
Gewn is the sweetest and most real of all celebs!

2132 days ago


#15 i agree with you %100..specially about dare you call this kid a monster or any kid for that matter? Plus is not the Kid fault that her parents is famous, she chose the live not the poor kid. So give him a freaking break.

2132 days ago


This was not cool at all. Your lights and closing in on them is what made that little one cry. Look at the idiots in the back taking pictures of them toward the end. It's like they are in a zoo and all the people can come up and look! Its disgusting and very disturbing.
It does NOT matter that these people are in the public eye. Take the pictures during the times when they are working. NOT when they have their personal lives and are trying to live them JUST like we are.
You all should be ashamed. VERY VERY ashamed.
And to the camera man talking to their child..STOP it. It doesnt make you look human. Just makes you look like a big old jackass!

2132 days ago


He's probably tired from being shipped all over the damn world

2132 days ago

Average Housewife    

Dumbasses! He's throwing a fit?...Um I don't think so....the kid was fine until the creepy guy kept asking him questions. He's clearly overwhelmed by the frenzy.That isn't throwing a tantrum. Seriously, if I were Gwen I'd have told everyone to back the f off! Including the idiot fans behing her taking pics. What are they gonna say...Oh look it's a pic of Gwen's back at an airport. Duh.... Have some respect people!

2132 days ago


Wow, maybe he wouldn't be crying if grown ass stragers weren't screaming his name. This video made me sick to my stomach...not only the paparazzi but just regular civilians standing right next to her taking her picture....this would be enough for me to NEVER travel with my kids if I were her.

So bad.

2132 days ago


As a mother this makes me so angry. Celebrity kids should be off limits. The mother is in an airport with her children not the red carpet. I can't imagine how frightening this has to be for a child; to be blinded by camera flashes and total strangers in your personal space. I am done with TMZ and all the other tabloid crap. Set some moral standards!!!!

2132 days ago



2132 days ago


I have a two year old and a 10 month old and have had to carry both like that while one was crying and the other sleeping...I CANNOT imagine having to do it with all those paps...even with the nanny it would be hell. Sometimes 2 year olds just want to be left alone, especially when they're tired...not have flash bulbs in their face and people yelling his name.

2132 days ago


I am sick and tired of these photographers harassing innocent kids that did not sign up for 'Stardom'. For those of you that do have kids imagine your toddler being tired and cranky (they all are at some time) and having thousands of flash bulbs going off in your kids face. Yes, these celebrities asked for fame but they do deserve some level of privacy. Especially when it comes to their kids. The paparazzi need to back off. If I was Gwen Stefani I would of punched that guy in the face.

2132 days ago


Poor Baby! Are you kidding me??? This is not the "terrible twos" but a poor little boy who is probably scared of all of the nonsense of people around him following and flashing cameras!! A two year old is not going to be able to understand completely what is going on around him! I feel so sorry for him, and really any young celebrity's child.

2132 days ago


He's crying because in a sudden moment of unexpected clarity, he realized his brother's name is Zuma, a word he has always associated with "time to eat" ......until now.

2132 days ago

To see or not to see    

We even can see a child (with a skeleton shirt) paparazzing around.
If anybody thinks that celebrities don't deserve privacy, what about their non famous family members, fathers, children and nannies?
It seems that taking pictures of strangers is getting the new collective hysteria.

2132 days ago
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