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"5th Grade" Winner Goes Belly Up

11/23/2008 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Cox may be smarter than a 5th grader, but she's now just as broke as one.

Kathy won $1 million on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" in September. But here's the deal. She donated her winnings to charity, banking on her husband's construction biz which apparently had been running just fine. But his construction company tanked with the economy, and now they've declared bankruptcy.

Another happy George W memory. 57 days and counting.


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Really? It is all Bush's fault? Were you singing his praises when the market was at 14K?

More like 57 days left as the whipping boy.

2161 days ago


Donating to charity was a nice thing to do, but she should have keot some in case of an emergency.

Not so Smart

2161 days ago

Mad World    

You honestly can not blame all economic woe's on bush.
This economic downfall was coming one way or another. Whether there was a Dem or a Repub in there we can only blame ourselves and big business for letting this happen.

If your going to blame the war
9/11 has caused this we can blame the terrorist for the war that we had to pursue.
We can only blame bush for not knowing when to stop.

2161 days ago


how is it NOT his fault?????

2161 days ago


More accurately, another happy Barney Frank-Nancy Pelosi memory. Either way, I'm sure the charity doesn't see anything negative about the outcome.

2161 days ago


That's the best picture and graphic your weekend staff could come up with?! That's horrible, even for TMZ... I thought you guys were more creative!

2161 days ago


What a sad story!! That's really too bad. She tried to be kind and help others and was rewarded by losing everything?!!! What a world we live in!

2161 days ago



2161 days ago


Karma works both ways. Do something good for someone else and something good will usually come back to you. There aren't many people in this country who would have donated all of the money to charity like she did. I commend her for that. I don't think we should be making fun of her situation because of it. God will present them with an opportunity to get back on their feet. And you should be ashamed of yourselves TMZ for ridiculing someone who's more generous than any of us can ever hope to be.

2161 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Freaking idiots. Learn about why the economy tanked before you start sounding like a dolt by blaming W. EDUCATE yourselves!

What a bunch of fools.

2161 days ago


who the hell are you left wingers going to blame when the President leaves office?? The market has lost over a Trillion dollars in value since the " son of God" has been elected!! They are getting out to avoid the tax hikes!!! Hell I thought he could walk on water and save us all!!!!

2161 days ago


oh, I wish I could pretend to not understand the economy and how it all works like the tools that run this site.

2161 days ago


TMZ, you are pathetic! So quick to criticize someone elses good deed, even at the detreiment of themselves.
Whats that got to do with Bush? I agree with above, 57 days left. Are you gonna bash Odrama and his racist wife?
Probably not. Your politics suck! All you liberal pukes make me sick. Don't blame the crash on Bush. Look to Barney
Frank, Chris Dodd. Bill Clinton, and you guessed it, Obama.............

2161 days ago


3. how is it NOT his fault?????

Posted at 11:14AM on Nov 23rd 2008 by JeNcOn

Go watch a few C-Span videos on the subject, if you're REALLY interested in information rather than your galvanized position. Bulls*it is not a side to an argument, it's just bulls*it.

2161 days ago


Democrates SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2161 days ago
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