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D.A. Says No Go On Jason Chambers

11/21/2008 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County District Attorney has rejected the case against Jason Chambers, the host of "Human Weapon" on The History Channel.

As we first reported, Chambers was arrested November 11 for allegedly raping a woman. Cops also believed he used some sort of drug to allegedly commit the sexual assault.

The D.A.'s office tells us they rejected the case because of "insufficient evidence."

Chambers's attorney, Adam Zolonz, tells TMZ, "After taking the matter under submission, the DA's office found the lack of corroboration, delay in reporting, and the numerous defenses presented ... to warrant a rejection of the complaint's ludicrous contentions."


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I knew it!!!!

2130 days ago


Omg, one look at his body and he can rape me too!! Wow!!

2130 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Seems like even an idiot would know that saying stuff like "Ooooh, he can rape me anytime" is an unimaginable insult to anyone who's ever been raped? You don't have to put voice to those stupid thoughts bouncing around in those empty heads.

2130 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Previous TMZ reports had him already condemned. That's what you get for being judgmental.

To learn more about lesbian rape, google "she stole my voice" and see for yourself.

2130 days ago


Oh grow up, its just sex. quit whining!

2130 days ago


Sometimes good looks and a great body don't mean a thing, especially if there is no intelligence or compassion to go with it. Anyone who has been in a situation or one similar would vomit at the thought of anyone wanting to be raped! But then again stupidity is running rampant these days! My heart and prayers go out to the girl. I hope she gets the help she needs to get past this. Aa far as he goes, I hope others come forward and he gets what he deserves. I know there are plenty of guys in jail just waiting for him to hold his beautiful body against them...

2130 days ago


Carole L - Deep comment. I think I saw you on a front lawn last night with another stray having "just sex". You mutts finished before I could get the garden hose. Please, don't have kids.

2130 days ago


Looks like number 3 still has some issues to work on..... instead of pissing and moaning about comments. Who's the idiot ?

2130 days ago


Hey MILF #5

Are we talking hot lip stick lesbian rape or ugly beast butchy rape ? I don't
wanna look until I know first.


2130 days ago


It's great to have free,easy cheap, and disposable pieces of ass like T or Carole L around, and the icing on the cake is they are stupid to boot. Bang first, ask questions later. Go Google Ted Bundy, fools.

And of course, the last hiding place for idiots who do idiotic things is the "judgmental" complaint. Well dummies, judgment is what stops you from putting your head in a blender or brushing your teeth with a chain saw (well may be not for all of you). It's not too hard to spot "victims in training" anymore.

2130 days ago


Quit all your crying and whining for God's sake. Yes, I rather like the lawn, and, I allready have 4 kids. Four different
fathers, they're cool.

2130 days ago


Hey, how come women don't rape men, and if you tell me they do, where can I find them???

2130 days ago


Hey, what's wrong with Ted Bundy?? So, he was a shoe salesman, someone's gotta do it. Ya, he didn't treat Peg so
well, but, hey, she wasn't that nice to him either!!!

2130 days ago


Because it is impossible for a woman to rape a man.

2130 days ago


Impossible, oh, I don't know about that!!

2130 days ago
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