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Guitarist: Coldplay Cold-Jacked My Song

12/5/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some badass guitarist is suing Coldplay for allegedly ripping off his song -- and once you hear this guy's Cold-case, it's gonna blow your frickin' mind.

It's all over Coldplay's number one hit "Viva La Vida" -- Joe Satriani says "Viva" is way too similar to his 2004 instrumental, "If I Could Fly." Now, he's asking for "any and all profits" ... and given that "Vida" topped the chart in 36 countries, we could be talking about a lot of money.

Satriani has worked with everyone from Mick Jagger to Deep Purple.

A rep for Coldplay had no comment.

: The lawsuit was settled outside of court -- the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.


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Bill Cosby    

I'm hardly surprised they ripped him off. They had some other song a couple of years back that was almost an exact copy of the Cure's "Whenever I'm Along With You". At first I thought they were covering it but on a second listen I realized it was their "own" song. Coldplay completely sucks and rips off other artists to get material for their own songs. They're so bland and I hope they go away soon.

2111 days ago


Wow, the same melody...that doesn't mean it's the same song.

Satriani is pretty-much irrelevant to main-stream music...he needs to get off it.

2111 days ago


It's a bit too far of saying they were just "inspired" or that it was a coincidence. I'm not sure if they can prove that it goes through the required 8-bars though. Coldplay has money to defend themselves, so they can say that the small bend in the guitar riff makes things all different. Sure, dumbasses. But even Harrison lost with My Sweet Lord (took ages though). And if I was Bono, I'd sue them too for copying the singing style.

2111 days ago

not surprised in the least    

Coldplay did steal the song, however, although I agree with those who think that JS should reap total rewards in response to the theft, I`m almost sure it won`t happen. I remember reading a post that was made from someone who has a very keen musical ear. If one listens to both songs intently they will discover that the theft doesn`t totally occur in the music itself, but in the lead singer`s timing his voice to JS`s instrumental genuise. They are very good at stealing material, it shows due to the fact that they mainly didn`t steal the musical equivalent they chose other means so they could cover there A$$ to the fullest.

Since reading this, another musical theft comes to mind that occured years ago which really shows the difference between lifting music as opposed to lyrically defining the same music, and that would be MC Hammer`s take on Rick James` classic song "SuperFreak." "Can`t touch this" is for all intensive purposes the exact same song with just a slight varition in tempo.

2111 days ago


That's S-A-T-R-I-A-N-I, Joe or Joseph would be when you make the check out, there aren't any spelling errors. Holy crap, he's got a lot of $ coming his way and rightfully so. Shame on them, how do they not think he'd say anything or realize they had HIS song out!?!?!!?

2111 days ago



2111 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

Sounds similar but not close enough. That riff can be found in hundreds of songs if you look closely.

It's one thing when the song is completely in sync, but Joe's song is just a simple riff, nothing complicated, and easily mistaken with other songs.

I highly doubt Coldplay has ever listened to much of Joe Satriani, let alone taken his riffs and tried to make a song out of it.

This lawsuit has zero merit and will be thrown out of court quicker than Gwyneth Paltrow goes down on A-Rod in Madonna's bathroom.

2111 days ago


i effin knew that, from the very first time i heard that song i couldn't believe it was Coldplay!! obviously they stole it. unintentional or otherwise.

2111 days ago


"Some badass guitarist ..."

SOME guitarist? Seriously? For shame, TMZ. That makes you look really ignorant. Just because he's not banging Britney Spears or hanging out at Villa, doesn't mean Joe Satriani's not famous.

2111 days ago


this was a topic on howard stern today... coldplay obviously ripped the music from joe's song, but according to an unknown band (whose name i forget), the song is original to them (howard played a clip) and pre-dates both these suckers! unfortunately, you can change a coupla lousy notes and get away with theft. poor little guys never win...

2109 days ago


Some riffs seem close. But, they are very different.

2108 days ago


The people who can't hear the similarities need to stick to playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band and leave judging music to those who aren't completely tone deaf. I guess now we all know why it takes so long between their cd releases; they're busy finding songs to rip-off.

2107 days ago


No joe is dam wrong

387 days ago
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