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Tina Fey

So That's Where the

Scar's From

12/1/2008 7:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Fey is finally talking about where that scar on her cheek came from -- and it's anything but funny.

She's never told anyone how she got it, but in Vanity Fair, Fey and hubby Jeff Richmond say it was the result of a "mystery slashing incident" which happened when she was five. "It was in, like the front yard of her house, and somebody just came up, and she just thought somebody marked her with a pen."

"It's impossible to talk about it without somehow seemingly exploiting it," says Fey.


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aboiut it? come on guys learn to spell!

2120 days ago


Come on Ckitty this is TMZ you think their gonna be concerned with the spell check button? Fey if u were Harrison Ford everyone would think that scar was sexy!

2120 days ago


I have always thought that the scar is so nearly unnoticeable, it is just another interesting feature of a lovely face. I am sorry she suffered such a vicious attack as a child. I wonder if the criminal was ever identified...

2120 days ago



2120 days ago


I am not buying the ridiculous story! I mean who walks up to a 5 year old child and slashes their face?!? Odd, very odd.

2120 days ago

This story is true. I know it to be fact, however, I don't know why Tina chose to share this story. She did and that's her business. All you freaks need to calm the hell down and stop hating on her or making jokes. Tina is a great girl.

2120 days ago

Michelle in Clwtr    

I love Tina and always thought she wore the scar well. That had to be a horrifying incident that scarred her emotionally as well. I drowned when I was 4 and a paramedic passing by on the beach brought me back to life. I dont go in water above my waist ever. I can't imagine what that did to her.

2120 days ago


Sarah Palin should've went on SNL with a HUGE fake scar on her face, so Tina Fey impression of her was a little more believable....

2120 days ago


Like I said the mark of the squeler!

2120 days ago

Unzip with care    

Her face got caught in a zipper in a carpet munching incident

2120 days ago

ready for change    

It makes sense the scar is so thin and hardly noticable, almost like a dimple. What sort of coward runs up and does it to a 5 yr old though? ... maybe another kid?

2120 days ago


11 you have to be kidding. that scar is like a truck coming at you the only thing you can do is look away. A bag might help.

2120 days ago


13 come out of the dream world. Tina Fey can only make it by pretending to be famous people. She brings nothing of her own. She is a tired old SNL has been. SNL will go like MadTV over and out. History will not remember Tina Fey.

2120 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

It was a UFO flyN low dieN slow.Do U want to see my horse bite bit? weak as a died TMZ public WALL hair.

2120 days ago


Tina Fey is a writer first & foremost. Not one haterade consuming person here could even attempt to aspire to be as entertaining (&/or rich). Her scar is a story & whether this is the actual story is irrelevant. It doesn't change anything she has done or will do. I find the scar sexy whether a cloaked stranger stabbed her as a five year old or if her face was caught in a zipper during a carpet munching incident.

2120 days ago
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