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Full House

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12/6/2008 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1206_jody_sweetin2-1Remember the episode of Full House when Jodie Sweetin's character finally got married, moved into a home of her own, had a kid, then had to run back home to her dad because everything fell apart? Wait ... that just happened.

Jodie, now 26, has filed for divorce from her out-of-work husband following a near foreclosure and the inability to pay for basic utilities such as water, according to People.

"I was the stay-at-home dad, my job was taking care of Zoie," claims Sweetin's husband who is now fighting for sole custody of their daughter.

A hearing is set for Feb. 9. In the meantime, someone might want to send John Stamos over to the Sweetin home with a guitar ... a little zen might help.


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stay at home dad????? by choice? ummm LOSER. no wonder she left him. Awoman needs a MAN WITH A JOB......not a nanny.

2145 days ago


Good for her! Dump that loser!

2145 days ago

frogs and gravel    

If Jodie and the Olsen Twins would do a lesbian porn movie they could all retire billionaires. The Olsen's do
not need the money so much, but it would pay Jodie's water bill at least.

2145 days ago


She's not 31... she's only 26.

2145 days ago


What a loser! He only wants full custody so he can get the child support to live off of. What a creep! Does he really believe any judge in this country would give a loser full custody? LOL! The judge needs to throw him out on his a$$ and make him work for a change and support his family. Ladies...if a man sits on his rear end and expects you to support his sorry a$$, run for the hills!

2145 days ago


thats what you get. For once stealing my man JTT.

You are a loser. If he was a stay at home dad what the hell were you doing? Working at Target?

2145 days ago


Well, she married him and had a child with him. She is no box of chocolates either.

2145 days ago


I bet she's really regretting snorting away the money she made from being on Full House.

2145 days ago


She was a happy housewife, married to a nice cop. Started doing Meth and became a stay at home junkie. Think she then went to the fringes of porn for a come back but found religion, a mess herself. And having kids. Sadly, the new hub is mirroring her old slide, she is definitely no box of chocolates.

2145 days ago


"In a move that absolutely no one except the entirety of the planet saw coming, Jodie Sweetin ditched her (second) hubby (and baby-daddy!) of 16 months last week, for no clear reason other than the fact that she’s probably doing drugs again." Extra.

Train wreck, poor child, hope she and baby daddy stop bringing at risk babies into the picture. The first hub knew to wait on kids and finally divorced when she chose drugs over him. Downhill from there, she has been in some shady stuff, weird video projects, nothing mainstream or legit. Man, what a waste. Could be so different like some others.

2145 days ago


Hope Santa brings TMZ a fact checker for Christmas instead of the usual reindeer poop. She's only 26!

2145 days ago


The Baby Daddy is actually the pick, Sweetin is back on drugs. No wonder he wants custody. The poor baby. Sounds like Brit and Federline, he was the better of the worse. Sweetin's new husband, the baby daddy may be helping vs hurting. Although they are both questionable.The poor child, ugh.....................Sweetin back on meth.

2145 days ago


26 you dopes not 31, you are thinking of Candace prolly

2145 days ago


#12 Ben, (aside from the fact that post makes little sense), the difference between them and Britney and K-Fed is that Britney and Kevin actually have money and Britney still has a "career".

2145 days ago


fact check - jodie sweetin is NOT 31!

2145 days ago
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