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Madonna & A-Rod Have Landed ... Together

11/26/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite all the rumors and divorces, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez have never been seen cavorting together ... until now.

The 50-year-old pop diva and the 33-year-old Yankee were spotted exiting a private jet in Miami early Tuesday morning, along with their manager, Guy Oseary. Madge then got into A-Rod's waiting Maybach and the two drove off into the sunrise.

Looks like A-Rod & Madge will be celebrating the end of the U.S. leg of her appropriately-titled "Sticky and Sweet" tour in Miami tonight.


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Go Madge!!! Do A-Rod!!!
You don´t need anyone to pay your bills, do whatever you are amazing...looking foward to your concert.

2154 days ago


what a shame too late tolshow her kids right and wrong they look at her and one day will see what a tramp she is --turned her back onher own family she lhas no scrupples at all glad Ritchei got away from her lhe was to good for her anyhow why he married her is beynd me they should lthrow -ROD OUT O0F BASEBALL HE IS A DISGRACE TOTHE GAME

2154 days ago


I've seen A-Rod when he's running so I know what he looks like slightly blurred and that's not him.

2154 days ago


Madonna is in really good shape, don't get me wrong, but please A-Rod? Maybe she gives really good head and she is athletic..between the both of them maye they do crazy calisthinetics in bed, or even from the

2154 days ago


why is this dried up whore in the news in the fist place

2154 days ago


Madonna is an old, ugly, filthy rich whore. She was cool when she was 16 - but time has taken it's ugly toll. Do you remember that coffee-table book she put out? It was ugly and disgusting! She needs to remove herself from whatever "scene" she is in - and make room for the new shining stars. ("Sticky and Sweet?" Gross!)

2154 days ago


Madonna is a dude...she has shriveled man log going on.................. A-Hole gives her head

2154 days ago


I think that A Rod is living out every 13 year old boy's fantasy with Madonna
when he was 13 she was hot
problem is-he isn't 13 anymore
and she's way older now too and a lot less desirable

you know she was screwing around on poor Guy
but her publicity machine kept it all secret until the divorce was done

I'd like to know just who she thinks she is fooling??
2 broken homes now!
that's a huge price to pay for something that you know isn't going to last forever
and a lot of upset, heartbreak and embarrassment for the children to go through
but with their egos-that's not a concern I guess

Lourdes is old enough to figure things out for herself now
thankfully her father Carlos Leon seems to be a stand-up guy and she is now able to spend more time with him

2154 days ago


Mommie why do you like getting some strange? When can I be a huge F-in whore and shack up with some brokedown strange of my own?

2154 days ago


Wow! Totally scary! She's not aging well at all, and I'm a 54 yr old female who stays in shape. With her money, you think she could find a better plastic surgeon. As for A-Rod...Madonna seemed intent on following the current adoption fad, but isn't this a tad ridiculous???

2154 days ago


She won't let her kids watch any television but committing adultery is ok. She's an ass! And a butt ugly one at that.

2154 days ago


Private jet? Isn't this the same ridiculous b**ch telling all of us about that mythical global warming? And telling her fans to give money to build a girls school in Africa? Please b**ch! She spends $15,000 a week on fresh flowers for her numerous homes and she's begging her fans for money to go to another country? These self important celebreties need to shut the f**k up and just entertain. I don't need some dried up old hag telling to vote for a socialist and join some made up joke of a religion. Go away already, you're old and done!!! Can't wait until her daughter starts running away and gets knocked up, follow mommies footsteps! Her kids can't watch TV or read newspapers so she can brainwash them. God forbid they ever saw some truth like Fox news!!!Lourdes is I'm sure another selfish obnoxious b**ch! Hopefully the boys can get some real life from their dad. Good for Guy, get rid of the beastly hag! You Madonna zombies, read the book her brother wrote. She is EVIL!!!

2154 days ago


Why is anyone surprised at anything Madonna does...She has, for years, looked for the "shock" factor to wow fans...nearly nude, crazy books, kissing girls on stage, thens there's the always popular seducing of an african american man on the altar of a church (her slam to her Catholic upbringing)...we got it...the more shocking and crazy your stunts are, the longer u can drag out your career....reality check...MOVE are not in your 20s, 30s or even 40s...there are only a handful of classic rock singers out there that can maintain later in life and you r no sting, mick or to do in a have 3 kids who are watching your pitiful need to stop trying to be the hot music sensation and realize that time has come and GONE for occasional concert...or awards show, private can still fulfill that need to perform but not in the trashest,, barely there clothing that we ALL have to be subjected look silly...not your body...but I can only imagine the *&(((& Lourdes and the others have or will get when they see the outfits or stunts you try to pull off....You are 50...have children and money...see a good shrink to help alleviate the need to always be the center of attention and let your children be YOUR center of attention...Nannies just don't cut it...kicking fall leaves, ..decorating for the holidays, shopping with them for a needy child...those things are real...don't care who u date...just don't be responsible for damaging someone else's kids in the process...Arod or not....really...take your millions, get hands on with the kids and them PARTICIPATE in doing some good for's not too late to wipe out those visions of mommy in fishnets........................

2154 days ago


A-Rod, if you think the Yankees fans and the New York Press give you too much crap now, wait until you and Madonna stop pretendng you barely know each other and this thing goes public.


2154 days ago

Madonna Fan    

Madonna can do whatever she wants! I saw her concert in ATL Monday night and it was awesome...and she looks GREAT!!!

2154 days ago
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