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Who Michael Phelps

Took Home to Mama

11/28/2008 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey mom, I'd like you to meet my Las Vegas cocktail waitress girlfriend, Caroline Pal.

Taking a page from the George Clooney Dating Handbook, Phelps reportedly brought Pal back to Baltimore to spend Thanksgiving with his fam.

Whatever happened to Sarah Larson, anyway? Weird coincidence: She worked at Moon nightclub in the Palms, too.

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I wish everyone would cut back on all the comments about Caz. Obviously none of you know here. None of you know her nationality, or even how to spell her name! She's not Chinese or Filipino, keep trying. Also, if all these sites can't even spell her name right than I wouldn't too much faith in anything else you read on them. Isn't that job #1 for the fact checker?
You're all talking trash and all you know is some photos you saw. Have you ever heard "don't judge a book by it's cover"? She's a very sweet girl who just happens to work at a night club because she loves her job and the people she gets to meet.

2157 days ago


to Witheld,

are u kiddin' me? she IS filipina. she is from the San Fernando Valley, used to live around the Northridge area of so cal. she still looks like an olangapo hookah chasing after all the usa navy boys at subic bay. ALL filipina girls with their short, stubby-legged, wide-nosed selves still act/look like cheap hookahs !!!

2157 days ago


Yes, she used to live around Northridge (went to CSUN), but she's actually from the high dessert, and she's not Filipino. Sorry.

2157 days ago


You're all ridiculous. This girl is amazing. Absolutely one of the best people you could ever meet.

She's not Filipino, or Chinese. She's not trashy. She's not slutty.

Get over yourselves.

2157 days ago


I think she is korean or vietnamese. Some asian women are attractive, but they usally have plastic surgery on eyes and nose. I do not get fascination with asian women though. Most are accomplished gold diggers, and asians find it desirable to mix with whites and have better looking babies. I do agree that certain nerdy guys attracted to asians because they feel it is a status or dominant trait (asians like to portray themselves as submissive) since they are usually not high on a male dominance ladder. I think Phelps is not attractive at all but he is a good swimmer. I do think many people get corrupted by a lot of money and fall for all the wrong things in life. The more undesirable someone is when younger, the more they try to show off when they get money. People get greedy, 2, 3 ,10 millions are not enough, they want 50,60,100 mil. And this is destructive. Puppet masters know how to destroy your soul from inside out. Hollywood is just walking zombies who sold every little shred of decency and soul they had

2157 days ago


I wonder if she was wondering if he had just got out of some cold water when he first dropped his swim trunks. Thats why he needs a petite girl.

2157 days ago


To: iz_789

I am insulted by your derogatory comments against Filipino women. Not every Filipino woman is a slut, golddigger, hooker, escort, etc. We are strong, beautiful, intelligent, and classy women. I feel sorry for people who are ignorant like you. You will never open yours eyes and see the world for what a beautiful place it is.

2157 days ago


"93. ThatMixEdChicK!,

using your very own words:
mixed chick = filipina + slut

mixed chick = filipina + goldigger

mixed chick = filipina + hooker

mixed chik = filipina + escort

take your pick. as all men know, wide-nosed, short, stumpy-legged, acne faced filipina women are ALL slutty, goldigging, hookahs !!! i have spoken and what i say is TRUTH !!!

Posted at 6:00PM on Nov 29th 2008 by you can do it"

Well I guess if you twist a person words around....Racism is alive and well for those who hide behind their computers!

2157 days ago


nothing wrong with asian chicks who are a bit like latin chicks. they tend not to stray from their bf/husbands, are family oriented and are not as "independant" as white women. they also tend to like things that guys like and are really cool about it. i'm not sayin im asian, but i went to school with some and there IS a difference in character. the tats gotta go though, i dislike tats on women, looks cheap and won't marry any woman who if she has kids will one day look at their mom and ask what the hell is that.

2157 days ago

Another Michael    

I'm sorry but this is one of the ugliest nastiest Asian women I have ever seen and I have seen plenty here in Vegas. 98% of them are goldiggers and Phelps is crazy.

2157 days ago

Another Michael    

She's not Fillipino stupid people I think she is Thai.

2156 days ago

Another Michael    

Ugly ugly ugly little midget.

2156 days ago

Caroline's Friend    

I actually went to school with Caroline Pal.

I know her. She used to be a huge geek before turning ho. haha....if only you could see pics of what she looked like in college....totally not the same person in the pics you see on here today.

Plastic surgery took her far.

2156 days ago

putang ina mo    

1) Pal, 26, has posed for photos taken for risque Web sites, including "Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos."
2) Her MySpace page greets visitors with the welcome: "Baby, let me upgrade you."
3) Pal's MySpace page lists her hometown as Long Beach, Calif., and indicates she attended Cal State-Northridge.

aha, just what i have been sayin'. she's a flip chick from the LBC who got a boobie job & moved to vegas and is now hooking around like a cheapo ho..jus' tellin' it like it is !!!

2156 days ago


putang ina mo : ur screen name says it all ..... hahahaha!

unfortunately for u, u r too old for anything. too much ignorance. just because u think this girl is skanky,a " ho " etc, u think all Filipinas are like that, u r not even sure if she is a Filipina ... what a shame ... u r so stupid and ignorant. i pity creatures like u who cant get out of their little world, that is why u r so ignorant.

u r just good for garbage,thats all u r good at... im way better than that ... so good luck with ur sorry little life... what ever u say about " all Filipinas " , it doesnt matter , because ur words wont change the fact that Filipinas are wonderful people.

u hate Filipinas too much because u are sooooo jealous. so desperate & just so envious with Filipinas , you just resort to name calling, because thats the only thing u r good at. no class at all... LMAO

now go back to ur sorry life ,little creature.nothing u say will change the fact that Filipinas are beautiful,intelligent,hard worker & most of all fabulously fierce hahaha...

2156 days ago
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