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Getty Still Keeps Miller on Tap

12/1/2008 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Balthazar Getty arrived at LAX last night and dropped some info his wife will be none-too-pleased to hear: Despite reports to the contrary, Sienna Miller did not dump him. On second thought, maybe his wife views it as a blessing.
Balthazar Getty: Click to watch


No Avatar


For the sake of his family, he just needs to keep his big mouth shut.

2152 days ago


Who really cares about this loser? I want to see more articles on Robert Pattinson!

2152 days ago

I'm Just Sayin'    

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

2152 days ago


Don't listen to the haters. They are nothing mopre than a bunch of women who where left behind after their man upgraded. Go Team Getty!

2152 days ago


This guy is a gluten for punishment, and deserves it bigtime. Hooking up with Sienna is hysterical, and regardless of how long they do their thing, nothing in Hollyweird is forever! That's the bottom line. I hope the wife gets mucho dinero when all is said and done, and he gets an STD to die for from the UK skank. All the other little girls waiting in line for some Getty money better make sure they have their herpes shots, condoms galore, and a good lawyer. Messing with this loser is a joke.

2152 days ago

More important!    

Sienna must have something really good on this guy. He's shaming his children just to appease the sl*t.

2152 days ago


This man is so gross and sick, it's not even funny. I agree that Sienna Miller is a smug and lacking morals (besides being a total b!tc#). Those two @ss#oles deserve each other. I hope they make each other miserable for years to come.

2152 days ago


Both of these cruel human trashcans totally deserve each other.

Hey Balthazar, take a look at Sienna now. Someday she will wrinkle and her bood will droop. Then you will be left with a stupid, aging, selfish, oozing ho that was important enough to you to abandon your family!

2152 days ago

northern gypsy    

what is goin on with these 2 ??? why don't they just f$ck each other's brain (what little they have) out !!! get it out of their system & get on with their lives...enuf already !!!

2152 days ago


Does anyone know why he isn't divorcing his wife. After all, he has been dating the gf for all of - wow, nearly five months!

These two deserve each other. He is the lowest of the low for how he publically humiliated his wife and family and Miller is a self-centered, selfish woman who is nearly 27 but behaves like a 16 year old.

2152 days ago



Have a different opinion then us but do not tell me that I was left behind because my husband left me for a younger model, i have been happily married for many years and do not worry about my husband treating anybody like Getty treated his wife. My husband just said " you are silly idiot and if you have the same values as Miller you have most likely been the mistress, figures.

2152 days ago


Getty is a desperate 7 year old with a tiny crooked boner running around humping anything that will hold still for more than 10 seconds (fence posts, chihuahuas, Sienna Miller). It's time to waterboard this jerk-off and not stop no matter what he confesses to.

2152 days ago


I know it sounds dumb but since I heard about him having an affair with this skank, I stopped watching his show Brothere & Sisters.

2152 days ago



I know. I won't watch anything these two sleazbags do! They make me want to vomit.

I hope his wife gets the opportunity to slap her one day.

2152 days ago


Don't be fooled, he is still with VICTIMienna because of her bank account. She has to give him the money in installments because that's the only way she can sure that he will keep coming back. After he has blown through her money he won't appear with her in public and VICTIMienna will have to work on her next hustle to keep the MARRIED MAN comfortable. It's all about her money.

2152 days ago
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