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Wino's Husband: I'm Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

11/30/2008 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's hubby just made a slew of shocking confessions, pretty much admitting he's the sole reason she's a drug-riddled trainwreck -- and it's all on audio tape.

In a mea culpa to Britain's News of the World, Blake Fielder-Civil says he takes full blame for Amy's demons, stating, "I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine and self-harming. I feel more than guilty -- now I have to let her go to save her life. I am not abandoning her. I am doing this out of love."

Blake also recounted how they hit rock bottom in the summer of 2007, when Amy almost died in front of him. He confessed, "I was there when Amy suffered her first seizure. I still break down thinking about it. We had been taking drugs all day long - heroin and crack."

The question now -- is this all a day late?


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"You are by the company you keep"

This principle also applies to our elected president

2151 days ago


So let me see if I get this straight: after the damage is done he is abandoning her...could it be that he just can't stand the sight of her?

...The way she looks now is inhumane!

2151 days ago


To bad he didn't have had a conscience before he introduced her to the drugs.

2151 days ago


Like I said..."you are by the company you keep"

2151 days ago


he is using that as an excuse, he cant stand the disgusting/ more than vomiting sight of her, he is probably clean/ sober now or close to it or maybe never really was addicted just was a jerk user and she cant get clean, it isnt his fault, she could have walked away, she just has a weak character, he does though need to RUN dont walk tto the nearest exit!

2151 days ago


an adult individual will not do drugs unless that adult individual has an internal flaw and lust for drugs. Period. If someone will do drugs in front of you will you do it? ask yourself this questions/ If you will that means you have that internal flaw, that need for escapism and utter disregard for your body. She was not forced to do it, she wanted to do it.

2151 days ago


Suddenly after prison, Blake realizes Amy doesn't have enough meat on her bones..........about 8 inches or so short

2151 days ago


When you truly love someone aren't you supposed stand by them and see each other through tough times? Did he or did he not take the vow " in sickness and in health" ??????? Or was this the most respectful way for him to say " I am clean now and not in love with you anymore" But I also don't blame him if he is clean and doesn't want to go down that road again, thinking he might re-lapse if he does. If she was really in love with him she would be happy for him and she would've already checked into rehab. LOVE CONQUERS ALL
Let's not forget about the $$$$ involved with the divorce. The nicer and more respectful he is the more like ly the courts will decide in his favor when it comes to dividing the assets. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

2151 days ago


All Blake said was he introduced her to the drugs, not forced her to do them. The damage is done, no need to point any fingers here people.

Z- you can't tell someone to shut-up and that their a waste only to turn around and tell that same person they are judgemental!!!!! Pot calling the kettle black???? YES! Anything you say after that has no credit because you already lost yours by being a hypocrit. Take your own advice and don't judge people.

2151 days ago


I would imagine he was pretty fooked up when they got married - actually, before, during and after - so now that he has had time for his body and mind to heal from all those drugs, he can see clearly how skanky she looks and how deep she is into the drugs. Just her makeup and hair is enough to scare me!

I would think that he would have a lot of influence on her and now it could be positive if he helped her, but maybe he still feels his sobriety is too new and weak to be around her and the drugs. She sure seemed to love him a lot, so maybe it will be a wake up call for her to get help.

2151 days ago


well, amy whinehouse is a crackhead nothing more, nothing less , but a crackhead..

2151 days ago

Sue Wong    

To comment #9 The LOVE of money is the root of all evil,
Amy looks really bad. I thought she was alot older. She has the means to clean herself up. I hope she does before it's too late.

2150 days ago


SHE fell in with a junkie. When you play with fire, you get burnt out. NOBODY should play with Heroine or crak unless they really just want to throw a life away.

2150 days ago


I guess she'll stop wearing that stupid Blake barrette in her beehive now.

Maybe o.d.'ing in prison taught him a lesson. So, is he free now or not? I have read reports that he was not going to be the rehab he is going to part of the U.K. prison system or is he allowed out to go to a privately ran one?

In any event, a divorce for them is probably for the best. If Amy cleans up herself she may stand a change to live a while longer.

2150 days ago


I think the only reason he introduced her to drugs was to make her ill and then divorce her to get millions of $$$$$$

2150 days ago
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