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Michael Jackson -- PETAphile?

11/27/2008 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has turned his back on cardio-deprived giraffes, according to PETA.
Michael Jackson: Click to view!
When Neverland Ranch was essentially dismantled a year ago, a bunch of Jacko's pets -- including four giraffes -- were sold to an Arizona couple that wanted to start an animal sanctuary.

PETA claims the giraffes are stuck in cages barely as wide as the animals are tall. They wrote Jacko a letter asking him to help pressure the owners into doing something more humane.

The couple that owns the animals says the giraffes have been moved to their new 150 x 150 ft. digs -- and the animals will have an even bigger space to do whatever the hell it is that giraffes do when their 185 acre sanctuary is up and runnning.

All that aside -- the video of Jacko's old giraffe "Rambo" hittin' the bag to the "Rocky" theme song is worth a peek.


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I haven't seen anything that big and lethargic at play since Camryn Manheim took up sumo wrestling.

2122 days ago

Barry Murphy    

Another tabloid story to crush the career of the biggest selling artist ever. When those animals left michael jackson they animals were said to be in perfect health. Stop dragging his name into this story. All the stories posted on michael jackson are completely made up and foolish people believe everything they read as if it was the gospel!

2122 days ago


Hey are right...everything about Michael Jackson has been made the does the "Jesus Juice" taste?

2122 days ago


Michael should get his skin done in giraffe pattern! That would be sensational like all the rest of the BS.

2122 days ago

Barry Murphy    

Ohh Mike look at the facts not fiction. Jesus Juice was made up my the media, it was proven in court that michael jackson never said it. Do you actually come onto this site and believe everything you read. Michael jackson is very private that means they have no stories on hm so they simply make them up. Get a life!

2122 days ago


If it is true then why the story and not a prosecution. Because that is what they do when you abuse a horse, dog, etc.

2122 days ago


If he "loves" animals the way he "loves" kids...

2122 days ago


Your headline is libelous. If I were MJ, I would be suing TMZ for that inflammatory play on words. You have crossed a line here.

2122 days ago


What a loser. I hate people who buy exotic pets and then cannot manage to properly care for them. With the money he has to settle lawsuits, you would think he could build better accomodations or better yet....give them to a zoo or animal sanctuary. This just proves how selfish and clueless he is.

2122 days ago


Tommy and Fredie are the one's who own those animals now here is there phone number if anyone want's to call and say high!!!

2122 days ago


this is why exotic animals should NOT be pets!!!!!! now these beautiful girraffe's are caged inhumanley. =( hope jacko is proud of himself..these animals deserve to be free to roam in the land they're used too. Im a huge PETA supporter and i hope MORE can be done.

2122 days ago


The Oregon Zoo lost a giraffe earlier this year and could use a replacement. Not that they read this, but I'm putting this out there. They have a big area to roam and one or two others to keep them company.

2122 days ago


please why cant MJ sue such wicked people who write such nonesense about him.
So the media dont want to give him credit for caring for all these animals all these years but now the animals are no longer with him the media starts saying all these negative things,like they have ever given him credit for taking good care of the animals since.


2121 days ago


ohhh!!!another issue!!!you guys should watch your words!its too much!
your a lawyer!you should know that!

by the way!dont believe in tabloid easily!coz somtimes they just want to get notice ,so that they will have money!aww!and they use artist!

2121 days ago


I can't bear looking at his face. It's like Saw XXIII: Another Face Job.

2121 days ago
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