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Wino's Husband: I'm Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

11/30/2008 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's hubby just made a slew of shocking confessions, pretty much admitting he's the sole reason she's a drug-riddled trainwreck -- and it's all on audio tape.

In a mea culpa to Britain's News of the World, Blake Fielder-Civil says he takes full blame for Amy's demons, stating, "I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine and self-harming. I feel more than guilty -- now I have to let her go to save her life. I am not abandoning her. I am doing this out of love."

Blake also recounted how they hit rock bottom in the summer of 2007, when Amy almost died in front of him. He confessed, "I was there when Amy suffered her first seizure. I still break down thinking about it. We had been taking drugs all day long - heroin and crack."

The question now -- is this all a day late?


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#645732 - Cell Block H    

The best thing for her would be to get away from this bum, although it's probably a lost cause at this point. Her body, inside and out, needs to be cleaned with a brillo pad and bleach.
And to Marie #15- That is the lamest comment on here. What are you talking about? Was this his master plan to get to her money? Please. There are easier and cheaper ways to get money in a divorce.

2161 days ago


Amy is fabulously talented,an undisputed fact. But she is doomed to be damned now. Very sad as there is nothing that will save her now and she will die.

2161 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

They are the Sid and Nancy of the 21st century. The only question is which one will die first.

2161 days ago

Its Me    

Wish they would both just die - waste of time junkies

2161 days ago


It's too late for Whinehouse. She is a dead woman walking. This is so obvious. She made her choices and to be frank, I have no sympathy for her, She knew what she was doing and now she will pay. Sad biut it's a fact of life!

2161 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Amy will outlive All of us. Her career might go down hill, but in 20 years she can always make a comeback.

2161 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Although he exposed her to drugs, he is not 100% to blame. Amy is a grown woman who failed to use good judgment. Instead of running the other direction and finding another man, she chose to to keep that man and live his lifestyle. I'm sure he cares about her but he has finally realized that they are not good for each other. If he is trying to drop his drug habit, how would that be possible if he stayed with Amy? How can two druggies talk each other out of finding their next high? It appears she is not quite interested in giving up her habit. He may have hit his rock bottom, but she hasn't. In the long run, he really is doing them both a favor by staying clear of he for the time being. It sounds cold but if you don't look out for yourself, who else is going to?

2161 days ago

damn ur dumb    

And no TMZ, it is not a day too late. A day too late would be if one of them died. They are both very much alive and there is a chance to fight this addiction.

2161 days ago


He's the one to blame? You think?

2160 days ago


Apparently none of you know the meaning of addiction or addictive personalities. Drug addiction is a disease, its a hard battle to over come. I've been in her same situation and now clean 5 years and counting, by the way im the same age as Amy. As for all of you who wish death upon her are no better yourselves.

2154 days ago
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