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Xtreme Florida Cougar

12/7/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan, seen here at a XFC fight with son Nick and 19-year-old boy toy Charley, was probably saying: "I bet you kids have a lot in common."

Linda Hogan
Yeah, except for one, big thing...


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Is "Charley" the one with the really bad skin? Maybe Mom can get him some Jessica Simpson zit medication. He looks like he has herpes on his face.

2124 days ago


Is it possible that I actually feel bad for Nick Hogan? His father is acomplete tools, his sister is a priveleged diva and my god is mother. His mother is spoiled and thinks of no one but herself. Her boyfriend is younger then her daughter, and barely older then her son. She try's to steal money from the hulk, and spends like nobodies business. What Nick did was wrong, but at least he doesn't try to shove himself in the spotlight, is polite and is trying to make the best of his situation

2124 days ago

Roger Moore    

Charley and his "cash cow".

2124 days ago


Anyone notice the beer bottle Nick is trying to hide? Jackass. He's learned nothing.

2124 days ago


Yo Nick!!! You're not the center of attention here!!! It's your Scuzzy mother and her meth induced poxed face boytoy!!!

2124 days ago


thats not beer its a purse...probably belongs to his mother....i feel for that kid

2124 days ago


A lot in common? Like dating behind her back?

2124 days ago

Ms. Palmetto    

And the terrible English award (so far today) goes to Thunder: It's "tries", "privileged", "nobody's", not to mention words omitted from sentences and an overall unfamiliarity with the English language. Find a 3rd grade teacher and pay attention this time.

2124 days ago


Hey Mandy are u stupid?? How can you tell thats a beer and if it is, how does that mean he's learned nothing?? This family is the epitamy of dysfunctional and I feel bad for the kids.

2124 days ago


Someone should tell Charley to see a dermato.... Oh wait he deosnt do anything unless Linda tells him to jump then he only talks back to say how high Mistress........He looks like a mini Hulk one that she can control

2124 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Maybe they have that "one big thing" in common as well.

2124 days ago

breaking rocks    

It's amazing that everyone sees Linda making a complete a$$ of herself --- except her. How see can look in the mirror and justify her behavior is beyond good common sense. I do wonder what state they were in and what its drinking age is... must be the state of delusion.
Like his mother, Nick is only fooling himself. He may think he paid his debt to society by sitting behind bars, but his former friend John is paying for Nick's debt with the rest of his life --- in a bed, hooked up to machines. How Nick can allow himself to be photographed, in public, drinking a beer (he's trying to hide), flashing a peace sign like everything in the world is good. What a cold hearted s.o.b he is.

2124 days ago


LOOK at most of the people in the row behind nick.... Their playing with their cell phone.... GEE I'm bored at a UFC fight
and am trying to find something to amuse me... LOL

2124 days ago


Does anybody else think that Charley resembles (in more ways than one) the man that Tim Curry's character created in the Rocky Horror Picture show? Because thats all I can think of when i look at him....

2124 days ago


Shouldn't Nick be spending some of this free time visiting John, ummm the one he placed in a vegetative state FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, then making the peace sign for the camera!

2124 days ago
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