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Another "Twilight" Star Up in Smoke

11/26/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson was caught lighting up between drinks at the Chateau Marmont -- but unlike his pipe-hittin' co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert didn't need to go to a headshop to blow his smoke.


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He's my dream.

2122 days ago

my 3 cents    

Betcha he smokes non menthol...........Pu$$$$$$$$$$$y

2122 days ago


Poor bastard! He seems like a shrinking violet.

2122 days ago


Smoking and drinking will age you fast, you really are not a vampire dude!

2122 days ago


See this? Not so bad. Now the thing with Kristin yea that was stupid but just like foxglove said, its their business and you should really keep you're nose out of it. With Rob I believe that wholeheartedly because he is smoking and drinking but he is old enough that he isn't doing anything that would bust his rep unlike Kristin who smoked weed on her front porch where all her fans could see her is completely unnessary. Get over it and move on though, what's done is done and if it doesn't hurt their representation of Twilight or how their fans see them (forgetting Kristin) then I say LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE AND MOVE ON!!!!!!

2122 days ago


So what if he smokes. At least half of Hollywood does....some just don't admit it.

2122 days ago


C´mon Rob light my fire, he´s so freacking gourgeous, and the accent(wooo wooo)!!!! and TMZ seriously, this is not a big deal, leave him alone...or with me!!!!
Hey Rob, anytime, anywhere!!!! Bye.

2122 days ago


Robert Pattinson, and his co-star Kristen Stewart are each getting 7.8 million after taxes, for signing up to do the sequel "New Moon."

It's like winning the lotto, and smoking pot on your front step. I knew there was something wrong by going to work every morning, and chasing those paychecks.

2122 days ago


wow since when did getting p!ssed and enjoying a f@g become a big deal? I guess if that's the case, my younger years were pretty scandalous. I sorta do feel bad for the poor bloke though.

2122 days ago


yeah who cares he is hot and kristen is really pretty beside they are both old enough to smoke legally so i dont see a problem in that many people smoke i bet the person who posted that smokes

2122 days ago

future mrs.pattinson    

okay so whats the big deal? rob's smoking wow TMZ you really got em this time!! i mean the guy is 22 years old and he isnt a disney star so wtf's the problem? i think its a turn on!! the guy is gorgeous and if wants to smoke let him!! its not a crime.... now that kristen stewart thing is a whole other story! lol but whatever its their life.... and that whole thing that someone posted saying that cigarettes kill people and that weed is just an herb is retarded!! i mean she's killing her brain cells and i think she is gonna need those to memorize lines!!

2122 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Who cares.. i'm already sick of Twilight and all the screaming psychotic Teen Fans

2122 days ago


So what is they smoke i bet u smoke to and when i say what you said for bella and edward i was like go to hell. Also god wtf is ur prob with twilight only cause u cant live forever. i dont blame them for smoking but its life god alot of people smoke so get of the back go why don t you just leave them alone for a while or eles all the twilight fans are going get you. go with zac efron and stuff or better miley i hate her but dont u dare go against twilight you no what read a boojk read twilight and see how hard it is top be a vamoire and human they have human moments 2. oh and happy thanks giving twilight fan.

2122 days ago


Wow, he's smoking that's just so shocking. I bet some of you reporters from TMZ smoke worse than cigarettes, but you'd never want us to know about that, huh? Just leave him and Kristen alone and pay attention to your own lives.

2122 days ago


So he smokes...he also plays internet games, I heard he plays a game at

2121 days ago
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