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Dubya -- The Loneliest Guy in the World

11/20/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Bush was totally snubbed at the G20 summit -- or was he doing the snubbing?

Either way, as the Huffington Post points out, not a single world leader made an effort to shake his hand.

Bush still has 60 days, 5 hours and 12 minutes until he's out of office, not that anyone's counting.


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Why are so many people so happy about Obama being president? How is he different than others (besides being half black) that hes gonna bring change, make the economy all better, or whatever that makes him so wonderful? Seriously, theres just some people that are like ECSTATIC about Obama, acting like hes the best thing that ever happened to this country. YET he hasnt even been in office! I'm happy with McCain not winning cause of his conservative views and also of Bush leaving the office cause he sucked. But Obama is NOT that special, hes just gonna be like any other president.

2160 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

I am offended as an American. I will make an effort not to make any purchases that will enrich ANY of the countries at this meeting. No cars from Asia, no flowers from Columbia, no food from S. America, China, etc. These countries have made a lot of money from us and have had more than enough of our money handed to them. THEY BETTER RESPECT US.

2160 days ago


I'm so sorry to see him go. After BO is in office for a while, so will everyone else. I had to laugh that people actually think that the Republicans are to blame for the economy. When I see, Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Dowd together it makes my skin crawl. That they are in charge of our taxpayers money with this bailout is truly frightening, since they mostly got us into this situation with Fannie and Freddie.

2160 days ago


Since 9/11 we live in a different world. Wait until Obama goes into office and see what a miserable failure he will be. The only difference will be that the media will be afraid to take their lord's (Obama) name in vain. Every night, on the news, we will see video clips of Obama parting the seas and walking on water and maybe raising a few people from the dead. Can't wait.

2160 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Eileen Gatti is a fricken retard.

2160 days ago


Bush has done nothing but try to help this country. No other President has had to deal with the issues he has had over the past 8 years. The Media only tells what they want people to believe and it seems to be working. Talk to people who have served over in Iraq and read un-biased reports before you follow the bandwagon. This country has a checks and balance system in place for things to be passed but some how people only want to point the finger at Bush.

2160 days ago


Referring to the President-Elect as the "Anti Christ" is both disrespectful and idiotic on several levels. I'm betting that the person who wrote this is white, male, from the South, does not have a college degree, considers himself a Baptist yet never goes to church and has hair less than 1/8" inch long.

2160 days ago


I don't care what your opinion of the man is. If he is doing the snubbing, he is wrong and ungracious. If they are snubbing him, it is wrong and ungracious. This is for better or worse, the president of the United States, good or bad. The office demands respect even if the man in the office is questionable.

2160 days ago


HEY, everyone - SHUT THE F*** UP.

If Obama turns out to be a great President of the United States, will all you people who hate him be able to admit it?
If Obama turns out to be a sh***y President of the United States, will all you people who love him be able to admit it?

The answer to each side is NO. BECAUSE YOU ALL HAVE YOUR HEADS UP YOUR A**ES.

Why don't you all just wait and see what happens, taking part to be productive citizens when the opportunity is available to you, so you can LEGITIMATELY blame other people when things go bad?

Oh, and to all you haters out there on both sides:

1.) "Snubbing" Bush at the G20 summit was a juvenile thing for all of the World Leaders to do, especially knowing that they are on camera.
2.) There's no such thing as THE Anti-Christ. Anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus or God is considered an Anti-Christ by Christianity (Jewish people, agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Hindus...). Read the Bible before you use it to judge people.

2160 days ago


Hey sunshine,

" No other President has had to deal with the issues he has had over the past 8 years." Want to rethink that a bit? (Hint: Think about who intentionally caused those issues.)

2160 days ago


He should have worn the Fake Nose & Glasses I sent him for his birthday.

It's funny people are still defendaing this idiot.....

2160 days ago


Serves him right. Worst president in modern US history. He should step down now. Funny to think of all the dumb americans who voted for him just because he liked Jebus... most of those people are probably out of work or up to their eyes in debt... I wonder if Jebus is going to help them now? Well he'll help georgie cuz georgie is rich - no chance he'll lose his house.

2160 days ago


#20 - Anyone who would call you a "looser" is wasting their effort, as you already outed yourself. When your done picking your pimples, go get back on your skateboard.

2160 days ago


If you people would actually get your news from somewhere other than a GOSSIP site you would know that Bush had ALREADY GREETED the leaders in the video earlier!!! The ones that are shaking hands are the ones who had just arrived at the summit!
Try to get some truth to your stories before posting TMZ. You're getting to be like the National Enquirer!!!

2160 days ago


Kind of seems like he did the snubbing as you see all the other people walking on stage extending hand and he didnt. Its immature whoever did it These are grown adults - act like it!

2160 days ago
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