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Terminal Temper Tantrum

11/20/2008 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kingston may be an adorable specimen of good genes -- but not even Gwen Stefani and her seemingly perfect family can escape the Terrible Twos.

Looks like someone didn't like little Zuma Nesta gettin' all of mama's attention last night at LAX.


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yall are mean I mean my goodness she was trying to go home. The paps scared the little baby he was having a tantrum because of STRANGERS saying his name and flashing bulbs!! Is it really worth that for a pic and a couple of bucks?

2130 days ago


This is NOT by any means a temper tantrum...this is a SCARED little boy! Poor little guy! Makes me feel horrible that I am so addicted to this site, I am definitely going to try to wean myself off!!!

2130 days ago


Gee I wonder if he's crying because of all the freaky paparazzi in his face yelling and scaring th hell out of him. Those photogs are seriously selfish and rude!!!! Poor Kingston, I'd cry too

2129 days ago


post 48..
go back and do your research u idiot.
her husband just found out a few years ago that he had a daughter.
he didnt run out on anyone.

2129 days ago


Kingston is still the cutest lil' guy in the world!

2129 days ago


I would come to this site for a laugh. Most celebs are very laughworthy and when they are...hey why not laugh at them. But this video did not make me laugh! I use to go to Perez Hilton for a laugh but stopped a while back because he has just become disgusting and hateful. You TMZ have crossed the line in a similar manner. Children, no matter who their parents are should never be treated in the manner your reporter treated him. This video makes me realize that no amount of laughter can take away the fear you caused this child. I know it does not matter to you TMZ, that I will no longer visit your site.

2129 days ago


This is soooo sad!!! I watched it thinking it would be Kingston having a tantrum nad therefore making Gwen and her family seem a little less than perfect. But instead I saw the poor little boy being tormented by the paparazzi. No wonder he's crying! If you had some strange man taking your picture and calling your name wouldn't you be scared too??? He's 2 years old! Leave him alone. And it doesn't matter what Gwen did in a situation like this cause she'll be criticized either way. I think she handled it with class as she does with everything. Being the mother of a 2 year old I wouldn't have been so calm.

2129 days ago


You call THAT a temper tantrum?! Pffth. It's obvious whoever wrote this entry doesn't have kids, thank jeebus.

And to those who are ragging on Gwen about not just leaving her kids at home and not "schlepping" them all over the globe, I bet you're probably the same type of people who rag on the other celebreties who constantly desert their kids at home with the nannies and assistants in order to go off and earn the family's bread as well. Sure... this is the life that Gwen has chosen... not just being an entertainer, but a MOTHER, too. And a very HANDS-ON mother, to boot. You never, NEVER see her without her kids. EVER. I give her mad respect for that and for making it all work.

So the kid was a little tired and fussy... looks like maybe he had fallen asleep on the plane, was just woken up and wanted his mom to hold him instead of the nanny. That speak s volumes to me as to Gwen as a mom. And what's the BIG DEAL? As usual... TMZ makin' drama out of something as innocent as a tired child. Go figure.

2129 days ago


Poor little sod. He was tired, wanted his mummy and was fed up with the paps flashing in his face. Gwen Stefani behaved very professionally and not once did she go for the paps. When can the paps learn to leave alone. No dignity thats their problem

2129 days ago


It seems as if the illegal alien nanny is about to clock him. It could be a valuable lesson.

2129 days ago


Good Lord! That child wasn't throwing some random fit, he was terrified by all the flashbulbs going off in his face. I love reading celebrity goss, but when you make someone's child(ren) cry, you have WAY crossed the line. Back off of the celebs with their just isn't fair.

2129 days ago


Is it just me or does it look like the women in this picture is about to slam her fist in this babies face? Just sayin.....

2129 days ago


HA !

28. He's crying because in a sudden moment of unexpected clarity, he realized his brother's name is Zuma, a word he has always associated with "time to eat" ......until now.

Posted at 2:08PM on Nov 20th 2008 by ark

2128 days ago


Wow! Way to go TMZ!! You look like stalkers out there making kids cry...she could not even walk to her car!! You all have no class and should be ashamed!! You were endangering her children!!

2128 days ago


Anyone with a 2 year olds knows... this was NOT a tantrum. This was a scared little boy in an overwhelming situation. I felt so sorry for him, I vowed not to watch any more of these videos. Poor little guy.

2128 days ago
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