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Brits Go Crazy For Brit

11/29/2008 6:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's lip synching was on target today when she greeted Simon Cowell and the folks of the "X-Factor" for her third comeback performance of "Womanizer".
Britney Spears -- Click To Watch!
The now famous arm dancing routine reverted back to the drone-like performance from Germany.


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Party 'till you die!    

Maybe while she's gone the kids can also begin to get their sense of smell back again! This often overlooked stunting of their olfactory health must surely benefit when Brit's lack of hygiene is removed from the equation! So if she's gone long enough, the crumbsnatchers can literally stop and smell the flowers again!

2163 days ago


Go crazy for her?? Theres a show after the xfactor called the xtra factor where a well known british comedian pretty much says he has her cd so he tought whats the point in watching her mime to it on stage with a half arsed performance... i was just glad that somebody said it on air:-)

2163 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She sings endlessly about sex (pops Spears totally blocks this) and sex appeal (lost it long, long ago). Having sex with her must be like falling into an open manhole (literally) and finding yourself neck deep in open sewage!

2163 days ago


That was painful to watch. It's time to go back to the trailer park, and stick to talent shows in the community center. She's not singing or dancing....WHY ARE THE CLAPPING???????

2163 days ago


She cant hang with the likes of beyonce, christina aguilera, alicia keys. Oh poor brit brat will be blown out of the effing water. Oh this is quite pathetic. She shouldn't sing anymore. But bravo to her on getting the courage to shake her ass again after four years. She should keep quiet from now on and drop it like its hot. Thats all she has left. Use that body while you got it, Britney.

2163 days ago

damn ur dumb    

15. you people need to give her a break. look at where she was a year and a half ago.

Posted at 7:18PM on Nov 29th 2008 by always a brit fan

Glad to see her die hard fan's still care about her. But she obviously does not care about you. If she did, she would have put more effort in that tired ass performance. When using your hard earned money to purchase a ticket to her show, I'm sure you expect nothing but the best...considering your monetary support is contributing to her rather large and growing piggy bank. So why should she be afforded a "break", as your put it? She is a professional performer. Being a true professional means leaving problems in your personal life out of your professional life. The same holds for everyone. Would you still have a job if you screwed up at it constantly? Or would your boss not care about your job productivity as long as you are "trying"? The consumers are the ones who keep her employed. And she is not doing a good job.

This performance was mediocre at best....for an amateur. But since she is a so-called professional, this was nothing but trash.

2163 days ago


15. you people need to give her a break. look at where she was a year and a half ago. she's doing so much better now, and she is getting her life on track. good for her!!
granted yes she is lip synching, but a lot of stars do it while on tour and dancing. though yes .. she's done better "dancing" with oops i did it again, etc.
i think she's doing well for just getting back on the stage after over 4 years.

Posted at 7:18PM on Nov 29th 2008 by always a brit fan
Spoken like a typical delusional Slutney fan. You can always tell them, by their pollyanna "Oh, she's doing so much better" type of comments. She's still insane, she's still retarded, she still needs someone to tell her on a daily basis how to wipe her ass. The brits liking her just goes to show how retarded they are. Anyone who'd support this fake, lipsynching, retarded moron needs to be offed...

2163 days ago


Good for her for doing better, but I would imagine the listless, lackluster dancing is probably due to meds as well as smoking. She has now been smoking long enough for it to really affect her breath and ability to dance hard, which is what being on stage requires. Hopefully this is a positive step that will be followed by many more.

2163 days ago


geez... give her a break....i thought it was good considering everything that has happened to her...

2163 days ago

damn ur dumb    

I like how he held the microphone in front of her at the end when the assumption was that her's was supposed to be on......

2163 days ago


She cant hang with the likes of beyonce, christina aguilera, alicia keys??? like she cares about that lol

all people slaging her off are stupid shes got to that point where she done even have try or put effort in anymore and people will still love her just for showing up a bit of moving around and mimeing the secy b**ch is like a god she is a star all ways will be get over it

and Having sex with her must be best thing in world to do shesss sooooo sexy

2163 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Skank....Whore....Slut....White Trash....Idiot....Pig....Hillbilly....Ho....Mentally Ill....Moron....Blah....Blah....Blah....Blah....Blah....Blah....Blah....

2163 days ago


This is the stupidest dancing/choreography I've seen in years. Britney's finally functioning on a reasonable level for her "talent" she needs to get a different choreographer, pronto.

2163 days ago


That was so awful. After a couple of minutes I didn't want to listen to it any longer. All she did was lip sing and wave her arms a little. And prance around the stage on high heels a little. That's all.

2163 days ago


Go on you tube and watch her old vma performance her dancing even then was arm movements you guys just now notice this...In the passed it was all about her being half naked she now needs to add live vocals to her perfomance.

2163 days ago
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