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No Bail

For William Balfour

12/3/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like William Balfour really isn't going anywhere anytime soon, as a judge just denied him bail at a hearing in Chicago.

Prosecutors revealed they found gunshot residue on the steering wheel of the car Balfour drove to the Hudson house. They also presented evidence that refuted several of Balfour's alibis, including his location at the time of the murders and his use of the subway to get to the Hudson house.

Balfour's lawyer still argued for bail on the grounds the state's evidence is largely circumstantial.

He was charged yesterday with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion.

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What a dirt bag! I have no sympathy for someone who muder children. You had a second chance at life and you could'nt do that right. R.I.P.

2151 days ago


Latest report just out is that he shot the family because he was jealous that Julia had a boyfriend.......are these people stupid and blind? He had a girlfriend that he knocked up. What a loser. Let him rot behind bars.

2151 days ago


This is a really sick man...He will have plenty of time to think about what he has done or if he even cares, which personally I don't think this evil person does. Just makes me sick to my stomach to think noone saw this was coming. Now the precious lifes of the Hudson family are taken.....My prayers are with the family and I hope this man gets the full punishemnt plus more...

2151 days ago


Julia had a boyfriend? I'd like to know who the hell who. That fat, sloppy uneducated loser can only attract thugs.

2151 days ago


Wow, so they did find gun power residue . . . William I still say you are innocent until proven guilty but that evidence right there is damning.

2151 days ago

choppy 1    

Stop turning this murderous bastard into a famous celebrity by giving him so much attention!! I am sure his loser homies are really getting off on it. He is no longer news.

2151 days ago


May you rot in hell you gutless coward child killer.

2151 days ago


So they say they found gunshot residue on the car he drove TO the house. Did he drive it FROM the house? This story just not sit right with me. In another story the CPD claims Balfour went to the house that morning to confron Julia, yet they say he and Julia left the house together(they couldn't have beeb too pissed at each other) then he goes back to the house and kills the family. There was no forced entry so how did he get in. Furthermore, did he think killing her family was going to keep her from seeing someone else. I would think she would never have anything to do with him especially if he killed her child. They say he was in a jealous rage because Julia was seeing another man yet they leave the house together. It does not sit right and there is something wrong with this story. Why take Jullian out of the house only to kill him in the van, why not kill him in the house like everyone else. I really think he did not do this and the CPD and many on this board have convicted him already.

2151 days ago


This story is sickening. How could anyone put a gun to a 7 yr old and pull the trigger. This has angered me, upset me, made me cry. This person has no respect or feelings other than his own. Whatever the killings were over, this animal took an innocent childs life. The adults knew he was out of control. But the child doesnt understand. I feel very deeply for the Hudson's, but you have to also look at it all. That poor baby I feel was in a bad situation all the way around. So, whose to blame? Im sure guilt will forever eat at Jennifer. Her sister deserves the guilt she will carry. I just pray Julian didnt suffer. He suffered enough in his short life...................................

2151 days ago

Anne Frank    

Note to Mr. Balfour. Don't you realize the CTA stations have security cameras? My guess is that the cameras on the Red Line were working fine that night. And that you were not seen on ANY of them.

"POOF" goes that part of your alibi.

2151 days ago


what a sick, disgusting prick. i home he gets his cheeks spread in prison every day.

2151 days ago


Man, what a football head this jerk is.

2151 days ago

Loud and talentless    

You can deny it if you like but the FACT IS that this mongrel has evolved about 3 weeks from being in the trees.

2151 days ago


It's sad to see another black man go down this path over a relationship.

2151 days ago


What about kidnapping!! He took the child from the home and killed him in the SUV. What a coward, killing a child. It should be automatic death for killing a child in an domestic dispute. Automatic death penalty to send a message to leave the kids out of this. He makes me sick.

2151 days ago
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